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By: Cybrosys Technologies

Why Do ERP Implementations Really Fail


Enterprise and resource planning software has been widely used today all around the world by establishments varying on the sector, level of operation, and modes of business operations. The user-friendly approach along with the ability to run the company operations reliably and efficiently is the main reason for its wider popularity in the business world. Today, there are numerous ERP solutions available all across the world, which are being designed for application-specific operations and there are certain others that are being used to run the entire company functioning. From its development stages in the latter years of the past century, ERPs have been popularized and providing the users with expected results both in terms of company productivity as well as profitability.

Although there are various ERP solutions to choose from, there are certain ones that provide the user with efficiency in operations and reliability to run the functioning of the company. Odoo ERP is one among them and the most widely used ERP all across the world. Nowadays, The Odoo ERP has more than 5 million users all across the globe and provides all of them with application-specific as well as full controllability of the company operations. Odoo is a fully customizable ERP solution, which can be developed to run the company operations in terms of functioning and terminologies. Moreover, developed in the last decade Odoo ERP solution has been providing the users with reliable business solutions for its users all across the world.

Today, Odoo is considered as one of the most advanced and new generation ERP solutions with advanced operational tools for the users to run the company to their standards and take it to a new level. As the world is changing and the business operations of the company are running at a high pace the management of the companies would require a reliable tool of operation to help them with the management as well as controllability of the company operations. The Odoo ERP can provide the user with reliability and act as the tool to run and control the entire business operations.

This blog will provide an insight into the aspect of how ERP implementation can be a failure?

As most of the companies are moving towards enterprise and resource planning software for managing the company operations there are chances in which the operation and implementation of this business management software will become a failure in operations. Moreover, an ERP implementation is a costly aspect compared to small and medium scaled enterprises and investment so huge for them should be able to pay back right from the instance of implementation. In addition, there are many ERP solutions available which can be availed for cheapo rated however Odoo is one of the business management software capable of running entire company operations and is a cost-effective and reliable business solution for all levels of company operations. Here, are the aspects in which an ERP implementation can go wrong and would cost the company:

* No definite goals on company operations and setting the requirement of the ERP straight. The companies should prioritize the needs without which the implementation will be a waste

* Choosing the wrong ERP can run the entire implementation operation for you. As there is a was list of ERPs to choose from you should be able to opt for the right one

* Choosing the wrong implementation partner can lead the process to a catastrophe and total waste of money. 

* If the vendor oversells the ERP expectation and you choose to go forward and when the time of implementation comes up the vendor may back out without the capabilities of providing you with the promised results.

* Lack of customization ability of ERP will make the operations more vulnerable and the user will find the usage a waste of time.

* Over customization is also an issue when coming to ERP implementation, the system may crack and the software will depict operational errors in the functioning.

* If the user is not well trained enough to run the operations that we end up with functional and well as technical errors in the software where they might need constant help from the resource person or team.

* Lack of communication with the vendor and the other way around will lead to the catastrophic design of the software and its implementation causing the company to wear off the process and the application form its operation

These are the major stakeholders that might cause ERP implementation failure to you but are not limited to. If you want to know how to avoid these types of mistakes while implementing an ERP you can read the following blog:  Best Practices to Avoid ERP Implementation Failures

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