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By: Sruthi M

Unit of Measures in Odoo v12

Functional Odoo 12 Warehouse

In business, handling products in different units of measure is very important. Units of measures are an indication citing the unit used to handle a particular product. One can easily configure the unit of measure in Odoo for a particular product.

You can have a look at the video on Unit of Measure in Odoo 13

Let’s take a use case. If we are into buying products in bulk quantity, it seems to be too difficult in mentioning the basic unit of measure on their purchase. Suppose we are planning to buy a tray of eggs. The basic unit of measure of the egg is in ‘Unit’. Instead of giving order for 30 eggs, here we can give as 1 tray. Also, we can sell the eggs as a unit of measure dozen.

To enable the option in Odoo, one needs to go to the inventory application, and go for Configuration -> Settings. Under the Products section, one will find the option, Units of Measure, there you can tick the option-units of measure and save it.

unit of measures in odoo v12

Later Go to Configuration -> Units Of Measure. 

Create a unit. Provide a name for the unit in the field mentioned as a unit of measure. Set the category of a unit of measure as the basic unit(Unit). One can only define a ratio between two units if they are in the same category. 

There are 3 types of measures here:
1. Reference unit for this measure 
2. Smaller than the reference unit. 
3. Bigger than the reference unit of measure.

Here if you want to create units as the basic unit of measure, firstly create a unit of measure for units under the unit category with type as a reference unit for the measure category. 

unit of measures in odoo v12

Next, if you want to create another unit of measure. Create a unit of measure for tray and dozen under unit category with type as bigger than the reference unit of measure. Here, when you select the type,  you can now set a bigger ratio, how bigger the unit of measure than basic unit of measure. 1 tray denotes 30 units, so one can set the ratio as 30. And 1 dozen denotes 12 units, therefore one can set the ratio in this condition as 12.

unit of measures in odoo v12

unit of measures in odoo v12

One can also set the rounding precision for the measures in Odoo. Rounding on Unit of Measure will round the computed quantity i.e. suppose If we convert kilograms to grams,  rounding applies after the conversion on that value.
In Inventory -> Products, open the product which you would like to change the purchase/sale unit of measure. In the Unit of Measure section, select the unit in which the product will be sold and in which the internal transfers will be taking place. In the Purchase Unit of Measure section, select the unit in which, one would purchase the product. The Sale price is expressed in the Product unit of measure. The Cost price is expressed in the Purchase Unit of Measure. All internal transfers are expressed in the Product Unit of Measure.

unit of measures in odoo v12

Click on the edit button to create a new unit of measures. When doing inter-unit transfers, the rounding is automatically done by Odoo. The unit of measure can be changed throughout the whole process. The only condition is that the unit of measure should be of the same category part.

Rounding precision of units of measure:
Rounding on Unit of Measure will round the computed quantity. For example, In the case of a product say sugar, the unit of measure is kg and the rounding precision is 0.100. Then rounding precision will affect the rounding of the computed quantity. 

unit of measures in odoo v12

For example, in the purchase order, if we give the quantity as 2.356, the rounding precision will automatically affect the quantity and the quantity gets changed to 2.400.

unit of measures in odoo v12

unit of measures in odoo v12

The unit of measure can change in the purchase order:
When purchasing a product, one can change the unit of measure. When clicking on the product unit of measure, there appears a list of units from the same category. So one can easily choose from any of those units.

unit of measures in odoo v12

The unit of measure can change in the sales order:
The unit of measure can be changed even in the sales order. While choosing a product there will be an option for edit unit of measure. Upon clicking the option, there appears a list of units under the same category. One can choose the appropriate unit from the enlisted.

unit of measures in odoo v12


Packaging is actually a physical container, the main purpose of packaging is the product protection. For example, let’s take the case of the computer. If you are into selling the set of computers, obviously the package will contain the computer with a notice and a power plug. In Odoo, the packaging is just used for the indicative purpose.

In case of selling eggs. In the warehouse, one will manage the eggs individually. Lots of eggs are scrapped and one does it egg by egg. The unit of measure is Unit(s).

If one is selling the eggs by a tray, the selling unit of measure will be the tray. We will set it on our sale order.

On the other hand, while selling off several trays, one might wrap all the trays into a box or in a plastic wrapping. It is the package.

In the concept of the package itself, there are three types of packaging in Odoo. The first option is that one can set a particular product like a pack. Second a package having different products. The third is the delivery package. The delivery package of Odoo will be available in the configuration menu item under the inventory. The purpose of the delivery package is to make a pack of the container. To know more about packaging in Odoo refer the blog Packages in Odoo v12  

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Hafiz Saqib

I want to like this below if you can share with me via Screenshot/Video. Product Name = Fine Flour A This Product have 10KG, 15KG, 20KG, 25KG bundles. So when I select Fine Flour A in invoice then I can select which bundle I want to sale and next for quantity. Example Product ------------Weight/Bundle-------Qty----------Rate--------Amount 1:- Fine Flour A ------------- 10KG ------------ 10 ---------- 90 -------- 900 2:- Fine Flour A ------------- 15KG ------------ 8 ---------- 110 -------- 880 3:- Fine Flour A ------------- 20KG ------------ 15 ---------- 120 -------- 1800 4:- Fine Flour A ------------- 25KG ------------ 12 ---------- 140 -------- 1680 And it can reduce total quantity 100KG for 1st product, 120KG for 2nd product.




Akash Sharma

You Should also Mention this. Once a stock Move has been created either inward or outward, we cannot change the unit of measure of a product, as we used to do in earlier versions.




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