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Six Reasons to choose Odoo ERP for Business


There was a time when ERP was considered an unnecessary and avoidable investment. Till recently, the concept was the same for many business enterprises, especially small and medium business ventures. But the situation is changing slowly and ERP has become an inevitable part of the majority of the industries. 

ERP has many benefits and these benefits have attracted many industries towards ERP use.

1.ERP can help a business to operate smoothly. 

2. Time management

3. Can coordinate interdepartmental operations in an effective way

4. Fast track completion of tasks

5. Coordinates all employee-related activities

6. Manages work center related tasks

7. Supports customer management 

8. Comprehensive supply chain support

9. Improves productivity

10. Assures profitability

11. User-friendly interface

12. Quick solution for all business-related tasks

13. Can manage the business from anywhere

14. Ensures transparency

15. Efficient finance management

This is not the end of the services assured by an ERP. But it is just a set of benefits. Enterprise resource planning software offers much more support for the comprehensive growth of the business.

Significance of Odoo

- Odoo open source software solution is something that guarantees 

- Cost-effective ERP solution- IT has both community and enterprise editions. Community edition can be accessed free of cost and Enterprise Edition at the most cost-effective rate.

- Comprehensive ERP support: It has many modules that can be used to offer comprehensive support to the business

- Quick integration of modules: Different Odoo Modules can be integrated to meet the business requirements of a firm.

- CustomCustomization support: Odoo partners can help business ventures to customize their ERP solutions by studying the market requirements and industry-specific needs.

- Timely enhancement: Odoo SA introduces an upgraded version of Odoo every year to help the users to enhance their software support to meet the changing requirements

Important Modules of Odoo

- Manufacturing

- Purchase

- Sales

- Accounting

- Human Resources Management


- Repair

- Email Marketing 

- Product lifecycle management 

- Fleet management

Now, it's time to check the reasons to choose Odoo for the Business.

Odoo, as we all know, is open-source software that can ease your operations. It can support your business by coordinating every major and minor activity. Odoo provides a platform where the business investor can control and monitor the activities taking place inside his organization. This single point solution can manage business across the world with ease. Odoo also supports the coordination of multi-company operations. It can help you streamline the operations of the business and take the business to new heights. 

A business opting for Odoo ERP can certainly improve the efficiency of working hours and the productivity of the labor force. It can also help the business to manage accounting and transactions in a transparent way.


It will extend support to the business to manage customers and vendors in a satisfying way. It will also ease the human resources management and improve the efficiency of the employees. From salary management to transaction management and invoice generation also gets systematized with Odoo. 

Odoo Open Source

Open source is something that can be developed and managed by different communities. That is why Odoo offers two different editions- 

1. Community edition

2. Enterprise edition. 

3. Odoo Community is a free version that offers many features required for the smooth operation of a business.

Odoo Enterprise is an advanced version that provides the clients with some additional features and additional support. 

The users can make use of both these editions based on their demand. Besides, the open-source software also assures safety from hacking and cyber-attacks. With constant support from the Odoo community to tackle security issues and frequent scope for enhancement makes Open source a better ERP solution compared to proprietary.

A Cost-Effective solution

Anyone can install the community edition without any payment and the upgraded enterprise edition is also cost-effective compared to other ERP tools available in the market. Odoo guarantees a competitive price for consultation, implementation, and other ERP related process. It also offers training and enhancement support at cost-effective rates. Official Odoo partners can help the investors to complete the implementation at reduced rates. 

Quick Customization 

Odoo tool helps the business to get personalized software support. The community teams have developed a large number of Odoo tools and these tools will cater to the requirements of every business and every industry.


Every industry will have specific needs and this can be managed with Odoo tools developed by Odoo partners. 

Integrate quickly

This ERP tool helps the business to integrate different features in a hassle-free way to ensure the availability of a customized tool.  


This supports the management of different operations like purchase, sale, customer relationship management, and human resources development and management. 

Caters to all industries

Odoo is suitable for all manufacturing industries. It is also fit for the service sector, point of sale business, and e-commerce platforms. Hospitality and travel business, inventory, and marketing can benefit from Odoo ERP.


With a number of modules, Odoo also supports education, health care, construction, and all other sectors.  

Scope for enhancement

Odoo offers a platform that gets enhanced every year. The open communities across the world thrive to introduce new features making use of basic codes and develop new features. Odoo has been releasing new versions and upgrading the Odoo community as well as the Odoo enterprise. Software solution enhancement supports the business to stay tuned to the changes. As the business world is evolving every day and the software tool should also be equipped to meet the requirements, the role of Odoo helps the business to go ahead with time. 

User-friendly Interface

Whatever be the software, the most important thing to ensure the successful use of the ERP is the user-friendly interface. This feature can help the business to grow with the support of all employees. Employees, skilled or unskilled, can use the software easily and perform their tasks painlessly. While many other software solutions require the employment of technically skilled personnel, Odoo can be handled efficiently by anyone. 


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