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By: Evin Davis

Scrap Recycling and Management with Odoo

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The generation of scraps and associated waste material in a production establishment is inevitable as the manufacturing aspect cannot use 100 percent of the raw materials used for manufacturing. Therefore, generating a certain scrap percentage has already been calculated in the manufacturing’s financial, productivity, and utilization factors. The management aspects of this scrap developed and recycled them without wasting them into landfills and as for non-biodegradable materials, there are requirements of dedicated tools that will cater to the management of the scrap products generated during manufacturing. Moreover, strict norms for the authorities implicate that a maximum percentage of products that can be recycled should be done so in manufacturing facilities without any hesitation. This puts the production-based industries in a tight spot in major countries and in need of systems that will cater to the recycling and scrap management of the waste materials.
The aspects mentioned above are of a manufacturing facility where the scrap is produced on doing the production aspects. What if a company only deals with scrap products? This may be the subsidiary company of a production-based organization where the waste materials are recycled independently with a dedicated operations process. Just like the tools required for the manufacturing operations, there are also requirements of reliable tools and solutions that will help the recycling units and business deal with the processes right from the aspect of raw material collections, i.e., scrap or waste from other production units and until the manufacturing of the finished products. Today, numerous software-based solutions define the respective operational aspects of recycling and scrap management, which can be well represented in operations.
Enterprise and Resource Planning solutions are available to the service providers regarding the functioning of the business management process. Numerous solutions fall into this category. Odoo ERP is the solution that will allow the business to run the operations of a company’s effective scrap management and recycling aspects. Moreover, the capacity to undergo any level of customization makes it an exceptional tool to manage the operations of any form of production-based operations. Additionally, the modular infrastructure with a high level of reliability in operations management makes it one of the kinds of business management solutions available in the market today. With more than 5 million users stretching worldwide, the Odoo platform tops the ERP market providing high reliability and productivity in the aspects of the business management also on a cost-effective basis where the business can subscribe to the forum.
This blog will provide insight on how the Odoo platform will act as the scarp management system and how the business can use it as a scrap recycling system for oppression control.
By default, the Odoo platform puts forward a Scrap management system available in the manufacturing module. The business can use it, providing an effective platform for managing scrap-based products. These can be damaged products, leftovers of the raw materials being used, or those that did not pass the quality check and are considered unreasonable. The dedicated Scrap management system of the Odoo platform where both the inventory and the Manufacturing module has a combined operational aspect providing the business with the right tools to deal with the scarp management operations. You can read the following blog to understand how the Odoo platform will define the functions of the scarp management system with the default functionalities: How to Manage Scrap Orders in Odoo 14
In regards to a business that is fully functioning on recycling the scrap or the aspects of manufacturing new products from the waste products of other companies, the Odoo manufacturing is the best suit. With the Odoo manufacturing module, the business can define the custom manufacturing operations based on the functional needs. Moreover, this will ensure that the company and its controlling aspects of Odoo are based on the required operational market. With the Odoo platform, you can set up machinery operations, define the manufacturing lines of functioning where each of the operations of the respective piece of machinery will be described. 
Furthermore, with the specific HR management tools available in operations, the respective employees who are functioning on which machines and their duties are in the production line. This will ensure that the complete management of the employees can be conducted with ease, thereby improving the aspects of the company productivity and further improving the profitability aspects of the organization. Furthermore, the allied modules of manufacturing such as repair and maintenance will also aid in the effective functioning of the recycle unit as the machinery can be subject to proper care defined to be both preventive and statutory maintenance.
Regarding managing the aspects of the facility’s finance, the Odoo platform puts forward a dedicated Accounting and Invoicing module through which all the financial operations for the company’s functioning can be effectively managed. This will deal with the invoices, vendor bills, and payment aspects of every function of the manufacturing facility effectively and concisely. Moreover, the Odoo platform will act as an all-in-one tool under which the entire functional operation of the recycling unit can be effectively conducted without any barriers to functioning. As today a significant person or business has adapted to Odoo, and more and more companies are moving towards it due to the advanced and capable feature which the platform brings into the operations with every new version to keep up with the trends of the business world as well as the tools provided to stay ahead of the competitors.

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