By: Treesa

Odoo Studio

Odoo Studio is a new module introduced with odoo v10.Odoo Studio lets you create your own custom application (code-less) within minutes .We can add, remove or change any type of field directly in the interface, just simply select the view of the model you want to customize and you could then make changes easily.

It consists of following features:-

1.     It is a customization application.

2.     It allows the user to customize most elements of user interface in a simple and graphical way.

3.     Creates a new application (add module, top level menu item & default action.

4.     Customize an existing application (edit menus, actions and views).

5.     Use python code to develop advanced automations.

Automate updates based on conditional statements. Example: set the priority field to ‘Urgent’ if no responsible is assigned after 5 days.


Create Your New App.


Customize, Filter results, Design views and Add fields. All these can be done directly from here itself.




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