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By: Evin Davis

Push Notification in Odoo 14

Functional Odoo 14 Website&E-commerce

Marketing operations of a company should be in its full-fledged to attain customers and promote their business. With more and more competition arising in the market, the companies should be involved as much as they can in the marketing operations. In addition, the implementation of various strategies and automation would come to the added advantage of the marketing aspects of the company. With the advancements in technology in electronics as well as communication, the marketing strategies have turned to the digitalization sector as they are cheap, reliable, and easily accessible to the companies.

This blog will provide insight on how push notifications work in Odoo?

Push notifications in Odoo

Odoo is one of the most advanced and automated ERPs available in the market has foreseen the need for the various marketing aspects to be performed in the digitals aspects of company operations such as the company website and social media. Push notifications are an entity that has been used vigorously in the marketing environment. The Odoo platform provides the provision to set up the push notifications for the company website, e-commerce platform, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, linked in.

Customizability is the best feature of Odoo so it provides these push notifications to be customized based on the company prospects. The notification should alert the customers on promotions, offers, discounts, clearance sales, new products and services, seasonal sales, and many more aspects of marketing.

How to set up push notifications in Odoo?

The push notifications in Odoo can be configured under the website module of the platform. Under the settings menu, the user can enable the push notification option, and then the user will be depicted with various options to configure it. The title for the notification can be provided along with a customized description can also be provided. Additionally, the delay of the push notifications to appear after the customer visits the website can also be specified. Furthermore, an icon to be displayed along with the message can be uploaded in the form of an image from the device and can also be allocated to the push notifications message.


Push notifications in social media

Social media has become an inevitable part of human life and its ability to influence the decision making aspects of people has a serious effect on them. Social media marketing is the new model of how promotions and advertising is done in this era of digitalization. As Odoo is one of the advanced tools which likes to keep up with the trends and changes in society the platform supports social media integration for the company operations. The social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, and many more can be integrated with Odoo to fusion alongside the marketing operations.

The social marketing application allows the users to create and post push up notifications for the marketing aspects in the integrated social media. Under the module, the user can create a new feed by selecting the options available on the home page and the user will be depicted with the following window where the push notifications can be described. The post for the company website can be enabled based on the requirement. A customized message and image attached to the notifications can be provided. Additionally, the marketing campaign for the operations along with the schedule can also be provided. On the right-hand side of the menu, the user can preview the push notifications message and view how it appears on social media.


The web notifications details such as notification title, target URL, icon image and the time zones of the notification to appear can be configured.


In case the user needs to view the preview of the notification the user can select the test notifications icon available in the window. Upon which the notifications are displayed as depicted in the below image. This is how push notifications are displayed in the social media targeted.

Once the push notifications are saved and posted the status of the push notification is changed along with the various smart buttons depicting opportunities, revenues, quotations, and clicks that can be viewed which will direct the user to the respective menu of the push notifications.


The push notifications are an effective marketing functionality put forward by Odoo which will be an efficient tool to deal with the promotional programs in social media.

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