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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Productivity Tools in Odoo


Everyone wants to top the productivity game. It's the collective need of employees as well as the management. No business can shine without a productive work base. Productivity requires us to make the best of our time to produce maximum results with minimum effort. We all want to maximize output. The first step to maximizing output is definitely to maximize input. But we see in the world of competitive working that not all input is ideally converted to useful output.

A lot of effort gets wasted in organizational work. The way to improve productivity is definitely by increasing the efficiency of the multiple processes that run a business. A business process involves an efficient link between products, employees, and customers. Every business functions to reach their products to the customers. Depending on the business the product could be durable and non-durable goods, services, experiences, and so on.

A productive business would have a good flow of products to customers with growing revenue and profit. This is possible through the employees and management who are able to deliver to the customers while achieving and ensuring the quality of their products.

Productivity increases when the people involved are happy with the results. From employee to customer, all categories need to be satisfied. The key to this is employee satisfaction and motivation. A clean and clutter-free work environment is the first step to relieving the employees of the initial stress. Organized and efficient management of the office matters helps the employee feel more relaxed about their part of the work. 

Employee time management is also key to increasing productivity. As management, we can always ensure that the employee does not have to stress and waste their time on unnecessary administrative tasks. For example, automatic filing of invoices would relieve the concerned employee of the worry and can refocus his attention to the other task that requires more personalized attention. All these small changes in the organizational activities will surely reflect major changes in the productivity of the company.

- Improve efficiency: Prioritizing tasks and managing task time is a good way to improve the efficiency of the organization. We can break down projects into tasks and assign time and priority for each task. This would help the employees to structure their work and remain focused.

- Delegate roles: we can delegate multiple roles in the company and assign people responsible for projects, departments, and teams.

- Choose the right tools: Having the right tools for work is very important to keep our employees happy. Even the exceptional handyman reaches his best only with the best tools. Having to waste time on menial tasks is a huge productivity killer. Many companies have moved to efficient ERP software, but even while choosing them we must be careful to choose the ones best suited for the needs of our services and employees

- Positive reinforcement: keeping the employees motivated and encouraged through personal incentives for a job well done. This would encourage employees to deliver more.

- Offer support and get feedback: be sure to listen to the employees and the clients. Understand the needs of the employees and conduct surveys and feedback sessions with both the employees and clients to access our relation with both groups.

- Maintain good communication: it is important that we maintain a system of good communication among the employees as well as the various units of the organization

Odoo apps have been developed to ensure the efficient performance of an organization by bringing the various units of an enterprise together. By synchronizing the various wings of a business, Odoo ensures enhanced performance. Odoo modules are focused on various aspects like user experience, sales, operational efficiency, and improved productivity.

The user experience is enhanced through websites, blogs, forums, and live chat among others. The modules help develop a front end that connects well with potential customers and clients. While the sales modules manage the sales aspect of the company like creating quotations, invoicing, and managing the customers. Through advanced customer pipelining the Odoo CRM helps track the leads as they are converted to loyal customers.

One of the most hectic aspects of running any business is operating. Accounting, project management, purchase, manufacturing, and so on can be a handful. The Odoo offers minimalistic apps that offer hassle-free management of all operational aspects including field service and helpdesk.

The fourth aspect that the Odoo apps focus on is productivity tools. These are additions to the various management tools in the operations and especially HR. we will have a quick overview of the productivity tool offered by Odoo.


The communication apps offered by Odoo includes,

- Discuss app has options for group and private chats that enhance communication within the team. The app is integrated with all modules and we can keep a chat running while operating on any module. Read more about the module from our Odoo blogs


- Notes app can be used to create and post notes and to-do lists. We can also create collaborative meeting minutes with the attendees of a meeting. Read about the features and benefits of Odoo Notes in our blog.


This module lets us manage and allocate time for various tasks. The mobile app lets us manage time on task wherever we are. The employee time can be tracked and managed to analyze the tea progress. We can also view billable times and invoices to the clients with timesheet entries.


- Social marketing

We can manage all our social media accounts and posts from the module. It is integrated with email marketing, SMS marketing, and website. A detailed overview of the social marketing module is available in our blog.


- Email marketing

Design mail templates and create mailing campaigns with the module to improve the marketing. Read Email marketing and campaign in Odoo 14 for a better and detailed idea about the module.

- SMS Marketing

The marketing tool can be used to send text messages to the contacts of the company. The marketing module is also integrated with the automation module. Our blog on the importance of SMS marketing will give you a better idea of the features and benefits of SMS marketing.

- Marketing Automation

The app lets us automate marketing campaigns with mass mailing, SMS, and server action. The benefits and features of Odoo Marketing Automation can be read from our blog.


The app lets us create surveys that can be shared easily and to get insights on company performance. We can create feedback forms, satisfaction surveys, and even live sessions with the app.



The approvals modules let us manage the employee requests. We can view all requests at one point, assign approvers and efficiently manage the approval request. We can also create the request type based on our company requirements.


With appointments, managing meetings is simplified. The scheduling process can be automated. The app lets us customize our appointment form and also allows rescheduling with the module.



The documents app is the inventory of our organizational documents. It lets us even integrate with the email gateway. The app is our first step to go paperless. The app cuts down a lot of time in document management. 


The planning app lets us create and communicate the shifts and schedules for the week to the employees. Through the employee portal, the employees can assign themselves to open shifts.


These are the productivity tools offered by Odoo. We can explore the various apps offered by the software from the website and install the apps that are required for our business needs.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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