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By: Cirin C Baby

Why Choose Odoo for Inventory Management?

Functional Odoo 14 Warehouse

Inventory is an important part of business operations. It is an essential part of small and large business operations. Every industry, be it manufacturing, point of sale, dropshipping, or other needs a well-defined inventory management system to ensure the distribution of products without delay.

An inventory management system has a set of benefits. 

> It helps to organize storage and distribution

> Supports the management of raw materials and finished products

> Eases sale activities by tracking the available products

> Ensure the accurate stock level management

> Support multi-warehouse management

> Systematize internal transfer

Features of Odoo Inventory Management


Odoo Inventory management solution is a total solution to manage products, raw materials, and machinery, or other instruments used by different industries. It supports the integration of different industrial operations with the inventory app. 

Key features of Odoo Inventory


- Product transfer

- Replenishment of stock

- Batch transfer

- Inventory adjustment

- Scrap management

- Landed cost management

- Quick product management

- Easy product variant management

- Lot/serial number management

How Odoo supports warehouse management?

Organize warehouses

- Warehouse location management

- Plans rules

- Set routes

- Fix operation types

- Manage putaway rules

Odoo Inventory for Product management

- Quick product management

- Easy attribute management

- Reordering rule configuration

UoM in Odoo Inventory

- Decide UoM categories

- Manage UoM and check availability

The above given are the key features of the Odoo inventory management system. Now we can take a look at the features and benefits of the inventory management app in detail

A perfectly Integrated Inventory Management System

- Business will become a successful venture only if the investors follow a systematic approach for the management of the business. 

- Among a series of business operations, inventory management is a crucial one as it helps the investor to avoid the wastage of products. 

- It supports the wastage of products by managing the expiry dates and picking the stock based on its date of expiry.

- Efficient inventory management system can assure the availability of stock all the time

- Stock management can be adjusted based on the requirement

- Production can also be adjusted based on stock availability

Inventory for supply chain management

- Inventory management plays an important role in managing the supply chain. It ensures the user to manage both the purchase materials and the products for sale. 

- It assures that the business does not experience a shortage of raw materials or finished product

- It makes sure that the excessive production and piling up of products do not cause loss. 

- Supports the timely replenishment of the raw material storage

Guarantees real-time tracking of stock items

- What is tracking? In simple form, it is the process of tracing a product and monitoring the availability of a product. 

- How does Odoo help with tracking?

- Odoo enables a user to track a product at all levels of the business. The tracking at the inventory stage is very important to ensure the availability of stock. It also helps to manage the expiration date. 

- Odoo Inventory with a real-time tracking facility ensures that the business is able to manage all activities which are part of the inventory or warehouse operations. 

- It supports the day-to-day operations taking place in the inventory or warehouse of a business organization.

- Get support for tracking all the items that are purchased by a business, the items manufactured by a business, and the products packed for delivery. Odoo even supports the tracking of products after shipping. 

- Odoo tracking benefits you as it helps you to locate the product until the delivery of the product to the end-user.  

Manage Multiple Warehouse Location 

Why do we need multiple warehouses?

Many business ventures manage multiple warehouses to operate the business smoothly. One of the warehouses will be considered as a primary warehouse and the remaining warehouses will be considered as a secondary warehouse. 

Here, the primary warehouse will be the main warehouse, and the products from this warehouse will be shifted to secondary warehouses located at different places. Once the products at a warehouse are sold out they will have to transfer the products from other warehouses to this warehouse. This can also be done with ease with Odoo as Odoo can track the stock at all your warehouses at the same time. 

Avoid the risk of overstocking 

Track the inventory levels and manage sale orders. The inventory forecast reporting facility offered by Odoo ensures that you do not overstock products. It helps to manage the stock according to market needs. 


Finding it difficult to track sale orders and manage delivery from different warehouses? 

Don’t worry. Odoo can easily manage all your operations without any difficulty. It will help you to get a glance at the inventory levels with a click. Trace all sale orders and prioritize based on delivery date and location. 

Manage selling and avoid stock out 


It is important for your inventory to always manage sufficient stock. Stock out of a product may affect the business and customer satisfaction. In order to avoid this, the user can control and monitor the stock levels based on the sale order and manage sufficient stock. 

Manage order and delivery

The Delivery of products in an efficient way surely wins the satisfaction of the customer. Odoo inventory can help you decide the delivery process and shipping methods. It can support you to list the shipping firms and decide the shipping method. The delivery product and the pricing for delivery can also be managed. While some products can be delivered free of cost, some products will require delivery charges.


IT also supports you to manage destination availability. The warehouse availability in the delivery destination and other aspects has to be managed here.

Lot and Serial number management


Tracking is made easy if a product has serial or lot numbers. Odoo inventory helps the user to track the products based on their lot and serial number. It is Odoo inventory that helps a user to apply lot number and serial number to a product. This process can be completed in a few stubs by entering the number along with product details.

Barcode Scanning 


Odoo barcode scanning also can be integrated with the inventory module to help the user to track a product by tracking the barcode. This barcode creation and management help the user to handle the products without any fault. It makes shipping, packing, and other activities easier.

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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