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How can I forward a lead to a partner in odoo 17? To forward a lead to a partner, from the lead form hit on Actions > Forward to Partner. A pop-up appears to choose the Partner. Forwarding can be done in two ways. One is to forward the lead to “a single partner: manual selection of partner” where one can define the partner manually. So under the partner assignment tab of the lead form, the partner will be assigned. The second option is “several partners: automatic assignment, using GPS coordinates and partner’s grade” which allows adding the partner assignments for multiple chosen leads.
How can I convert a bulk number of leads to opportunities in Odoo 17? Choose the leads in the list view and from Actions > Convert to Opportunities.
Can I merge similar leads in Odoo 17? Yes, choose the similar leads in the list view and from Actions > Merge.
What are similar leads in Odoo 17? Similar leads are those leads having the same email address, contact number, or partner address. Such leads are detected by odoo 17 and displayed in a smart tab called ‘Similar Leads’.
How can I see the next planned meeting for an opportunity in Odoo 17? In odoo 17, when an activity for the meeting has been scheduled a smart button appears for the available meetings which will display the next planned meeting date on it.
Instead of providing commissions for each referral manually, is it possible to provide it for a certain period in odoo 15 crm? In odoo15, the user gets an option called automatic PO frequency where one can set a period at which the purchase orders will be automatically confirmed, it can be done manually, where the orders will be confirmed manually by the employees or can be set to different frequencies like weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
Is it possible to assign the leads periodically without doing it manually in Odoo 15? With Odoo 15 new feature named Rule-Based Assignment in the settings of the CRM module, one can periodically assign leads based on rules and all sales teams will use this setting by default unless specified.
Is there any way to assign the same salespersons into multiple Sales Teams in Odoo 15? Yes, with Odoo 15 a new option is introduced in the settings of the CRM which is named Multi Teams which allows assigning salespeople to multiple sales teams.
Is it possible to chat with the salesperson in Odoo 14? Yes, from the opportunity or lead list, click on the salesperson then a chat box will appear to communicate with them.
How can the opportunities be marked as won or lost in Odoo 14 CRM?
For an opportunity, at any pipeline stage, there will be options ‘Mark Won’ and ‘ Mark Lost’. Once the requirements are designed properly you can click on the mark as won. So it will be moved to the WON stage and then proceed by creating quotations.

On the contrary, the client withdraws or for any reason, the opportunity is not satisfactory, it can be marked as lost. Moreover,  you have to mention the lost reason. Thus the opportunity will be removed from the opportunity list. Additionally, the lost one can also be restored if required.

How the revenue on future sales can be analyzed in Odoo 14 CRM? With the expected revenue, the future sales of the company can be analyzed in Odoo. Moreover, the expected revenue is the expected remuneration of products and services plus extra profits that the company would receive. By choosing the Pipelines under the reporting tab of the CRM module you will be depicted with the details of expected revenue created by the opportunities.
How can we suggest next activities in Odoo 14 when the current activity is closed?
In the activity there is an option ‘Recommended Next Activities’ by which you can assign a recommended next activity after a successful completion of one activity. Moreover, you can add multiple activities there therefore, upon closing an activity all the activities in the recommended list will be depicted to you and the required one can be chosen.

How is the new activity triggered in Odoo 14 after the current activity closed in Odoo?
Go to CRM Configuration menu > Activity types and choose to create a new activity. There you will have a ‘Trigger next activity’ option to be enabled. On enabling you can assign which is the ‘Default Next Activity’. Therefore, whenever the scheduled activity is closed it will automatically trigger for the next defined activity.

Is it possible to chat with the salesperson in Odoo 14? Yes, from the opportunity or lead list, click on the sales person then a chat box will appear to communicate with them.
How can the lost opportunity be restored in Odoo 14 CRM? The lost opportunity can be listed from filters > Lost. Moreover upon opening any of the lost opportunities, a ‘Re-store’ button will be provided to restore the lost opportunity. Upon restoring, the opportunity will be restored to the stage at which it is lost.
How can the members of a sales team be added in Odoo 14 CRM? You can use the ‘ADD’ button inside the sales team to add team members.
How can the sales team be created and managed in Odoo 14 CRM?
A sales team can be created from CRM > Configuration > Sales team > Create. Inside the sales team creation window you can add the team leader, email alias, invoicing target, team members etc.

Moreover, by setting incoming mail servers and records to the email alias, we can manage all the mails received on that mail id as it will be created as a lead and assigned to the sales team automatically. In addition, by setting scoring rules the team and lead assignment can also be possible.

Define the process of converting lead to opportunity in Odoo 14?
Inside the lead itself, there is a smart button ‘Convert to Opportunity’. Once the client approves, the salesperson can convert the lead to opportunity on clicking ‘Convert to Opportunity’.

How leads/opportunities can be created from incoming emails in Odoo 14?
To generate leads from email, you have to initially configure an incoming email in Odoo 14 CRM configuration settings.
Next step is to configure the Incoming mail server from the settings. Settings > External mail server > Incoming mail server > Create. Add a name, server type , server information like server name, port and login credentials (mail id & password). Under actions to perform on incoming emails, you can add the record you want to create, i,e Lead/Opportunity. Then save changes. 

