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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Transform Your Small-Scale Business in This Pandemic with Odoo


Today the world is struggling with the pandemic and the situations are getting even worse day by day as the Covid 19 is being spread at a rapid rate across continents and countries. Furthermore, the lockdown restrictions and social distancing norms are getting stricter as the authorities are in fear of a second wave spreading. Moreover, travels bans in various European countries and strict social distancing norms have been brought back to cope up with the situation. Although the vaccines seem to be effective the authorities have not been completely successful in regulating the surge in patients.
We now in the year 2021 and in March it was exactly during this month during last year ie 2020 yeah what a devastating year we went to lockdown and adapted to the new normal. Today we still follow the same criteria of social distancing, use of hand sanitizers, and facial masks and we mark the one-year anniversary of the impact of the Coronavirus showing its initial effects on the world. One of the major sectors or aspects of life after the basic necessity of food, water, shelter, and clothes is money or income which has also had a major impact due to the hit of the pandemic. The authorities were keen enough to provide the necessities for the citizens of the world and help the business and jobs sector to flourish in this dreadful era.
We might have haired about the impact of covid 19 on the economy and various installations closing down due to the lack of business and not able to meet the income and careful ends of functioning. A major impact can be seen on the small and medical scale installations as they were initially functioning with the small capital and the money involved in the operation was much less and the functioning was majorly dependent on the locality and within the town, city, or district limits. However, many of these establishments were able to adapt and function with the new norms and conditions put forward by the authorities. One of the key elements which helped them to adapt is the business management model and the use of advanced software of enterprise planning to be even functional within the pandemic era.
Today the use of enterprise and resource planning solutions have been widely seen in business establishments throughout the world and you have a variety of software solutions to choose from based on the needs of your application. Odoo ERP is one of the business solutions best suitable for small and medium-scale installations. With Odoo you will be able to use any sort of business model and functions all thanks to the customization ability and flexibility of the software to run any form of business operation. Therefore, this became one of the reliable business solutions for the establishment to even fusion in this pandemic.
This blog will enlighten you on how Odoo ERP will empower your small-scale business to be run in the pandemic era.
Let me make certain aspects clear on the future of the business operations in the world, ist will be lower and will gradually go back to the page as it was before the pandemic therefore, there will not be a sudden surge in the economy of the nations . Moreover, the functioning in this era will require dedicated tools of operation which will boost the business opportunities and increase the efficiency in functioning with dedicated tools of management. So the question is which will be the best software for business management, Odoo can be on the reliable tool and the following section will explain why it is?
Why Odoo?
Odoo is a management solution capable of running the business with efficiency and reliability in operation. The centralized approach to business management operating from a single platform, a centralized inventory, and a database in operations will help you with complete control in business operations. Moreover, the platform is cost-efficient and has a subscription rate that is much lower considering its competitors in the market.
In addition, the modular design provides you with dedicated modules for the business operations such as sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, invoicing, marketing automation, fleet management, field services, manufacturing, repair rental, and many more. Also with the additional add ons available in the Odoo apps store you can run the business to configure the operations.
How will Odoo support an establishment in this pandemic era?
The functioning of the business in the pandemic is having dedicated tools of operations and advanced tools for the adaptation of the business to the new model of functioning. Here is the certain aspect of Odoo which will help the functioning of a business in this pandemic era:
Digitize your business operations removing the use of paper and stationery along with the use of liquid money as we can adapt to digital payments with the platform.
Digitize the marketing aspects of the company with SMS marketing, e-based marketing, and social media marketing, thus reducing the funds spent on traditional marketing tools of advertisements in newspapers and magazines.
Perform contactless delivery and cashless payments on the product using online payments and card payments
Efficiently manage the remote woking of employees as they are working from their homes in this pandemic era.
Employee operations can be monitored based on the task completed and the timesheet on each task and projects for the remote operation allowing you complete control of the employee's functioning.
A field service module available to run the field base repair and services can be directly invoiced from the field itself as it is being run on remote gadgets.
These are certain aspects but not limited to the ways by which the Odoo will support the functioning of an assessment in this pandemic era.
Cybrosys Technologies will offer you an initial Odoo demo which can be scheduled based on your convenience and will support you with the implementation and all the Odoo related aspects. You can contact us at info@cybrosys.com

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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