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By: Anju A.P

POS LoT Expiry Warning - Odoo v12

Functional Odoo 12 Pos

The Drug Control Directorate of the city has laid strong amendments to all drug stores particularly with respect to expiry management. Every unsold medication ought to be disposed of with two weeks of their date of expiry. Those pharmacy stores failing to adhere to the regulation shall be prosecuted and their trading license shall be canceled by the drug inspectors.  

How many times the food industries have come under scanner for selling expired products in the market? How many times we ourselves have carelessly brought home the expired foodstuffs from shops, and later took the trip to return it back. Haven’t we? 

We often come across these incidents, as often the sellers are caught in selling the expired products to consumers, endangering their life.

It is a great challenge for the pharmacy house or any other shops to check the product expiry before they sell. It is quite impossible for the person in the sales counter, to check in person the expiry date of the product with respect to its manufacturing date.

The software they use in their business places may be self-sufficient in tracking the expiry of the products stored in their warehouse or their inventory. But shall not be that self-reliant in examining the product expiry when it comes to their point of sale.

Often in many cases, the POS systems fail in examining the expiry of the product during their sale and end up in selling expired products to the customers. This often hampers the face of business, affecting them in large in terms of customer retention, bad reputation, resource loss, increased expenditure and more.

To overcome these challenges, Cybrosys Technologies can have developed the module titled: Lot Based Expiry Date Warning in POS. The module is tested and works well in both Odoo Community Edition and Odoo Enterprise Edition.

We know that Odoo is a virtual jungle with immense possibilities. Right from its inception, the ERP stood in showcasing extensive features and applicability in business solutions. It always remained flexible and prone to high degree customizations making it perfectly pitched to any desired business need. 

Same with the case of Odoo POS. Odoo POS has many extensive features like integration with hardware components like barcode scanners, printers, supporting of loyalty programs like discounts/redemption points, multiple payment support, multiple customer management, customer-specific management, etc. In addition, Odoo POS comes compatible with any devices like desktop PCs, tablets and integrated to other management modules like CRM, Inventory, Accounting,  making it best the POS software available in the market.

Cybrosys have crafted many additional add-ons in Odoo POS to expand its plethora of functions. With the same mission, under Odoo V12, the Odoo app POS LoT Expiry Warning is developed.


The module envisions to easily track and manage the products which are soon to expire. The end users using the module shall be benefitted in large as they will be receiving real-time alerts in their POS system if the product reached its expiry date. The person in the counter thus can easily identify the expired product and reprimand from selling it further to the buyer.

Both seller and buyer are benefitted from the app. The buyer gets saved from selling expired products to the consumers and meanwhile consumer gets relieved from the duty of checking the manufacturing date and best before date prior to buying.

In the present case, the customer is prompted to check the best before and manufacturing date prior to their purchase so as to assure they are buying the qualitative and fit to use products. 

But at times in hurry and midst of other engagements, the buyer forgets to check the same and end up buying the expired set of products. 

The application can be of great help in this case, as it triggers real-time alerts on POS system if the product has reached its expiry date. Based on alert, the seller can withdraw from selling the expired products, showcasing the best service ever. 

Apart from the alert, the module also provisions in real-time synchronization with inventory. The POS system also timely address whether there is sufficient stock to sell or not. The only condition that app subjects are that your POS system should work online.

Though Odoo POS stays reliable in both online or offline mode, however, to avail the real-time synchronization feature, the POS system should work in online mode.  
Sounds interesting?? Gather up more. 

This is how the application works:

Under the module, each lot can be linked with an expiry date. One can define the expiry date in the Alert Date option encrypted in the module.

In the below image, you can see them marked in red, where you can define the expiry date for the product.

odoo v12 pos lot expiry warning

The seller gets an alert on the POS system if the product is expired. You can see the warning alert saying lot expired. It clearly defines the expiration date. The date is specified by the user based on the predefined conditions set for each product. 

odoo v12 pos lot expiry warning

In case, if the lot is not existing, one get the following message. 

odoo v12 pos lot expiry warning

This is how the app work.

If you are interested in availing this app for your business, you can go to Odoo apps and purchase them using the link POS LoT Expiry Warning


If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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