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By: Arun Krishnadas

Odoo 13 IoT (Internet of Things)

Functional Odoo 13

IoT or Internet of Things is a network of devices and gadgets which can operate and transmit data on its own, without the direct intervention of a person. This technology is usually used to link home devices and electronic appliances together for smooth and coordinated working.

Odoo is always moving forward and is updating by a daily basis with the newly arriving technologies. The ever-evolving nature of Odoo complements the users with the integration of novel features in the ERP. IoT helps a lot in everyday life and from Odoo v12 onwards, connection and access to multiple devices, physically near and remote utilizing this technology, from the Odoo ERP platform is provisioned. This is actualized with the help of an IoT box, a device hub which acts as an intermediate between the core platform and the various devices and regulates the transfer of data and instructions between them.  

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is an idea which creates an interconnected web of devices, receiving commands from a source which is delivered to the respective devices according to previously set instructions. A huge array of devices from automobiles to smartphones can be connected into this network. With the working of all these devices together as a network, the daily tasks are made so simple thus making our lives better. By the automation of the repeating daily tasks, a lot of time is saved by reducing the need for human intervention to carry out these tasks to a minimum. 

    In any business, the collection and the efficient usage of data are integral for its success. Like mentioned before, an IoT box enables the user to connect multiple devices to a core platform and determines which instruction goes to which device. The automation in transferring of data is the main advantage of the IoT box. Using this technology, one can set different actions to different and multiple devices. By utilizing this technology in the ERP platform like Odoo, various tasks can be more effectively done. With IoT box, we can be assured of the transmission of data to the corresponding device even with a lot of devices present. 

IoT in Odoo v13

Provision for IoT box in the Odoo ERP was introduced in Odoo v12. With added modules and functionalities in Odoo v13, IoT is literally a boon the Odoo beneficiaries. 

IoT box And Odoo ERP

The Odoo IoT box is a gadget used to create an IoT network of devices connected to the Odoo’s core platform. Usually, connecting an IoT box to an ERP software like Odoo is a tiresome process. Usually, there will be many offline devices that should be connected and the ones with to internet will not connect automatically. With the introduction of a mediator like Odoo IoT box, all these problems are resolved. The Odoo IoT box is connected to a system by an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Odoo will automatically detect the IoT once connected it can be configured using your browser. 

    Different types and multiple types of devices can be connected in the IoT box-like, Bluetooth, HDMI, WiFi and USB. Odoo will also provide the required drivers in case of incompatibility of any of your device. Given below is a diagram representing the working of an IoT box:


Odoo’s IoT Module

The IoT module in Odoo helps the end-users to connect and manage multiple devices in Odoo super easily. Odoo also provisions automatic storage of actions done after the integration of a device in IoT. Odoo’s IoT module can work side by side with other modules in Odoo and thus, the coordinated working increases the productivity of your company. Once integrated, you can assign different tasks to machinery and the related manufacturing apparatus and control them in the IoT module. Along with all the above-mentioned benefits highly customizable nature of IoT module allows the end-users to modify the module according to their convenience.

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