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By: Arun Krishnadas

Rise Above Your Competitors in eCommerce With Odoo 13

Functional Odoo 13 Website&E-commerce

Odoo is one of a kind ERP software, known for its various diverse functionalities and custom modules. The high scalability and customizability of Odoo have always been the key factors that appealed users to pick Odoo as their favorite ERP. 

With Odoo you can attain a very smooth and fluid working of your enterprise. You can always add more applications and modules in Odoo with the growing need of your company. The integration of third party applications with Odoo is yet another priceless feature in Odoo.

The various modules in Odoo like CRM, Human Resource, Sales, Manufacturing, Inventory etc. are integrated so that the coordinated working of every department is ensured thus, boosting the productivity. With Odoo, deliver your best in eCommerce and win over your competitors by utilising the many functionality options available in Odoo 13 Ecommerce module. Now, let’s a brief outlook of what Odoo has to offer in its Ecommerce module. 

1. Create a Unique Product Page
Odoo enables you to design an attractive and unique product page for your eCommerce website. You can Brand your company’s name and stand-out from the crowd by effectively using this. The designing process is so simple and can be done with just some ‘Drag and Drop’ functions. You can create your product page yourself even without any designing or coding knowledge. In other words, in Odoo you don’t have to hire designers or programmers to design your product page.

2. Customize Your Product Page
In Odoo you can also customize your product page by adding various attributes to your products like Colour, Size, Pattern, Style etc. Also, there is a handful of editing options available to make changes to meet your requirements. A huge list of magnificent themes is available in Odoo to provide your website with an eye-appealing and professional outlook.
3. Manage Your Market
From a single location, you can now easily manage by importing information regarding your eCommerce store and your product list. The integrated platform of Odoo enables the end-user to have an upper hand in the management of your business.
4. Optimize Your Marketing Strategies
In Odoo there is provision for setting up accessory products too along with a product so that when a customer clicks to view a product, this accessory or complementary product will be displayed alongside as a suggestion. Product alternatives can also be suggested the customers thus you can provide good exposure to your companies commodities with Odoo. You can provide the utmost online shopping experience to your customer.
5. Boost Your Sales
Create and configure your pricing strategies in simple steps with Odoo. You can compute the appropriate price of products using the price list rules and increase your sales. Price coupons and discounts can also be created to fish in your customers. 
6. Do Shipping Efficiently
Prominent shipping carriers like FedEx, DHL, USPS, UPS etc. are integrated as defaults in Odoo. You can also add more options according to your wish in Odoo and thus the shipment process can be done more effectively. You can also track the orders in Odoo. Choosing the appropriate shipping carriers along after comparing the varied rates and printing the shipping labels are also actions that can be done without any problem in Odoo. 
7. Easy-to-use Customer Portal
The customer portal of eCommerce website built with Odoo focuses on the user experience and has a  well effective design. Tracking orders and viewing the pending shipments as well as downloading delivery orders and invoices can be done by the customer through the portal.
8. The Whole eCommerce Package 
The integrated application platform of Odoo like mentioned before is a powerful tool to maintain your business. Inventory management, Stock evaluation it’s automated replenishment, reporting etc, and all the major activities can be executed in Odoo in a rather seamless manner, and all these activities have great importance in eCommerce and generally the sales.
The eCommerce module in Odoo is interlinked with all the complementary modules like Odoo Website Builder, Odoo Email Marketing, Sales, Odoo Blogs etc. Thus when fully utilized, your eCommerce will flourish the steady progress of efficiency in your business operations are guaranteed.

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