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By: Manu menonn

Role of Google Spreadsheet in Odoo

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A spreadsheet is a powerful tool in business. It can provide explicit and self-explanatory and with a single glance, even the minute of the fluctuations in the data can be discovered. Spreadsheets are widely recommended by Entrepreneurs because it is easy for them to go through data and as an entrepreneur, even a slight fluctuation in the data is considered a big deal. 

This blog will talk about the role of spreadsheets in Odoo

Both Odoo and Google Spreadsheet combine to form a powerful business tool. With the advanced features of Odoo combined with spreadsheets, even the minute detail in the business data can be analyzed. Google applications can be integrated with Odoo for a seamless flow of work. You have a set of options reserved for Google in Odoo general settings.  You can log in to your Google account from here. The screenshots from the Odoo will be given below and it will guide you through the process.


The screenshot above shows a small portion of General Settings in Odoo. The image shows the reserved area for Google settings. From the options given click on Set Up Token to proceed with your Google account login. Right after you click on the Set Up Token a quick drop-down tab like in the screenshot given below will appear.


From the drop-down option click on the option as marked which will take you to a login page of Odoo and with your Google account and you can click on your Google account to proceed. You have to note that the browser should be aware of your Google account in order to set this feature effortlessly and if not you can log in from the Odoo Google login page.

Google application combined with Odoo will be a powerful business tool that you will possess. You can do almost anything from attaching Google docs on pipelines in CRM to dealing with intricate data of business management through Spreadsheets. The Spreadsheet is known for its user-friendly nature and clean look. It can deal with extreme amounts of data effortlessly. When it comes to Odoo there are many advantages of having a Spreadsheet. You can access spreadsheets from any of the applications in Odoo. As the spreadsheet is integrated into the applications of Odoo it will be available on the dashboard of the applications of Odoo.

More efficiency with Spreadsheets.

It is important that you understand Odoo and its functions first before implementing it in your business because the potential that it holds is limitless. Odoo has the ability, the tools, and the functionalities to do almost anything for your business. Spreadsheet integration is one of them. The integration makes your business management more efficient and effortless. Spreadsheets are actually available on most of the applications in the Odoo. The integration is done based on the fact that the advanced ERP systems concentrate more on running the business functions as smoothly as possible but do not represent data in its minute details. This is where you need the help of external software and most ERP systems fail at providing this but Odoo certainly does not.

Spreadsheet and Odoo work hand in hand to provide data as accurately and detailed to the minute as possible. This amount of detailing is important for the functioning of your business because a single data fluctuation can create chaos in your business so maintaining it is extremely important. The sales module in the Odoo uses Spreadsheets to a great extent because of the high amount of intricate data that the Module creates. By entering the data into the spreadsheet will give you more clarity on data and thereby creating a natural efficiency in your business. You Can save the data in the spreadsheet of your Google account forever and can access it from anywhere around the world. And you can create graphical representations of your data with a single click and when you start to work with the Spreadsheet you will notice the impact of Odoo and its advanced features on spreadsheets too and with these two combined you don't have to worry about business data management anymore. 

Odoo and spreadsheets together will help you get the most advanced user feel ever. You will be able to work on your business faster and efficiently. With a properly maintained and managed data entry system it would be easy for you to understand complex business data at a single glance. Even the minutest of the change in the business proceedings can be analyzed. You can get maximum for the sales module with Spreadsheets because all of the intricate data in the proceedings of the sales can be entered and analyzed easily. The spreadsheet will remove unnecessary confusion from your business by cutting edge data representation and thereby saving you valuable time and keeping out intense business pressure on effective and efficient data management.

With this much potential at your disposal, you can use Odoo and spreadsheet to predict the future of your profit and by analyzing the data you can calculate the profit potential of your business. You can understand your financial situation from the given data and thereby calculate the profit potential. From the analyzed data you can devise a strong business plan and enhance your team performance. You can make efficient and well-informed decisions based on the collected data.  

You can keep your data updated and you don't have to enter the data into the Spreadsheet anymore the application linked to the Spreadsheet will automatically update the data as per the commands of the applications and will be updated every second, so you don't have to spend time on that anymore. You can highlight important data and filter data based on Date, Relations and customize data based on the filtered options in this way you can keep the data updated all the time. Up to date, automatic data management will boost your business performance tremendously. And with a simple click, you can change the data into clean-cut graphs that can help you in presenting the data to your team and can have effective communication on the data represented.

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