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By: Evin Davis

Reasons to Invest in a Custom ERP Development

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As we are in the last quarter of 2020 yes it's the last quarter !!! Many things have changed how we function in our lives. This year has taught us with the new normal: you work in your pajamas from the comfort of your home, visit your friends and colleges through zoom meetings and many have improved their culinary skills and are in the process of learning to be self-sustainable. Thanks to the modern technology of digitalization we are still connected and are doing our daily chores for both professional as well as personal aspects in a new way.

That brings me to the topic of why you should invest in custom ERP? As per the COVID situations prevailing we can understand that there are some aspects which are beyond our control but what we can do is to prepare and adapt accordingly to cope up with it. Let's consider the last decade where the era of digitalization can bring in new changes in the business environment. Online shopping and digitized business management had been developed in the early years of the last decade. These advances have seen a boom in this era of the pandemic. 

You can witness from the business charts of various companies that their online sales have boomed up and now it's considered as the major mode of their business. In addition, many small installations have integrated business management software such as ERP to manage their operations digitally. This has helped the managers to deal with the company operations from their homes, execute orders and verify them with just a click.

Why Custom ERP?

Business management has never been simpler without ERP software. Enterprise and resource planning software has proven industries with support and the ability to manage the entire business operations in a digitalized and simplified manner. Furthermore, these are reliable cost-efficient solutions that would boost the company's productivity.

But why Customize? 
Why not? Most of the ERP solutions offer their customers to make the operations of them as per the user standards. Odoo is one of those ERPs which provide ultimate business management for all the aspects of the company. The customization aspects in the ERP allows the users to integrate the principles of their operation of the company to be operated in the Odoo platform.

Features of Custom made ERPs

The customized ERP will be helping you in the company operations in various aspects. Here are some of the salient features of it that will be useful in understanding the advantage of it.


You may be opposing this factor but let me describe. The initial cost of customized ERP implementation will be higher however, the profits it can bring upon the ongoing operations will be much more than the initial cost. In addition, these ERP implementations are one-time investments and would be beneficial throughout the operations.

Support and Upgrades

As ERPs are the management solutions that regularly update their software the user can easily acquire a team of developers to update their existing software. Additionally, the user can integrate third-party devices and software to be run along with the ERP software which can be made possible by these skilled resource people.

Most of the ERP service provides training and support services for the user and its employees on the operations aspects of the software. Moreover, a team of supporting staff are always available to do the maintenance and error rectification operations.


As mentioned earlier customization is one of the best features of ERP solutions. Whereas some among these software lacks the full potential of customization. However, Odoo one of the best ERPs available today provides the users with full rage customization which can be inculcated to every aspect of company operations on the platform.

Odoo ERP

Odoo is one of the enterprise and resource planning software that is advanced both in the aspect of usability and customization. In addition, it's a reliable and cost-efficient management tool that will act as a complementary tool for the user. Furthermore, the software allows users to integrate third-party devices along with advanced software to run the company in your way.
Odoo implementation can be done by Odoo certified partners available in and around the world. Cybrosys technologies are one of the best Odoo golden partners provides services such as Odoo development, implementation, customization, migration, support and maintenance and additionally, we outsourced developers to you to implement Odoo in your company.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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