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How Odoo Project Management Can Help Your Small Business?

Functional Project

Project management is the management of different projects taken up by the different wings of an organization. Projects for different industries will be different. While a project for a construction industry could be the work of an apartment, a building, or a bridge, the project of an IT firm could be the software development work or implementation work.
We create projects so that we can plan schedules and allot workers for the completion of the work in a timely manner.
Odoo, an open-source software platform Odoo offers long-term solutions for managing projects. With Odoo Projects, a module of Odoo all types of businesses can manage different projects and tasks. Usually, projects and tasks are created to easily complete the workload of the employees and to ensure the timely completion of work. Besides, it will also ensure customer satisfaction by completing the work on time. It can also support the business to assure cost-effectiveness.
In this blog, we can check the importance of Odoo Projects for small business units.
Ensure efficient customer service with Odoo Project
Odoo Project is a tool that will support you to manage the project on a real-time basis. As Odoo helps you to categorize a project into different tasks we can list the tasks from the signing of the contract to the preparation of the final bills and final settlements. Odoo also enables the constitution of different teams to manage different tasks. Odoo projects can also be integrated with Odoo Live Chat so that communication with the customer becomes more effective. Odoo Project also offers project-sharing facilities. This enables the organization to share the project with the customer. This will help the customer to give suggestions and corrections.
With Odoo Projects we can manage the visibility of the project. This will help us to restrict visibility to the invited users of portals, invited users within the company, and all internal users. This also supports feedback generation and email integration.
Project Planning
Project planning is the process of scheduling different tasks and assigning the work to different employees. This can be done easily with Odoo projects as Odoo Projects can be integrated with Planning and Calendar management tools. This helps the user to easily set the working hours for various employees and employee groups. A project can first be divided into different tasks and then the time frame can be set to complete the tasks. Odoo tool also helps you to view the status of task completion.  WE can make use of Gantt charts, the latest calendars, and the Kanban view to manage the planning and scheduling process. Division of projects into tasks and then to sub-tasks can be done easily
Workflow management and forecast productivity
Odoo Projects creation helps us to forecast the productivity of the project. This also helps to track the tasks at different levels. Frequent interaction with the employees and review by the manager ensures to have complete control over the project workflow. The percentage of completion of the project and the management of different activities can be completed in a transparent way. This is sure to ensure speedy completion of the activity. As employee shifts and their sign-in and sign-out times are managed with Odoo we can guarantee to complete follow-up of the process. It will safely help you to manage the tasks online and offline.
Effective cost management
Whenever we start a project our prime task is to complete the task at the estimated cost. This can be assured by completing the project on time and by avoiding the additional cost and expense. Suppose you are in the construction industry and the project gets delayed. Here, the chances are high that the price of the raw materials may increase considerably if the work is delayed. Similarly, if there is no tracking system to manage the working hours will also prolong causing more labor charges.  Odoo also helps with cost calculation and task distribution. 
Ease of Use
An Open source software platform, Odoo is best suited to manage all operations. Major features of this Odoo Module are a user-friendly interface and the efficiency to manage all project-related tasks. With Kanban, Calendar, and Gantt views we can also plan and schedule tasks efficiently. Odoo Projects enables the reporting of projects and tasks. Chart view of the reports turns helpful for auditing purposes. Data management and document management also is made simple with Odoo Projects. 
Report generation
A highlight of the Odoo Project module is its reporting support. With Odoo we can make task analysis, timesheet and planning analysis, customer rating, and project cost and revenue analysis. These features support a business to ensure profitability. We can get a glance at the progress of the project and take measures to improve the standards.
Odoo project will help us analyze Timesheets and planning based on effective hours, the total number of hours, and planned hours. This can be grouped based on employee, task, and project. Task analysis can also be done based on effective hours, planned hours, progress, etc.
Real-Time Collaboration
If we are using Odoo Project Management Module, it is easier to link with the customer and the project team members. A manager can communicate with the team members, review the progress of the tasks assigned to different employees and update the customer. The customer can also review the progress provided they are given access to the project. As a number of employees may be working on the different aspects of the same project Odoo enables the collaboration of these tasks.   
Dynamic management of projects
Odoo is a dynamic tool that ensures the automated distribution of mails and updates to all those who are working on the project. It will help you to ensure cost-effective activities and hence assure the optimum use of resources. It will also help to trace the progress of the task at regular intervals. A fully customizable tool, it can be integrated with different Odoo Modules including accounting, human resources, etc. It can be integrated completely with the Sales app also enabling us to generate invoices based on the sale order.
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