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What is an Odoo Timesheet?


A timesheet is a tool that can be used to manage all the activities on the basis of time. This method can be used to manage the working hours or the time that a worker or employee spent on different tasks. Earlier, the timesheet was managed with the help of papers. But the introduction of ERP tools has helped companies to manage timesheets in the e-platform with accuracy. This will give us an insight into the productivity and effectiveness of the team of employees. This will also help us to monitor how efficiently the team is working and assess their performances.
Timesheets can help a company to manage employee attendance and payroll. It can also support many other tasks including project management based on working hours. Besides, we can also get support for sale order creation as the sale price and order can be created based on the total amount of work and the billable amount of time.
Odoo has introduced a timesheet to help the managers to track the performance of the team members and analyze their efficiency. Odoo Timesheet is a module that can be of great use to different industries and companies. Odoo timesheet can be integrated with Accounting, Sales, Projects, and Human Resources Modules.
In this blog, we can check the significance of the Odoo Timesheet module and its key benefits.
We can say that Odoo Timesheet helps us in five different ways to manage our operations.

Enables the tracking of working hours
The major task of the Odoo Timesheet is to track the working hours of employees. This can be done based on different projects and tasks. Besides, we can also manage the working hours on a regular basis. Odoo enables us to enter the working hour details at any time of the day.
As this tool helps us to manage the working hours of different employees and different tasks together we can easily assess the progress of a project as a whole. This will also support us to manage and improve the way an employee does his/her task. A manager will be able to continuously alert an employee about his/her performance and then give those directions on how to improve their performance. This will in turn improve the way the whole company approaches a project and manages it.  Below we have listed a few main features using Odoo Timesheet for work hour management.
    - Quick input collection
We can easily manage our activities and manage an activity log every day. This process can be completed any time of the day and the entries can be managed without any difficulty.
    - Task management made easy
The time tracking software will be of assistance to us to manage different tasks. It will help us to launch our task with a single click. We can start our task by clicking on the Start button and manage all other operations in an orderly manner. 
Odoo Timesheet gives you a grid view of your operations and tasks enabling us to get a quick glance at the performances. 
    - Exact time management
Odoo Timesheet offers a timer facility that assists us to calculate the exact time that an employee has spent on a particular task. 
Odoo Timesheet also supports us to filter the tasks and eases all validation processes. We can also ease our invoice management simpler with this tool. 
    - Enable to Work Offline
The employees may need to work offline at times and it is important to keep track of this offline work. With Odoo Timesheet we can track the work in offline mode also. The offline tracking mode enables our work to be tracked even when there is no internet connectivity. Besides, we can synchronize our offline work record with the online work.

Easy to Manage Employees
We can manage different tasks by creating the tasks and assigning the tasks to employees. We can monitor the performance of employees and manage them with the help of the Odoo Timesheet.
We can also restrict or permit access rights to certain employees after analyzing their role in the company. Odoo Timesheet also allows the managers to approve the timesheets submitted by the employees. Another highlight is that we can restrict the access and visibility of the timesheet to different employees. 
Timesheet also enables us to send reminders in the form of emails to the employees. These reminders can be used to alert people about their tasks and timesheet. This reminder facility will also help the managers to get alert to approve the timesheets of their employees. 
Most importantly, managers can monitor and review the performances of their employees while they are part of a task or project. 
Odoo Timesheet allows reporting support for timesheet analysis. This helps us to calculate productive hours, billable hours, un-invoiced amounts, etc. 
We can also use this tool to manage our leave as leave will be integrated automatically with the timesheet.
Easy Integrations
Odoo Timesheet can be integrated with five major Odoo tools like Accounting, Sales, Human Resources and Projects. 
Integration of Timesheet with Accounting will help the accounting team to easily calculate the payable salary as the timesheet will be automatically integrated with the payroll. 
Besides, we can integrate a timesheet with the Sales module to help the invoicing and billing on the basis of timesheet inputs. We can make use of this timesheet to invoice the customer services and generate professional invoices.
Human resources management is another major wing that benefits from Timesheet integration. This tool can help the HR team to manage the attendance and work hours of employees.
Project management also becomes simpler with Odoo Timesheet as we can track the time spent on each project or task. We can also use this figure to alert the clients about the time required or spent on the task. 
Hope this blog was successful in giving you different benefits of Odoo Timesheet in a quick manner. We can discuss different functionalities of the Odoo Timesheet in the coming blogs. You can also refer to our already published blogs and YouTube lessons for gathering details about Odoo Timesheet. For any clarification, our website www.cybrosys.com can be your best reference point. 
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