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By: Evin Davis

Remotely Manage Your Team with Odoo

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Home is the new office nowadays for many people. As the coronavirus has hit the world severely disrupting people's work-life as well as personal life causing catastrophic losses in the economic sectors of various countries. Many businesses have stopped their operation for the time being and some are operating partially. Therefore people have moved their offices inside their homes to reduce the crowding at offices and business establishments. This new development is considered as the new normal until the post-pandemic era.

Working from home scenario has both pros and cons mutually for the employees as well as the organization. Firstly, with a lack of proper supervision, the employees may not perform well in their duties. Secondly, the lack of effective communication due to the absence of a physical presence barrier. Finally, the HR manager will not be effective in assigning tasks on projects and deadlines being monitored and completed. 

Odoo can be a helpful solution in solving the problem at your company. HR management is one of the best features of Odoo which makes it an efficient operational tool not only in this aspect but also in the entire company operations. With the advanced human resource management tools such as project management, payroll, attendance, etc. Odoo can help to manage your employees effectively. In addition, the Odoo platform with its advanced communication tools will allow the employees and the manager to stay connected. Moreover, as Odoo software operates on a single platform and has a central database it will be helpful in accessing the information and data remotely by using the log-in features of the platform.

This blog will provide insight on how Odoo can be helpful in managing the work from home options of your company at various aspects such as;

Real-time Communication

Project Management

Human Resource Management

Appointment and Meeting Management

Online Marketing

Real-time communication

Information sharing and teamwork are the major pillars of any organization. Considering that in mind the Odoo platform works on the common database platform allowing employees to share information and communicate within the company effectively. Odoo inbox is an application in Odoo which allows the customers to communicate with each other on the various aspects of the project.
In addition, as the current situations being prevailing there face to face customer interactions have been considered off in various companies to avoid the spread of the pandemic thus, all the communications are one via virtually. The Odoo platform allows the users to set up a live chat functionality which allows the customers to interact with the company remotely using the live chat tool on the company website.

In need of further information on Live chat application in the Odoo platform please read the following blog: Making the Business on Live with Odoo Live Chat

Project management

Remote working insists on effective project management for running the ongoing projects of the company. The project management application in Odoo allows the users to plan and execute the operations of the various projects in the company. The tool allows the users to locate the employees and certain tasks on the project and could monitor their progress. Moreover, the tool acts as a supervisory application that allows the images of the company to monitor the employees on their work progress and efficiency. Additionally, task achievement limits and milestones can be scheduled and monitored using the module in Odoo.

Human resource management

Managing the employee attendance along with their shift management can be hectic if working remotely. The attendance tool in Odoo allows the users to manage and monitor the attendance of each and every employee. In addition, the payroll and time off applications in Odoo operated on the basis of attendance management in Odoo. The planning module in Odoo allows the users to plan the shift operations of the employees working remotely, the adjustments and modifications of the operational shifts can be done using the module.

Appointment and meeting management

Since the pandemic situation is prevailing in the world many organizations have limited the interactions with the customers and clients allowing meetings with the help of pre-booked appointments. The Odoo platform allows the user to manage and schedule their appointments and meetings with the customers using the appointments module. Using a calendar the user can schedule the meetings and appointments with the clients and vendors thus limiting the entry of them into the office premises. In addition, the responsible employee can only be entertained to come to the office at the respective days of meetings otherwise they could be arranged to work from home.

Online marketing

Marketing is an inevitable fact of any business organization as it promotes its products and services. The pandemic situation has hit the economic and consumer sector so hard that physical marketing campaigns have reduced due to the restrictions on gathering. The Odoo platform allows users to create and manage online marketing campaigns and promotions online. The platform provides provision for the users to send out marketing emails, messages, pop-up messages, and advertisements to the customers. In addition, the customer relationship management module allows the user to attain leads on customers and promote your services and products by scheduling activities such as emails, meetings, calls, etc.

The COVID 19 has shaken the normal operations of the world, but we could adapt to new methodologies in running our company effectively rather than waiting for it to be normal and accepting the new normal and working on it to achieve the latter.

If you are interested in Odoo Implementation for your company or business, please contact us by dropping a message at info@cybrosys.com. We can guide your business to attain better profits and effective management with Odoo support 

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