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By: Akhilesh NS

Pro-forma Invoice in Odoo

Odoo 11 Accounting

    For both usability and functionality reasons, Odoo has become one of the most sorts after and desired ERP choice among million users. As an open source software, Odoo comes along with lots of benefits including access to community developers as well as extensive customizability for individual users upon their business needs. It acts as a one-stop solution for the entire business as it includes modules such as Inventory, Sales, CRM, Accounting, Manufacturing, Human resources, and more.

Similarly, Odoo finance and accounting module are unbeatable for many reasons. The functional rich accounting module comes along with abundant features like basic journal entry creation, Budget Management, Analytic Accounting, Advanced Business intelligence reports making it highly productive accounting ERP solution for any business types.
This blog manages to describe the pro forma invoices management with Odoo. The role of Pro-forma invoices in smooth running and completion of business contracts aren’t familiar to many and is often understated or misunderstood. Let’s have a look into.

What is a Pro-Forma Invoice?

    A pro-forma invoice is a speculation or a best guess over the cost of an order before it's been filled. It states a commitment on part of the seller to deliver the products or services as notified to the buyer for a specific price. Pro forma invoices are commonly used for importing and exporting, especially when the buyer and the seller don't have a history of working together. It is not a true invoice for any reason.
Where and When?

Where the commercial invoice reflects a real situation, showing prices and quantities for what the good or service is actually sold, a Pro-forma invoice is used in place when you need to produce a document to a customer for products or services that are yet to deliver from your end. Both the documents may look essentially the same, but the pro-forma version reflects a situation that isn't necessarily real, though it reflects the vendor's best guess as to what the final commercial invoice will include. 

How much differ from quotation?

    What make pro-forma invoice different from conventional invoice is that a pro-forma invoice is truly  based on the fact that a payment is expected (deal is done) and a quotation is all about the  submission of a quote which should not be considered as a ‘done deal’, even though the sales terms are subjected to change.   
Purpose & Uses

The purpose of pro-forma invoices are discussed below:

> These invoices are often used for customs purposes on imports.
> To give a customer a clear idea of what to expect. 
> It is a good faith estimate showing what can be known in advance, such as prices and terms, and an average billing amount for the types of items being requested. 
> A customer may also use a pro- forma invoice to decide whether or not to place an order. 
> A vendor may provide the pro- forma invoice in a situation where it is impossible to predict an exact price, but at the same time, it is possible to give a general idea upon the upcoming charges.
> It is an opportunity to lay out the variables that reflect the amount of the final invoice, such as unexpected problems that may come up when filling an order
> A firm may also use a pro forma invoice if the sales contract's terms specify that full payment is not due until the buyer receives certain goods.
Pro-Forma Invoice in Odoo

To enable this feature: 
Accounting ? Configuration ? Settings ? Invoicing & Payments ?Allow Pro Forma Invoices


From customer invoices, Instead of ‘Validate’ click on ‘PRO-FORMA’.


The invoice changes its state from ‘Draft’ to ‘Pro-forma


Printed invoice have pro-forma notation. Also other tools like grouping, pivot views help to account these invoices. 


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