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By: Gana KG

Odoo 12 IoT

Functional Odoo 12

Odoo software is always upgrading to new possibilities and thereby establishing itself in the market. Innovations are not new when it comes to Odoo and so is the case of its connection with IoT technology. Odoo is now finding new possibilities by stepping foot into the IoT technology.

IoT box is something which is designed for connecting various gadgets with the core platform. This helps to increase the range of the ERP software which in turn increases the capability of the software. With this integration, Odoo is promoting small scale and medium scale businesses to the next level. This blog will be all about the internet of things and its integration with Odoo.

What is IoT?
The everyday things which we use in our life and their network which is used for the betterment of our lives as well as business is basically called as the IoT. Here the everyday objects can be anything,  starting from a mobile phone to a car which we use. The things such as computers, mobile phones and more make our life and business simpler and hassle-free. It provides with a lot of advantages like automating the repetitive tasks, reducing the human work and predictive working through data analysis.

For a business, data collection and its effective usage underline the business success. The ERP software like Odoo can be an effective tool to propagate more revenue and productivity. Along with robust ERP software, if one is equipped with IoT technology, the right data will be connected with the right process.
Odoo 12 IoT
The Odoo IoT is the latest of the innovations happened in the field of Odoo. Odoo IoT got released under Odoo’s latest version, version 12. The IoT technology will help in building successful business portfolios. 

Odoo IoT box
The Odoo IoT box is used to connect the IoT devices to Odoo. The connection process of IoT with an ERP software like Odoo is not that simple. A good percentage of the devices which shall be connected will not have an internet connection and those who have the connection will not automatically integrate with the ERP software. Now when a middle point like Odoo IoT box is used, all the problems get resolved. 
It is through an Ethernet cable or via a Wi-Fi connection, the IoT box connects with Odoo. Detection of the box will be done by Odoo and their configuration can be done through your browser.

Various type of devices can be connected with this method, also multiple device connections is made possible with the IoT box. Devices such as USB, Bluetooth, HDMI, and Wi-Fi can be connected. In case if the device you are using,  does not support the format, Odoo can provide you the driver for making the device compatible. The block diagram representation of the IoT box working is shown below;

odoo 12 IoT

IoT module in Odoo
When the IoT devices are connected with your system, Odoo becomes a holder of interconnected applications. The Odoo IoT module can work along with other modules and so it will be really helpful if you use IoT devices for your business. The machines and tools for the purpose like manufacturing can easily be integrated with the help of Odoo IoT. This eventually helps in reducing time and labor. After IoT integration, suppose you are doing a work and you reached a particular step, there you can take the necessary action with the help of your tool and it will be automatically stored in the ERP software.

After the devices are connected to the IoT box, to set it up, we have to go to the particular IoT module. Now once when you go to the module select the device associated and save it.
Apart from the aforesaid benefits, one can make even more advantages with  IoT box for which it shall be customized to further levels.

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