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By: Evin Davis

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance in Odoo 13

Functional Odoo 13

Maintenance is a vital factor in any company operation let it be logistics or a manufacturing firm repairs on equipment and machinery should be done as per need. It can be done in two ways, one in which the equipment is subjected to periodic maintenance such as once in a week or a month. Sometimes these are done seasonally and based on climatic conditions. This is called preventive maintenance, in which we repair the machines on an interval basis to ensure that it works properly and lasts long. On the other hand maintenance operations done upon need can be called corrective maintenance. In this one, we repair machinery upon need if it stalls or any disturbance in the operation.

The smooth operation of a company can be achieved if the preventive and corrective maintenance goes hand in hand together with proper supervision and planning. Conducting preventive maintenance can help to reduce corrective maintenance operations and the time wasted on them. The corrective maintenance operations can become hectic and time-consuming thus interrupting production thus affecting the profit of the organization. Though conducting preventive measures some of the machinery may come to stall due to unforeseen conditions but these can be reduced to a certain percentage upon conducting regular timed preventive maintenance.

The odoo 13 supports both in the maintenance module, which would also help the maintenance department to do their tasks in a more systematic manner. Additionally, it helps other departments and staff to report repairs to be done.

As said earlier the maintenance can be done in two formats, preventive as well as corrective maintenance. The corrective maintenance is done upon request and in case of faulty machinery and disruption in production lines. Corrective maintenance is usually provided to hire priority so that it won't disrupt production. Preventive maintenance is done at specific intervals which are predetermined. So while adding a product to manufacturing we should set the maintenance interval frequency, so as to the time the maintenance operations. These intervals are set up as per the product manufacturer's terms and specifications of the product. These intervals vary from product to product and from manufacturers, its specification, and the wear and tear losses are considered into account upon setting up the intervals. In certain instances warranty and guarantee are also considered, as in case a new product installed has free services and check-up availed by the manufacturer. The Odoo 13 works on both types of maintenance in different ways as corrective maintenance can be requested by the concerned or authorized person thus performing a maintenance request. This is explained with examples down below. Wear as in case of preventive maintenance the request to do so cannot be generated, they should be set up on the time intervals depicted in the product description.
Let's see how the maintenance operations are done in odoo:
Initially install the maintenance module. While inside the module you can view the equipment or create one as per the need.
To create equipment select the Equipment menu-> Machines and Tools -> Create.
Users can give the equipment name as per the need. Select the equipment category indicating the type of equipment. Users can also create the category if needed. Which will be explained down below. The equipment should be assigned to a department or an employee or any other. The details of the employee or the department should be mentioned as per the option selected. The maintenance team can also be selected and created as per the need. The creation of the maintenance team will be discussed later down below. For the technician assigned you can also do the same. The location of the equipment should be mentioned for further reference.
In the description below you can give details of the equipment or a custom-made message on the equipment. In the product description tab, the user can provide details on the product from the time of purchase. The user can select the vendor from which the purchase was made and the reference number along with it. The model number and the serial number should be specific and are for further references, you can also provide the warranty and cost details along with the installation date.
In the maintenance tab, we can select the frequency duration for the preventive maintenance to be done along with the maintenance duration. This sets the time interval of the preventive maintenance operation and notifies the concerned on the same. In case preventive maintenance is done on a date “A” then the next preventive maintenance date will be automatically set up calculating the maintenance frequency provided. The next preventive maintenance date will be equal to A + preventive maintenance frequency set. This will automatically be assigned in odoo 13 to the team as well as to the person in charge.
Now save the details entered.
How to create a maintenance request for an equipment
In the maintenance module in the maintenance menu, the user can select the maintenance request option.
The user can view the new request along with the old ones and the ongoing maintenance.
Select the create icon where you can create maintenance requests.
The user can provide the title of the maintenance operation. Select the equipment needed along with the person who created the request. The maintenance type can be selected from preventive or corrective.
Assign the team and responsible person for the work. If it's preventive or collective maintenance one can schedule the date with the time allocated. The priority can be selected as per the urgency. The works on the equipment are conducted based on the priority provided. As the highly prioritized task may be interrupting the production schedule.
Upon completion of a stage, one can mark it with the help of the green dot in the top right corner of the page.
It can be changed from a new request > in progress> repaired> scrap. These can be edited by the person in charge of the team leader of a maintenance team upon completing the task
The maintenance dashboard gives an overview of the user based on the various stages of operation. One can easily deduce the information as they are well aligned and can be filtered according to the needs of the user. It displayed new requests, in-progress tasks, repaired or completed tasks, and scrap. The scrap describes the task which cannot be done or the machine or the equipment has expired and cannot be repaired. In the equipment category dashboard, one can view the list of equipment and the actions due to them. The user can filter and view according to the need and can be listed. The view can be altered to Kanban view, pivot view, graph view, list view, and the calendar view.
In the dashboard, the user can create customized maintenance stages according to the operation of the company. Additionally, the progress can be related to these stages of operation in the company and concerned people can be allocated to these stages of operation.
How to create an equipment category? 
The equipment category is used to sort and categorize similar equipment or the ones belonging to a certain department. Categorizing helps in allocating certain maintenance teams to them thus performing the activities in a more structured manner.
To create an equipment category go to the maintenance module > configurations > equipment category >create
You can provide the name and assign the responsible person for them. Upon saving the categories the user can create new ones or import from a file.
How to Create a Maintenance Team?
In a production firm, there may be much equipment that is operating on different aspects of engineering. Usually, the repairs are both electrical and mechanical. So assigning a team for each with qualified personnel would be beneficial for the company. So upon an issue relating to the specified field user can call upon those teams responsible to tackle the issue. Multinational institutions may have separate teams for each machinery or equipment which specializes in them.
Select maintenance teams> create.
The user can choose a team name along with its members. The team members can be chosen from the list of employees described and saved. Now this team can be allocated to any maintenance operations which will be conducted according to the user.
The feature in Odoo of choosing a type of maintenance along with the maintenance teams and allocating a concerned employee comes in handy for the user as it resolves the tedious task of managing the maintenance activities done by the company. Moreover, these features help in the smooth running and reduce the delays caused in turn increasing the productivity and profit of the organization.

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