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By: Cirin C Baby

How Odoo can Empower your Small Scale Business?

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Statistics on the number of business establishments all across the world indicated that there are multiple small scale enterprises rather than larger and multinational ones. This is because of the limitation in the investments which a small scale business will bring into the investor and the company owners. In the era of the modern competitive world, the small scale business is striving for existence due to the huge amount of one's available in the same sector. Moreover, these are regional based establishments that are operating in a small area locating to the region and they have a huge customer base due to the fact that there maybe one or two establishments offering the same service to the customers of the area.
The major aspects that the multinational or international business are not able to reach people in remote locations is because they are not able to provide the customers with products which are of regional origin and ethnicity. This can be provided by the local business establishments operating on a small scale as they understand the pulse of the regions and their customers. As the small-scale establishments have a fast pace of operations without proper planning and management tools to keep up with the advanced world the business may be facing a downhill path of operations. This is where the need for ERP solutions will come into action in small scale establishments.
You may be wondering if ERPs are for the largest establishment and would not be beneficial for a small enterprise. However, you are wrong my friend, ERP can be a business management solution for all sorts of business operations whether it is a small scale one or a multinational corporation. The ERP solutions are to deliver business management for the companies irrespective of their scale of operations. Today there are numerous ERPs available in the world and it is the user's choice to choose the best one from the options available.
Odoo is one of the ERP solutions which is best suitable for small scale enterprise operations. The new generation ERP is equipped with advanced features and operations tools to run the company operations as per their standards. Moreover, the platform is fully customizable making the user define their parameters and strategies of company operations.
This blog will describe how Odoo can empower your small scale business.
Being a small-scale enterprise requires you to have all the tools of business operations at your disposal making the company operations run smoothly providing you with high productivity and profitability. The Odoo ERP designed in a modular structure provides you with designated modules of business operation for application-specific uses. The module in Odoo is stretched from CRM, accounting, sales, purchase, manufacturing, inventory, field services, fleet management, Human resources, and many more. Here, are the aspects that make the Odoo platform to empower your small scale business:
Modular approach
The Odoo platform has a modular approach of operation with a designated module for dealing with application-specific operations. The design of the platform allows the user to have a designated module to run the company on all levels. Furthermore, the modules available are interconnected to be operationally providing the users with 
Open Source
The Odoo platform is an open-source fully customizable business management software that is able to provide the user with reliable tools of operation. The open-source architecture of the platform will allow the users to bring in support and regular sided updates for the developed all across the world. Moreover, the Odoo platform is supported by the Odoo community who is considered as the backbone of the platform.
The Odoo platform has secular transparent information storage providing the user to share data and communicate. Moreover, it has a centralized database of operations that works on a hierarchical level of user security making the information exchange and restrictions of the company work with a standardized procedure and rules of operation.
Improves productivity
The Odoo platform understands the need to increase the productivity of the software operation and provides the user with advanced tools of operations to simplify the daisy functioning. Moreover, there are forecasting tools of operation which help the inventory management operations.
Odoo is one of the ERP solutions which showcase a community version of the platform which comes free to the user but with limited features. However, the enterprise edition of Odoo has a subscription charge much lower compared to other ERPs available. Which will be beneficial for the small scale business establishments.

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