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By: Asaf Muhsin

What should you know before Odoo implementation?

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The business management operations around the world have been using modernized software from the start of the digitalization era. Moreover, this has helped the managers and executives of the various companies to strive for their company and its operations to excellence with high productivity and profits. In addition, this has simplified the task operations allowing the users with ease of approach and operations in the respective companies. In the earlier days, we had similar tools of business management however, it was not concise, it was rather described as tactics. These business management tactics varied from person to person, company to company, and even among the sector, the region of operations, and the scale of the company.

Nowadays the business management solutions are also being designed based on these similar tactics but consolidated easily to provide ease of operations and advancements as per the present day innovations in the world. Enterprise and resource planning software is the majorly used business management software across the world and has been providing its uses with promising results which have added up to its popularity. The ideology of ERPs was developed in the late eighties and was implemented into operations in the early nineties of the last century. Today various sources are providing ERP-based applications for specific needs as well as common ones. Moreover, nowadays ERPs are capable of managing sectors of operations in a company or run the entire company efficiently.

Odoo is one among the ERPs now available in the market which tops its charts among the competitors of the market. Odoo ERP is a modernized management solution that was developed in the wake of the century and has evolved with greater potential and capabilities to run business management operations in this modernized world. Moreover, the single platform operations in Odoo will provide the user with the capability to run the entire business operations from a centralized environment. In addition, the centralized approach of the platform with an inventory as well as the central database will provide the user with the ease of communications as well as data transfer to run efficiently in the company.

This blog will provide an insight into the aspects and details you should know before implementing Odoo.

Implementing an ERP is a big step considering a Small or medium enterprise because it can be costly as well as considered a big move as you would be operating in a different approach but with the same terminologies of business. Moreover, the employees functioning with the old system would take time and training to be adaptable to the new environment of Odoo. Moreover, there are various constraints to be considered while performing or initializing this big step of operations. In addition, this would be the game-changer of your business and would be easy to adapt if the company operations have an open mindset.

Here are some of the aspects which you should know before implementing Odoo in your company. The following details may act as research content or reference material for you in the aspects of hunting for an ERP.


The Odoo ERP is one of the business management solutions which can be customized to be operations as per your business terminologies and ideologies to run the company as per your terms. In addition, it is considered as one of the major features of it and will provide the flexibility aspects to generate more adaptable operations, therefore, improving productivity as well as profits of the company.

One-stop solution

Unlike other ERPs available today Odoo is not recognized and dignified for applications specific operations such as sales, purchase, accounting, or many more. However, Odoo is designed as developed as the one-stop solution for all the business management aspects of the company covering all corners of operations.

Modular operations

As mentioned earlier odoo ERP can run the entire company functions from a centralized platform. This is capable as the design of the software has a modular approach to it ensuring there are various dignified modules of operations for each application in the company. In addition, these modules are interconnected and the data transfer between each is smooth providing ultimate control and manageability to the user.


The price of the Odoo compared to the competitors in the market is cost-efficient and will provide the user with easy operation based on subscription charges. Additionally, the facts of cost depend upon various factors such as hosting, edition of the platform, add ons used, and many more. To know more about the pricing aspects please read the following page:

Training and maintenance

The Odoo implementation is not over until the users are trained to operate their company on the platform which comes as per the implementation would be a needful aspect. Moreover, the implementation team should also be with you in need of maintenance and expansion of the company which would come up with additional charges but with more efficiency in operation.

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