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By: Evin Davis

Why Toyota Choose Odoo Erp for Their Business

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The renowned Japanese car manufacturing company you have heard of, right? Toyota Supra might be one of their sports cars which you might have heard about. The one used in many movies, street racing and by sport car enthusiasts. Having said that, the Toyota group is the parent company of the Toyota cars and they have been operating since the beginning of the last century. The Toyota group consists of a large number of companies working as its subsidiaries and child ones all across the globe. They have a reputation and a brand value on the engineering and the modern aspects each every product of theirs brings into the customers.

Toyota material handling is one of the companies under the Toyota industries corporation which is working all around the globe. The industry provides utility material handling tools such as forklifts and other warehouse operational ones which are top-notch quality providing the operators with more reliability and safety features. The question is why did they go for Odoo ERP for the business management operations. Considering Toyota they could have gone for any ERP which is more costly and the capability to run large-scale industrial operations. On the contrary, Odoo ERP was suitable for small and medium scale industries.

Furthermore to say they were scattered in operations would have led to catastrophic issues. In layman's language or commonly, based on the operations aspects before ERP implementation we could say that the logistic operations of the company were not functioning efficiently. 

Now here Toyota was considered as an example down below in the blog contents we would be describing the functionality Odoo brings into operations of any company.

Benefits of using Odoo

Odoo is a modern ERP solution developed in the last decade and has been growing strong among its customer base. Since it's a mode solution the platform inculcated the modernized methodology of operations. Odoo implementation of the business will provide the user with complete control over business operations and will provide the various functionalities of operations to run the business more efficiently and reliably possible.

One of the major benefits of Odoo implementation is a much lower time aspect. Then other ERPs. Which was usually benefiting companies such as Toyota and the ones who needed to be operational in a limited amount of time. Additionally, the cost factor considering the subscription changes on the ERP software is much higher. However, the Odoo platform offers a cost-efficient solution with rather cheaper subscriptions and implementation charges. Moreover, the localization aspect of the platform will allow the users to bring in the company operations as per the stands of the regions and the regularised legal rule of the country in operation.

Functional benefits of Odoo

- Odoo platform brings in various functional capabilities which add up to the operational content of the company here are some of them being listed out:
- Centralized inventory and database operations
- Modular structural module for all business operations
- Multiple company manageability
- Website building and e-commerce management tools
- Manage multiple websites and languages
- Go paperless with Odoo documents and digitized functions
- IoT and biometric device integration
- Data reconciliation and analytical accounting
- Fiscal year description; functions
- Multi-step routes and delivery options
- Integrate down payment, various payment terminologies and gated ways.
- Double-entry bookkeeping and manageability of the chart of accounts
-  Field and fleet module to run the servicing options of the company
- Advanced, marketing and promotional tools to support digital marketings
- Social media integrationocial media integration
- Remote working manageability
- Vitor monitoring in websites and customer follow up options
- Elearning and certification tools to run the online classes
- Multiple user settings and portal user manageability and configuration options
- Advanced HR management tool along with online and offline recruitment operational aspects.
These are some of the capabilities which the Odoo platform allows the user to run their business more efficiently and reliably.

Odoo is the best suitable solution for small and medium scale industries with ist managerial ability which can be expanded for the operation of larger establishments. Odoo implementation will bring in more reforms to your company operations with productivity improvements as well as profitability.

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