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By: Sumaiba

What are the Advantages of Odoo 15 Document Module Document

Functional Odoo 15

Choosing digital documentation for document management will be very effective, and it is the right method to simplify the management of data records. The document system will reduce the usage of paper files to keep important documents. It is a challenge for an organization to deal with numerous documents such as employee contracts, product transaction documents, and many other documents related to your organization. It is also difficult to manually keep track of the records connected with the items purchased and sold.

The Document Module in Odoo is a robust module that can handle anything related to document management excellently. It will also help you to make your company a paperless one. By implementing this module into your company, you can save more time on recording significant bills, scanning contracts, approving documents, and many more. 

In this blog, let us discuss the significant advantages of the Odoo 15 Document module.

Smoothen your workflow

Implementing Odoo Document modules into your organization will smoothen your workflow.  The module ensures a single point of access to all documents and will be very convenient for its users. The sorting and grouping functionalities of Odoo will give you quick access to your required documents. Everything can be managed with this single system. 

Highly integrated with other modules

The highly integrative nature of the module makes the module linked with a number of other modules. It can be easily integrated with Sales, Invoices, Accounting, Sign, Planning, Project, PLM, and many other modules. With the help of this facility, you can easily track the versions of plans and worksheets with PLM. 

Highly collaborative with Odoo Sign module

The Odoo Document module will seamlessly work with the Odoo Sign module. There is no need to spend time on printing and scanning documents that someone has to sign. Instead, you can designate them to the right person to get them e-signed and send them back. 

Assign with your team and clients

The Odoo Document module helps you to assign documents to your customers, vendors, colleagues. You can easily share files and public folders with your clients and allow them to import documents straightly. 

Email gateway

With the help of the email gateway, bills can be created automatically from a scanned document and using the vendor's email. 

Work in batch

The Odoo Document module will process in batch by requesting approvals, tagging, and assigning various files at once rather than processing one by one. 

Ensure more security

The paper files have a higher risk for keeping safe and have a greater chance of missing. Instead, the digital storage ensures secure off-site backups, and also it can be accessed anywhere with a system. The Odoo Document module provides highly protected data with its end-to-end encrypted feature. By implementing this module, you can ensure that your key data is safe and secure.

Improved efficiency

Digital files can be handled from anywhere at any time to be very easy to share and access. It can even be managed with persons in different offices. Moreover, the electronic signature functionality makes it more convenient than paper documents. 

Paperless company

Shifting from paper files to digital documentation enhances the safety and security of your organization’s documents. And also, the implementation of digital documentation made data administration easier. 

Systematize your company

If you switch to digital documentation, your organization will be able to keep records more systematically. And it is the right way to retrieve your data quickly. 

Save money and time

The digital document system helps you to save more time, money, and effort. 

Create multiple Tags

The platform allows you to create multiple tags, and it is very useful for quickly retrieving data. These applied tags will be beneficial for easily finding a particular document from the whole document list.

Easily Schedule Activities

The activities related to the document can be easily scheduled with simple clicks. You can schedule any activity such as email, call, meeting, and many more activity types within a few seconds. 

Manage different forms of data

The Odoo Document module supports data in different forms such as photos, videos, URLs, and PDF forms.

Digital Access

With the advancement of technology, every type of business takes place online. So a digital document management system is a must for managing all documents. 

Excellent organization ability

Organizational ability is the most important feature of the Odoo Document module. The Odoo Document module will provide you with an insight to categorize, tag, and rate your documents, and it will be very effective for finding out your required files as quickly as possible. 

Intuitive user interface

The module's attractive and intuitive user interface ensures better operational efficiency and working capability.

Powerful search feature

A strong search feature helps you accurately find your required document from the list. 

Minimize the chance for missing documents

The systematic Odoo Document module supports you to reduce the amount of time you spend finding important missing or inappropriately placed documents. This will result in saving more time and will increase productivity. The highlighting feature of Odoo, sorting options, will help you prevent data loss. 

The Odoo Document Management System will be a practical module for streamlining your organization's workflow. The module's fully integrated and paperless approach will be suitable for small, medium, and high-level businesses. The central aim of the module is to provide a single point of access to all your documents where they can be digitally stored and performed more in less time. You can easily track every file, and it ensures higher security.

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