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By: Anju A.P

Odoo vs SAP - An ERP Software Comparison


Regardless of whether you are outgrowing your entry-level software or replacing your heritage framework, choosing an ERP that is a solid match for your organization is no less than moving a rock. Your choice can strongly affect your future development and benefit. Therefore, your ERP choice should be wise at the same time pocket- friendly. 
During the time Odoo was first presented in the market, SAP was the main player having the greatest share of the ERP market, around 6%. However, SAP got constrained within the larger enterprise community. SAP was mainly deployed by large businesses, as its implementation and maintenance cost was quite huge. The ERP was beyond the reach of small-scale organizations, restricting themselves within the enormous business brands. However, with the advent of Odoo, this notion got changed.

Odoo carved a niche among the SME’s and large business organizations. Being an open source, it gave the freedom to the business to execute endless degree of customizations making it perfectly pitched to the business needs. The open source also turned easier to implement, comparing to the proprietary software SAP. Because of this reason, Odoo in no time gained the attention of the market and Odoo immediately picked up prominence among SMEs, which rather SAP couldn’t. 

Secondly, the large set of Odoo modules offered extensive functionalities which an SME could ask for. With the latest versions of Odoo, new features and highlights are being introduced, making it increasingly prominent and most sought after in the market. 

Today even the large enterprises are coming forward and implementing Odoo for their business in light of the opportunity and flexibility it offers. Though SAP is one of the leading market head, Odoo is quickly developing and spreading its extensiveness. Probably in no time, Odoo ERP can turn into the greatest challenger for SAP.

Odoo aims to provide an easy to use, comprehensive business tool, that is integrated with a different suite of apparatuses fulfilling any business need. It envisions in giving millions of organizations simple and quick access to the software, helping them extend their business portfolio and manage effectively their departmental tasks and functions. 

At Odoo, there are 30 main applications which are consistently updated. Likewise, it holds a community of more than 1500 dynamic members of technical and functional experts, immensely contributing to newer apps to cover the wide assortment of business needs. Till date, there are about 16000+ apps to cover varied business needs.

With the "On-premise" offer, Odoo is categorized as the most installed business application tool in the globe. It is utilized by over 3.7 million clients ranging from new businesses to enormous undertakings.


Odoo vs SAP feature-wise comparison

Inventory Management

1. General

Features Odoo  SAP
Storage Locations (Bins)
Bin Replenishment
Mobile Device Support

Automatic ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice)
Package Management / Cartoning
Freight Carrier Integration
Manage Consignee Stocks
EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

2. Products

Features Odoo  SAP
Non-Stocked Inventory 
Multiple Variants
Multiple Units of Measure
Inter-class UoM Conversion *
Variant Matrix

3. Traceability

Features Odoo  SAP
Lots / Serials
Up / Down Traceability
360° Traceability *
Expiration Dates
Cycle Counting

4. Reporting

Features Odoo  SAP
Inventory Forecasts
Inventory Valuations
ABC Analysis

5. Barcode Support

Features Odoo  SAP
QR Code Support
RFID Support
Lots / Serial Numbers
Internal Moves
Delivery Orders
Inventory Adjustments

6. Routings

Features Odoo SAP
Customizable Routes *
Putaway Strategies
Wave Picking
Batch Picking
Zone Picking
Cluster Picking
Putaway Location By Size, Weight, & Capacity

Supply Chain

1. General

Features Odoo SAP
Vendor Data Management
Vendor Pricelist Management
Inbound Quality Control
Drop shipping

2. Purchases

Features Odoo SAP
Purchase Requests
Purchase Orders
Purchase Approval Workflow
Request for Quotations
Contracts / Purchase Agreement

3. Automated Procurements

Features Odoo SAP
Minimum Stock Rules*
Master Production Schedule


1. General

Features Odoo SAP
Master Data
Multi-Level BoM
Byproducts / Coproducts
One BoM for Multiple Product Variants
BoM versions
Multiple BoM / Routing *

2. Planning

Features Odoo SAP
Demand Forecasting
MRP I Scheduler
MRP II Scheduler *
Master Production Schedule
Gantt Chart Scheduling w / Drag & Drop
Kanban Planning
Production Calendar
Infinite Capacity Scheduling
Finite Capacity Scheduling
Available to Promise
Multiple Scheduling Plans
Delivery Date Calculation (Backwards Scheduling)
Production Order Splitting / Merging

2. Operations

Features Odoo SAP
Manufacturing / Production Order
Job Tracking
Work Orders / Operations
Automated Time Tracking
Disassembly Orders
Subcontract Manufacturing
Rework / Repair
Disposal Strategies
Edit Individual Production BoMs

3. Costing

Features Odoo SAP
Perpetual Inventory Valuation *
Periodic Inventory Valuation *
Standard Price
Landed Costs
Actual Production Labor
Production Order Costing

4. Shop Floor Control

Features Odoo SAP
Shop Floor Terminals
Production Activities
Non-Production Activities *
Time Tracking
Messages on Work Orders
Barcode Support
Equipment / Machine Management
Work Instructions on Work Orders
Maintenance Requests from Shop Floor Terminal

4. Human Resource

Features Odoo SAP
Schedule Management
Touchscreen Attendance
Vacation / Injury

5. Reporting and Forecasting

Features Odoo SAP
Overall Equipment Efficiency
Work Time
Demand Forecast
Maintenance KPIs
Production Costs Analysis
Up / Downstream Traceability
Analytic Accounting
CSV Export
Dynamic Pivot Tables
Save Custom Reports

1. Scheduling and Request Handling

Features Odoo SAP
Schedule Preventive Maintenance
Maintenance Kanban
Maintenance Calendar
Shop Floor Integration
Multiple Teams / Sites
Asset Management
Subcontract Repair
Job Tracking

2. Parts Management

Features Odoo SAP
Inventory Management
Purchasing Integration
Rotating Asset Location
Equipment Serial Numbers
Equipment Maintenance History

Dealer Portal


1. Quality Control

Features Odoo SAP
At Reception
Before Delivery
Inventory Quarantine

2. Quality Checks

Features Odoo SAP
Quality Control Plan
Pass / Fail Checks
Measurement Checks
Quality Alerts / Nonconformance Documents
Print Nonconformance Documents
Corrective Actions

2. ISO9001 Tools

Features Odoo  SAP
Documentation Management
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Customer Complaints Management
Traceability of Operations
Resources Management

3. Reports

Features Odoo SAP
Nonconformance Costs

4. Product Lifecycle Management

Features Odoo SAP
Engineering Change Orders (ECOs)
BoM Version Management
Routing Version Management
MRP Integration
Centralized BoM Management

5. ECO Management

Features Odoo SAP
Approval Workflows
BoM Version Difference Viewer
Bulk BoM Updates
Notification Mechanism
Project eMail Gateway
ECO Costing

6. Third-Party CAD Integrations

Features Odoo SAP

For a detailed infographic comparison: Odoo vs SAP

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