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By: Anju A.P

Sale Discount Control - Odoo 12 App

Functional Odoo 12 Sales

If you are looking to draw more people to your store, offering discounts is a great medium to achieve it. Anytime you announce a discount over a product, there is an increasing number of customers rushing to your store or your shop. Offering discounts is seen as the best marketing tactic to grab the attention of customers. Because people always look out at the means of saving their money.

Cybrosys Technologies brings in an Odoo application- Sale Discount Control, that helps in managing the discount in both Sales Order Line and Invoice Order Line. The module- Sale Discount Control seamlessly control discounts in sales order line and invoice order line. If the seller wants to infuse a discount for certain product, he can directly add the discount amount for that product, as soon as he enters the product in the order line.

In case, the discount exceeds the set discount limit, the app automatically pushes the order to the waiting list, where the control user can look into the order and approve it.

Key Features:

1. Controls discount limit in Sales.

2. Controls discount limit in Invoices.

3. Perfect Total Calculation.

Here is the workflow of the Sale Discount Control App:

Firstly enable your preferred discount limit and control discount limit in the user settings.


Secondly, enable the discount option in the sales configuration.


Under the below screenshot, you can see a discount tab inside the user settings. 

The user can set his desired discount control limit here. 


For example, if we set the discount limit as 10, the salesperson can give away the discount limit up to 10%. 

And in case, if the salesperson gives more than 10% discount on the product or says exceed the limit of discount set for the product, then in that case, while confirming the sale order, it will be sent to the ‘waiting’ state for confirmation. Only the authorized person can now approve the sale order. 

Now I will show you how discount control effects on sale and invoice.


Above image is a sale order.

Under this sale order, we can see two products. In the first product, discount is set as 5% and in the second product it is set as 9%. So the total discount applied in this sale order is 14%. In this case, while confirming the sale order, it automatically gets pushed to the waiting state as the set discount control limit is 10%.


Here you can see the sale order under the ‘Waiting Approval’ state and there is a button called APPROVE. Only the Control Discount enabled person can now approve the sale order. You can see the Gross total and Discount added to the total calculation. Same process takes place in the invoice also.

If you think discount can only bring good cheers to the customer, you are indeed very wrong. Discounts come of great help to your business as well. From increased sales to improved reputation, discounts can significantly bring in greater share of business profits.

Discounts can be a great medium to attract both old and new customers. Because people prefer buying things on sale, and discounts is the best medium to draw-in more heads. With discounts, you get more potential buyers for the product, increasing the traffic and sales of your business.

So manage easily your sale discount with Odoo 12 App-Sale Discount Control. To know more about the application or avail our Odoo support for your business,  drop your request to odoo@cybrosys.com

You can also check Cybrosys’s other Odoo apps that caters different business needs.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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