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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Why is it the Right time to Migrate to Odoo


Are you a fan of continuing with the legacy systems in your business or industry?

Are you the one hesitant to change according to the time? 

Or are you the one afraid to experiment with the scopes of cloud computing and artificial intelligence assists?

We are just waiting for you to reconsider your thoughts this year.

This is the year when the maximum number of companies and industrial units will be having reconsideration about their affinity towards the legacy systems and pursuing limited goals. If you are an enterprising businessman with futuristic goals to pursue, your time is up to migrate to the best Enterprise Resource Planning Software to take your industry to further heights.

What we are going to discuss here is the major highlights of having an ERP to support your futuristic goals. Even if you are associated with a small venture or a big enterprise, an ERP will gift your magic in the successful management of the whole processes and industrial activities. The biggest attraction is that you can bring everything under a single room for effective control, management, and supervision

Single-point Control

In the modern management system, the bliss is the availability of a number of software technologies to integrate varied functioning under a single room. It is where the important decisions are taken by verifying the data available under the single room.


The management team can have a comprehensive picture of the business with a single click. It can be related to accounting, human resources, sales figures, replacement activities, customer relations, or even the activities related to in-house management. 

Perfect Human Resources Management

Gone are the days when the companies tried to do everything the manual way for catering to their employees. In modern times, there are opportunities aplenty to effectively manage your human resources with the support of an ERP like Odoo. Large numbers of employees and their payment requirements can be easily managed with the integration of a suitable Odoo module.


Other than just the distribution of salaries, the software can assist you in the preparation of various allowances, reimbursements, and other benefits. Also, productive working hours can be accurately calculated for performance appraisal. Another highlight is that the data can be effectively made available for the checking of any official agencies. It can be easily made available for the quick reference of both the internal and external examiners.

Accuracy at its best

Accurate accounting practice is the basic requirement for the successful functioning of any business or industry. Any flaws in the accounting details can land the entrepreneur in unexpected financial and legal hurdles. In the past, everything was managed by individuals with the manual way. Now, such a management system is out of date and the majority are opting for soft-ware assisted functioning. Here, an ERP like Odoo can do wonders. You can guarantee that the data you get from Odoo ERP will be the best to trust and work on for attaining your goals.    

Supply chain management

The procurement of materials and the effective transportation and sale of the product matter a lot in the actual determination of the quality of service and success of the business. Here, one will have to take utmost care of vendor management, vendor bill documentation, sale and marketing, and storage and transportation. In a manual set up, the employees concerned will have to deal with a lot of products and there are chances aplenty for wrong assumptions and calculation.


In the absence of an ERP, any flaws in the area will be very difficult to find out on time and clear. Those who have already migrated from the legacy systems will be able to explain their new experience in the interest of those who wish to migrate to the new platform.

Effective customer relationship

With Odoo ERP, you can keep and maintain an accurate customer base and the list of associated players for better interactions. Electronic communication tools such as email, SMS, and other similar social media communications can be made more powerful to reach out to the large customer network without much headache.


In a manual set up, people used to type and craft the messages to be sent to the clients. With the support of an ERP like Odoo, automatic message crafting can be sourced. Even messages can be pre-planned with automatic delivery. There are also possibilities to check the effectiveness of each message by checking the delivery status and feedback.

Cloud support

Those who continue with the legacy systems will not have any opportunity to explore and use the cloud management system. The biggest advantage of cloud management systems is that one can reduce operational expenses and invest the amount in the other expansion of the companies. One can also think of reducing the manpower to reduce operational costs. In Odoo, there is technical support available for the affordable management of cloud resources. It is a hundred percent secure and the data cannot be tampered by any third party with advanced security features.

Easy data migration

For a few, the concerns are mostly on the data migration challenge. At odoo, it is a very simple exercise where the trained technicians can come to your help and complete the data migration process at the shortest possible time. They will study your requirements first, assess the additional requirements, select the best modules suitable for operations, and implement it on time. They will also give you the required training support and field-level assistance to manage the whole program. For many, there are also options to make use of the remote ERP implementation, where no physical proximity is required. A convenient protocol has already been set by the odoo team to successfully reach out to those who want to try the remote ERP implementation.

Decide now

In 2021, the challenge thrown in by the pandemic will continue to hit the manual management of the business. A software-assisted business is a future to attain the expected sales prospective. Overdependence on human resources can at any time land up the whole venture in crisis. To prevent such possibilities in advance, it is wise to have a serious thought about the Odoo possibilities and the magic it can create on improving your industrial ventures. The New Year is loaded with newer opportunities where the ERP will get you going even during rough weather.

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