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By: Anju A.P

Why Odoo is Better than SAP?


It is always a pondering question which ERP to choose for business management. With multiple ERP choices in the market, customers are in a dilemma which is the right ERP for them and which is pocket-friendly. SAP has always been in frontline for offering great management features, however, the costs limit SAP to larger enterprises. Odoo is a bold competitor for SAP which not only delivers the very standard features but also frees the customers from paying high license fees. Read more to know why Odoo is better than SAP.       

Over the years, business industries have crossed over with different developments and innovative advancements in the field of ERP. What an ERP was twenty or thirty years back and what an ERP of today is a matter of astonishment. Today the ERP companies have groomed themselves well, making them enough to meet any kind of business requirement. The infusion of technological advancements such as IoT, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (one step closer to the future), have made them robust to showcase intrinsic management of business needs.

When contrasted with early ERPs dating back to the late 90’s or much older, we may find a totally new kind of experience with the ERP currently present. Thanks to the innovations and evolutions that happened between these years. Today, we are all readier for the future next, forecasting every need that may come besides. However, the underlying principle of ERP remains the same- plan well the resource, no matter how many immeasurable changes or transformations take place in the ERP software.

Along with bundle of changes that took place over the years, there markets a bundle of ERP choices to the customers. The market is flooded with ERP choices promising the most effective and result-oriented management features. However, if go to assess different ERPs in the market, you may find SAP as the front runner or one of the leading ERP software. You may find all others a bit far from the finishing line.

This was true that SAP remained as a front runner in the market. However, today, we have Odoo almost keeping the very pace with SAP. Odoo ERP is seen as the fastest-growing ERP companies of today. But you may ask how can Odoo supplant SAP? How can Odoo replace or act as an alternate for SAP?

With no further ado, here we go why.

ERP implementation is always an expensive business. To many, bearing this huge cost of expenditure isn’t that feasible. SAP is costlier compared to Odoo. SAP may be a good choice for large enterprises as they can afford the huge expense that comes by. However, it isn’t the same as SMEs or much smaller ones. Being incredibly expensive both in terms of implementation and maintenance, SAP remains confined to the large enterprise community. What’s more, to perform SAP implementation and customization, it demands skilled SAP professionals, adding much more to the mounted expense.

Henceforth the question arises, which software can perform the very same manner without causing much financial burden. Yes, it is Odoo. It comes as a great relief in terms of cost as there are no license fees for Odoo’s Community Edition.

More on when features are compared between, you can never say Odoo is lagging back from SAP. Odoo has the very same set of the feature as that of SAP or says even more than SAP in many of the modules. Nonetheless, it doesn’t cost much to the business organization when compared to SAP. Moreover, with each version release, Odoo is constantly improving its architecture and characteristics, making it a stronger and powerful SAP competitor. 

Benefits of Odoo 

1. Easily adaptable software for any industry type.

2. Freedom from licensing costs.

3. No fear of Vendor Lock-in.

4. Large customization and integration possibilities.

5. Upgrades and improvisations with each version release.

6. Unlimited functional support if deployed at the enterprise level.

7. Scalability and Modularity.

8. Global Support from Odoo forum and mailing lists.

9. Highly user-friendly UI.

10. Navigation.

11. Flexibility.

12. Powerful community

13. Intuitive user interface.

Odoo vs SAP

Cost EfficiencyComparing to SAP, Odoo is cost-friendly. No license fees for Odoo Community.SAP implementation and maintenance is costlier.
FunctionalitiesModular Architecture. Each module is self-reliant and intelligent to perform individual functions.SAP is built-to-suit enterprise, hence requires more workflows in order to get customized.
LicenseNo license fees required for Odoo Community.SAP is a licensed software.
User-FriendlyEasy access and navigation to even complex processes.Complicated user interface causing much complexity to perform actions.
Total Cost of OwnershipTCO is low as acquisition and deployment cost is very low in Odoo.TCO is high as acquisition, deployment, development is very high in SAP.
SecurityHighly secured. Powered with the latest technology.Low security as SAP has remote access throughout its surroundings.
SupportWide range of support worldwide. A large community of Odoo developers is constantly working on the application.Only trained SAP professionals can support in case of trouble.

Apart from the above feature comparison, if you go module wise comparison, you can see that Odoo is for sure a better option than SAP. To know the module offering of the two, read our previous blog: Odoo vs SAP.

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