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By: Lijin AJ

What Are the Pros & Cons of Using the Odoo 15 Studio?

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Studio Module in Odoo 15 is a customization tool used for your business needs in your business applications to customize and formulate it with your priorities and to use for needs. With Odoo 15 Studio, you can create and design your own business internal application. People who lack knowledge of ERP software solutions will not be easy to find the impact of Odoo. At the same time, it is a part of modern business applications that makes your tasks in a business more accessible and convenient and may impart your business with more productivity.
With the development of worldwide digitalization, the scope of ERP software solutions is widely used in all industries. Still, if people are not well versed in ERP solutions, they should be studied the effects that if ERP is integrated that may not harm their business. Whereas may create an impactful influence in their business.  Most users are known for premise ERP software that can be used for the company but has now shifted to cloud-based ERP solutions that effortlessly handle their business services and operations.
Odoo Studio makes you configure your business application as a toolbox that adapts the model of your business and its functionalities with Odoo’s behavior without any coding knowledge. With the Odoo Studio, you can customize your existing views and create new views without knowing the XML code. Even for experts in coding, it would be difficult to find the code which is applicable for each view and all other functions. But with Odoo Studio, you need not configure with code, and at the time, you can concentrate on different other tasks and shield your time in developing the applications.
Moreover, the Odoo studio enhances with a user-friendly interface for modifying your business applications with or without programming skills.
Odoo stands as the fastest and thriving open source ERP with its cost-effective side and customizing features compared to other ERP applications. Even if a user is not budget-friendly to choose the Odoo, they can download the free version of the community edition for their business from the company website.
When it fits the budget, they can allocate customizable features by buying the enterprise edition. However, you can freely have access with an Odoo license without any cost and somewhat customize it when you are good to customize the features of Odoo at your better time.   
Let us move into detail on why the business sectors initially invest in ERP solutions in their business and the advantages and disadvantages of investing in them?
This blog gives an insight into delivering your business with ERP solutions and describes the advantages and disadvantages of using Odoo Studio in Odoo ERP.
Why do you need to invest initially in ERP solutions for your business?
There are numerous ERP software solutions available in the market, and you need to select the best in your business sectors. The main key points you need to consider while investing initially in ERP solutions are as follows:-
a) Integrate your tasks and save your time efficaciously
By implementing ERP software solutions, your employees can crucially solve different solutions in one tool, save their time, and be more efficient in dealing with your business operations. You can also integrate and use many third-party applications while using ERP tools. You can unify your tasks in one software while dealing with the best ERP.
b) Centralized databases
ERP software solutions have collaborated better since it centralizes all your data without any loss than manually integrating the data in any other software. Due to its functions and other technological processes, it is integrated all into one system. Thus if many data sources are collected from different databases are configured and integrated with one ERP system.
c) Well-defined Analytics and Reports
You can get a well-defined detailed report with the best ERP software solutions. The dashboards are customized and get the wanted information for every executive and officer working in an organization. You need not bug up your IT team for detailed reports since you can get the KPIs and other graphical representations. You can take accurate snapshots and later take decisions based on the reports.
d) Automates your tasks and fosters your productivity
At times or for instance, your organization seems to handle laborious tasks that make it difficult for employees to enter the data manually. In such cases, the ERPs automate your tasks with a simple click and consumes time and effort for the employees.
e) Risk-free management
When your business expands and spreads globally, you need not worry about focusing on your business compliances or the risk-managed when you need to concentrate the specific tasks from country to country. You can sit anywhere and manage your business specifically as the clients require and handle your employees.
f) Monitors and inspects your accurate inventory
Without considering the warehouses located, the best ERP tracks your whole inventory level correctly by monitoring the barcoding and the serial numbers entered by the expansion of your business and based on the warehouse located. 
g) Maximize the labor and production of resources with effective manufacturing
Using effective ERP software, you can manage your resources by manufacturing the products. You can maximize the labor for production efficiency and acquire proper planning. You can deal the resource management with the help of the Bill of Materials. 
You can select the best ERP that boosts your business productivity and makes it move profitably by considering these key points. 
Let us move on in detail to the advantages and disadvantages of using the Odoo Studio in Odoo 15.
Through the experience of using this platform, we have concerted the pros and cons of using Odoo 15 Studio. Now let us list out the pros (advantages) of using the Odoo 15 Studio.
Instinctive, foolproof channel 
The Odoo 15 Studio enhances creating your existing and new business applications without coding or programming skills. You can configure your applications without the XML code. Anyone who lacks programming skills can use this since it's a foolproof automatic interface.
Substantial feature-rich of applications
Odoo is featured with bounteous packed applications that make your business more productive. It deals with manufacturing from inventory to KYC processing within a simple click.
Boundless customization in your applications
Upon your requirements, you can customize your business application boundlessly and do your business cautiously. 
Now let us discuss the cons (disadvantages) of using Odoo 15 Studio.
The cost of using Odoo Studio is seemingly a little high for small enterprises, but using other options or solutions is not that high where it is manageable. And in some cases, for small businesses, the Odoo partners contribute a compatible price for them.
Recurrent recess issues
Odoo 15 Studio cannot be used in faster-paced business streams like in call centers since it lags in transmitting commands they require. So it recurs recess compliances in such cases.
Requires more comprehensive editing tools
Due to its customization, Odoo 15 Studio requires more comprehensive editing tools that make the advancers or techy professionals think it is used with in-depth comprehensive editing tools.
With this, we came to an end in this blog of giving you wide knowledge about why ERP is used in businesses or the key points to consider while investing initially in ERP software in your enterprises. We have also included the pros and cons of using Odoo 15 Studio in your business applications. We will be approaching you with a new blog related to the operations and functionalities of Odoo Studio in Odoo V-15.

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