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By: Hasna VP

Why Choose Odoo to Manage Employee Skill?

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Employee skill management is a helpful tool to find skillful employees within the company. The success of a company relies on the skill and working capability of the employees. In critical situations, it is their talents and ability to face challenges that help the company to grow from difficulties. With the right skill management tool, you can widen your employee’s strengths and give proper skill-developing training to them in order to enhance company productivity. 

A suitable way to magnify an employee’s skill is by providing an option to record their skill details. This will be useful for the company in finding suitable candidates for particular works. 

Odoo ERP system provides a common database that enables us to work effortlessly by collaborating with numerous departments. To perform the actions of management and storage of data Odoo offers us multiple tools. The skill management module introduced by Odoo offers an effective platform for recording the skill details of each employee separately. 

This blog gives an insight into the reasons behind choosing the Odoo ERP system to manage employee skills and experience. 

Maintaining a regular record of the skills and qualifications of workers will create new opportunities. Odoo keeps employee records under the employee module. Through this Odoo helps an organization to utilize employee’s knowledge and skill. In the competitive world, the competence and aptitude of employees act as the principal success factor of any organization. Odoo enables you to identify and record the unique talents inside the company. Let’s take a look into how Odoo helps in managing employee skills within the organization.

Easy Platform to Record Skill

Employees need a perfect platform to keep a record of their skills. In Odoo you can use the skill management module for this purpose. It provides an easy platform to document the qualifications, experiences, and special talents of employees. This skill management system can be utilized to designate the appropriate skills at the right place. You can add your skills under the given section in the skill management tool.  


Moreover, there are options to specify the skill type and level of your talent. You are allowed to add and edit your profile according to the skills and qualifications you achieved during the company programs. Users can effortlessly record their details using this tool. 

Renovate Employee Profile

Keeping your employee profile updated will help you in many ways in attracting opportunities. It displays all talents you have, what languages you know, and what qualifications you have gained. Your work profile can be viewed by many other employees and higher officers. You can grab their attention by highlighting your strengths and talents in your profile. Odoo records employee details in the employee module where you can enrich your profile by adding skills and talents. 

By enabling the skill management option inside the employee module you can see options to add skills and resume entries below to your employee profile. Once you add skills and resume entries, they will be automatically depicted on your profile.


You can add new entries to your profile by choosing the edit option. Giving a specific title to your skills will help you to categorize them in your profile. In such a manner, Odoo will be a perfect option for creating a good profile. 

Discover Suitable Candidates

It is significant for a company to collect information about the skill level of employees and identify whether they have the skill that a particular work demands. Through Odoo, it is possible to maintain all employee skill data within a company and utilize them when the situation arrives. The HR officer can easily access these data and allocate suitable candidates for new company projects and processes appropriate to their skills. 

A company will be successful only when they choose the right employee for tasks. The skill management system in Odoo can help you in identifying skilled aspirants for company practices. Adding skills and qualifications into their profile opens new opportunities. Based on the recorded skill, the company can also conduct skill-developing programs to boost productivity. The employee will feel considered and delighted when they are selected for work based on their capability and this will be also helpful to improve commitment in them. 

Collaborate between Workers

Listing employee’s qualifications, talents, and experience in the skill management module can assist a company to spot matching talents to assign team works. The details entered in skills and resume entries are visible to all employees within the company so that they can get to know each other’s capabilities. Knowing each other’s strengths and talents can encourage each other in teamwork, which will improve collaborations.  Thus Odoo benefits you in creating a fruitful working environment.

Filter skills Based on Requirements

It will ease your searching process for fitting candidates for work if you get instant access to the data of employees who have the expected skills for that particular work. Odoo has filter options to relieve your searching processes. 


You can search for a specific skill using the filter tool and the employee profile which owns that skill will automatically appear on your screen. Availability of custom filters in the Odoo skill management system expands the possibilities of getting the right employee profile on every search.

Odoo always offers useful platforms to coordinate business programs and enhance the productivity of a company. In order to intensify the fertility of an organization, you need efficient workers as the backbone. The skill management module in Odoo identifies the skills of each employee and makes use of their talents effectively. To learn more about how Odoo works in managing employee skills, you can contact Cybrosys to discuss your requirements. 

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