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Odoo 13 eCommerce

Functional Odoo 13 Website&E-commerce

Are you in search of a management device for your developing online enterprise? Odoo eCommerce is the right choice. Odoo eCommerce provides you with the opportunity to effortlessly construct add products on your website. One can set up their online store in Odoo using a few clicks. Odoo contains everything that you require while setting up your online store and can create an unceasing shopping experience. 

Let’s look at some Features of Odoo eCommerce

    * Design & configure: Inline Editing, Word processor text editing, Product variants creation, Sell digital products, Online Form Builder, Multi-store eCommerce, Building blocks system, Professional Themes.

    Integrated tools: Options to boost sales, Promotional or coupon codes,  Cross-selling and Upselling, Abandoned carts.

    Shopping experience: Customer onboarding, Live chat embedded, Easy checkout process, Easy search system, Guest & registered user, Skip shipping address, Customer portal, Wishlist, Products comparator.

    Payment & Shipping methods: Create shipping rules, Fully integrated, Other payment methods, shipping methods.

    Billing & Accounting: Calculate & Bill Shipping Costs, Chart of accounts, Integrated Accounting package, Tax rates.

eCommerce Dashboard 

Odoo 13 eCommerce dashboard provides high data visualization, interpretation of data and serving managers with on-time access. As the managers get to understand in on-time the average order value, the imply delivered amount, average invoiced amount, etc. help them to develop their strategy in eCommerce.

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

You have one more option under the dashboard as Analytics. 

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

It also helps one to observe the analytics of their website visits. To keep track, the website traffic you can also connect to the google analytics.

If you need to connect with Odoo with Google Analytics 

Make a google analytic account - Then Accept the terms to get the Tracking ID.

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

The tracking ID should be copied for inserting them in Odoo.

Turn on Google Analytics by selecting the Configuration Menu of Odoo’s Website. Save the tracking ID by pasting it.

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

Tracking the Order

View order

You can see every confirmed sales order by choosing the option below:

Website Admin -> Orders -> Orders

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

By clicking the CREATE button, if needed you can also create an order manually.

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

Abandoned Carts

The carts waiting for the clients can be saved by one. It is inevitable to pursue with the buy-in odoo eCommerce. An email layout can be set for the Abandoned Carts.

For activating the feature choose, Website Admin -> Configuration -> Settings -> Orders Follow up.

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

On the one hand, one the template can opt from the drop-down or generate a new one. There is the provision to edit the cart recovery mail along with other corresponding settings.

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys


For creating a new customer and seeing your regular customer,  select Website Admin -> Orders -> Customers

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

By clicking the create button you can create a new customer.

Product Management

Add a new product

For adding a new product, select Website Admin -> Products -> Create

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

Edit product details

For editing the product details, select Website Admin -> Products

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

To edit the product info click the "Edit" button and  "Update Quantity in Hand" to update quantity manually. One can also configure product variants via clicking CONFIGURE VARIANTS.


Odoo fixes with an effective pricelist feature to guide the pricing strategy wanted to one’s eCommerce business. The price list or rate fee may be for a certain product or for a set of products. By taking advantage of the Odoo price list, one can also effortlessly handle the product pricing based on the needs of the company.

To use a specific price list in Odoo you can set different criteria like:

    * Periods 


    Quality Service 

    Economic environment 


    Product demand  

From the settings of Odoo eCommerce, you can select the pricing strategy. 

For this select Admin -> Configuration -> Settings -> Pricing 

By ticking the checkbox, choose the option of Multiple Sales Prices per product. Thus save the changes.

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

Let’s have a look into the two types of sales pricelists in Odoo 

    Multiple prices for each product (e.g. customer segments, currencies).

    * Advance price rules (discounts, formulas).

You can see the different price lists created by going to the Products tab. 

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

By selecting the Create button you can also create a new pricelist. 

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

Promotions and Coupon programs

According to the present requirements, the “Promotion and Coupon Programs” enables the end-user to create the promotion for their products. 

Select WebsiteAdmin -> Configuration -> Settings -> Pricing 

To enable Promotion and Coupon programs. In the option Coupon and Promotion mark the tick. Opt the Save button to mark changes.

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

You can create a new loyalty program to attract clients by selecting the promotions and coupon programs, 

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

You have the following programs when you entered the coupon programs. 

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

Payment Acquires

A commercial enterprise is at end dependent on its earnings technology or investment return. All business organizations accumulate income from their clients in return for the services or products they offer. All the transactions are made instantaneously and effortlessly through some built-in Payment Acquiries in Odoo Enterprise.

The entire built-in payment acquiries can be found in Website Admin -> Configuration -> eCommerce -> Payment Acquiries

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

For configuring your payment acquiries select the Activate button.

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

Publish the content on the website so that to make that available to the users if you already configured the settings. 

Shipping Methods

Various shipping methods can be managed by Odoo, as it is, it isn't always activated default. The shipping integration of Odoo is accessible for FedEx, Temando USPS, DHL, etc. Shipping Methods make you manage the transportation company, the destination, and the cost.

Configuration: Website Admin -> Configuration -> eCommerce -> Shipping Methods

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

eCommerce Categories

One has to set a category for each product to make visible the products in the category wise. 

Via choosing, Website Admin -> Configuration -> Products -> eCommerce categories

You can set various categories of products.

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

By selecting the Create button one will reach a new window. New eCommerce Categories can be created here.

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

The parent category should be selected initially and then save it. There is also a provision for editing the product category.


Edit or Delete a product category

For this, go to, 

Website Admin -> Configuration -> Product -> eCommerce Category.

For delete or update, it selects on any one of the categories listed.

odoo 13 ecommerce cybrosys

Then select the website and choose the Customize, one can point out various options there. For viewing the products in category wise allow Product Categories options.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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