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By: Anju A.P

Odoo 12 Document Management System

Functional Odoo 12

Odoo ERP envisions transforming the way a company runs its business. Odoo leverages open-source technology making the business simpler and fully integrated. No matter what industry your company belongs to, Odoo ERP is constantly into revolutionizing your company’s growth and improved revenue. The increased rate of Odoo ERP adoption (3.7 + million users) among the major industries is nothing, but proof of Odoo’s versatility and extensiveness. 

With every new version change, Odoo is not only becoming more robust and scalar but also expanding the plethora of applications in accomplishing minute business functioning with utmost ease.  

The latest charm in the Odoo community is the Odoo version 12. Odoo v12 got unveiled at the Odoo Experience held last year. Odoo Experience 2018 opened a new door of finest business management to the public. The curtain raiser gave new dimensions to Odoo ERP and once again stamped Odoo ERP as the most efficient and business-friendly software. 

This blog takes you through the basics of Odoo documents or the Odoo Document Management System, which took a new avatar from Odoo V12. 

If you have been an Odoo user before, you would admit to the fact that- right from the beginning, the Odoo document management system has been a self-reliant, independent tool showcasing efficient management of business documents in an organization. 

With Odoo Documents, the end-users were able to seamlessly share, transfer, filter or archive the scanned documents. The automatic generation of business documents like vendor bills or producing sheets for industries helped Odoo documents in carving a niche for themselves, as the most successful document management system (DMS)
The Odoo V12 brought in many changes to its modules and Odoo Document Management System is one among them.  

To those who are new to Odoo documents, let me get you a brief on it.
Odoo documents work hard to establish a paperless company.  It helps you in saving the time that is invested in producing record bills, scanning varied contracts, and later getting them approved by designated officials. 

In a traditional set up this process is very time-consuming and strenuous, especially if the company is large. As the company grows in size, the number of documents also increases. Document management thus turns out to be the most challenging job as it is always prone to mishaps like missing documents, tampering, inadequate validation, etc. 

According to studies, it is found that the normal execution time is taken for document drafting and managing is 42.5 hours per month, which indeed is a great figure. 

On the other hand, if you take the help of Odoo documents in managing them, it cuts down to 4.3 hours in total, saving the time is by 90.5 %. Isn’t it smart enough?

But how? Here we go-

With Odoo Document Management System-

Your business can streamline the entire workflow. 

This is the first and foremost benefit of Odoo documents. One can easily upload, share, prioritize, give access right or tag a document for its quick access and move. In addition, the end-user is acquainted with the benefit of fully integrated approval, controlling, and validation of every business process. In addition, the Odoo document management system comes with OCR integration, helping you in reading the text and formatting lines say for purchase orders.  

As we said prior Odoo documents help you with easy document management. There are four types of documents that the Odoo document management system support.

a) Word/Pdf  
b) URL 
c) Videos
d) Pictures 

Odoo enables you to preview all these documents before sending them across. 

odoo v12 document management system-cybrosys

odoo v12 document management system-cybrosys

If it is a video you have the option, even to watch it later. 

Every uploaded document can be shared via clicking the button share.

odoo v12 document management system-cybrosys

The module gives you the option to insert the URL or copy text, further add the name of the recipient, and give the validity period for the document. In short, the end-user has the freedom to customize their communication in accordance with their preference.

Yet another useful feature in Odoo documents is the chatter- Odoobot that pops up everywhere giving real-time notifications and alerts. It signals the user that everything is happening in accordance with the right person and at the right time. 

odoo v12 document management system-cybrosys

As you can see from the above image, Odoo document chatter make it easy for your business to real-time communication.  The end user is facilitated with the options like-
a) Download
b) Share
c) Replace
d) Lock
e) Setting Folder
f) Adding Tags

Also, further access actions like –
a) Deprecate Documents- Disapproving of documents if it’s found irrelevant or incorrect.
b) Validate Documents- Easily validation of documents that are sent.
c) Review Documents-Quick review of the sent documents.

Yet another attractive feature you can find in the Odoo documents is the easily prioritizing or categorizing of the documentation. After adding the documents to the database, the end-user can easily segment them under various folders. One can create any number of folders and later tag them if you want. One can tag a document based on certain actions. This offers the end-user a seamless search and also quick document access.

odoo v12 document management system-cybrosys

Every internal and external communication is easily managed under documents. You are embedded with the options like
a) Upload
b) Add URL
c) Request Document (for adding additional documents if any)

These options help the business at large with their internal communication. Let’s take the example of a bar. Within the bar constituency, there exist many other components like the kitchen, sales department, management floor, etc. Imagine the bar made a certain amount of sales, and the kitchen needs some additional information pertaining to the same. Here,  Odoo helps you to communicate via sending a request for the desired set of documents. All you need to do is just click prescribed the button “Request Document”, and fill in the basic template.  The desired info is delivered in no time to your Dropbox.

odoo v12 document management system-cybrosys

Under the template, the end-user has the option to define the Owner name, Folder address, Due Date, and Tags if any for keeping the communication more precise. There is also a field to add an internal note if any.

Secondly, Odoo documents provisions you to arrange your documentation in accordance with the priority or importance. Just via the drag and drop option of the Odoo document management system, you can easily rearrange the order of your documentation. 

odoo v12 document management system-cybrosys

Yet another innovative feature that got introduced in the module is the in-browser view of documents. Earlier this was done via add-ons. Now you have the option to view the document right inside the Odoo ERP. 

In short, Odoo Documents have all the functions you sought for seamless management of your official documents.

Let’s take a quick glance again-
a) Action rules to channel your communication, the right way.
b) Email gateways provisioning automatic creation of bills from scanned documents and later sending it to your vendor straight.
c) Easily collaborate with internal team and external client via chatter.
d) Processing documents in batch via setting folders and adding tags.
e) And most important- integration with Odoo Apps for specific functioning. 

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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I've read that while sharing the document, you can select a recipient...But I'm able to add a recipient...the field doesn't seem availale




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