Now whenever an email is received in the specified mail id, it will automatically creates a lead in the Odoo 14 CRM 

How can the quotation be created from Odoo 14 CRM module? Quotation can be created from opportunity by clicking on the button ‘New Quotation’. At any pipeline stage one can create new quotations and add products, quantity, price and save it. Now quotation is created and its status is RFQ. After sending to the partner by email, the stage will move to quotation sent.
How can the opportunities be marked as won or lost in Odoo 14 CRM?
For an opportunity, at any pipeline stage there will be options ‘Mark Won’ and ‘Mark Lost’. Once the requirements are designed properly you can click on the mark as won. So it will be moved to the WON stage and then proceed by creating quotations.

On the contrary, the client withdraws or for any reason the opportunity is not satisfactory, it can be marked as lost. Moreover,  you have to mention the lost reason. Thus the opportunity will be removed from the opportunity list. Additionally, the lost one can also be restored if required.

Define Lead mining pricing and how lead mining requests can be created in Odoo 14 CRM?
The pricing of lead lead mining is available here.

To generate leads or opportunities trom the Lead mining request, go to CRM > Configuration > Lead mining requests > Create.
In addition, you can set conditions on what you need such as company details and contacts. In addition, you can enter from which country, state, industry, company size, type i.e, whether you need lead or opportunity. Therefore, on compiling the mining request the details can be acquired to your Odoo 14 CRM.
What is lead mining in Odoo 14 CRM? Odoo 14 Lead mining is also an IAP service which will mine/ generate new leads based on their country, industry, size, etc.
How the scoring rules can be set in Odoo 14 CRM?
Scoring rule can be set from the CRM > Leads > Scoring rule > Create. Suppose we want to set score 5 for all leads generated from the country US for that you can give a scoring rule name, set rule type as ‘scoring’, and set the value as ‘5’. In addition, at the domain add the filter choose ‘country = US’.
So all the leads generated whose country is the US, the lead score will update as 5.

What are lead scores and how scores are assigned for leads in Odoo 14 CRM?
Lead scores are the score assigned to the lead using scoring rules. Furthermore, certain scoring rules have to be created in platform which can be done via the following step CRM Module > Leads > Scoring rules > Create.

Inside the scoring rule we can set a domain such as country, phone number etc and a score value for that. Once the lead satisfies the domain set in the scoring rule the corresponding score will be added to the lead.
Define lead scoring in Odoo 14? It is the process of adding a certain score to the leads and based on this score they can be assigned to the sales team and sales person.
What is lead assignment and team assignment in Odoo 14 CRM?
Once the lead scoring module is installed, in the leads menu you will get ‘lead assignment’ and ‘team assignment’ options. From the lead assignment menu, you can set domains for each sales person to automate the lead assignment based on the lead score and maximum leads / 30 days. Moreover, on completion on each lead assignment the value will increase. 

In addition, this method can also be applied to team assignment based on the domain set inside the sales team.

Define assign leads and unassigned leads in Odoo 14?
Assign leads in Odoo 14 defines the lead management process. This enables automated assignment of leads to sales team and sales people based on the domain set inside the sales team and sales person respectively.

Unassigned leads are those leads that are not assigned to any one. Such leads can be filtered from leads list, by using the unassigned option in the leads menu.

What are the kanban stages in Odoo 14 CRM? Kanban View is the default view given by Odoo 14 at the overview. In this view the opportunities will show the details in the form of tiles.  Additionally, all the details including expected revenue, customer, tags, priority of each opportunity in different stages such as New, Qualified, Preposition,Won, lost etc are available. Furthermore, an opportunity can be moved to another stage by simply drag and drop option.
Is it possible to get the expected revenue of all opportunities in a particular stage in Odoo 14? Yes, at the top of each opportunity the total expected revenue from the stage will be available.
How can you view and track the activities in Odoo 14 CRM? In Odoo 14 CRM, go to the Sales menu > My activities. In the menu, it will list out all the activities created by the login person. Moreover, it will provide a complete idea of which all the activities are overdue, due by today or planned for a future date, etc. Emails and SMS can be sent to clients and you can also snooze the activity.
What are the ways to enrich leads in Odoo 14? Lead enrich can be done in two ways: ‘Enrich leads on demand only’ and ‘Enrich all leads automatically’.
What is lead enrichment in Odoo 14? Lead enrichment means adding more data to your lead. For the function to work you should initially enable ‘lead enrichment’ from CRM configuration settings. Lead enrichment can be based on demand or can be assigned to run automatically. If it is based on demand, a new button ‘Enrich’ will appear in the leads. Moreover, on click enrich Odoo will fetch the remaining data to enrich the lead. This is only possible if you’ve enough credit. Because this is an IAP service, so to enrich your lead, one should buy credits from Odoo.
From where you can obtain reports on leads and pipeline in Odoo 14 CRM? Go to CRM module > Reporting> Leads, you will get the lead analysis report and from CRM Module > Reporting > Opportunities you will get the report of your pipeline opportunities.
How can the pipeline stages be temporarily hidden to the users in Odoo 14? The stages can be folded which can be done from the stage setting by enabling folding in ‘kanban view’. So that stage will be temporarily hidden.
Define the Odoo 14 CRM workflow?
CRM workflow starts from lead generation. Moreover, the lead can be manually created from leads menu > leads > create or lead generated from different campaigns, websites, etc.

Once a lead is generated it will assign a salesperson to follow up. Furthermore, they can schedule different activities to collect more data and to discuss with clients. After data collection and customer approval, the lead can be converted to opportunity using the ‘Convert to opportunity’ button. The new opportunity can also be merged with another opportunity or can be assigned as a new one. One can edit the necessary data in between and the opportunity will pass through different stages to reach its final stage WON/LOST.

Once the opportunity is won, you can create quotations and send them to your client and then confirm the quotation and thus it becomes a sale order. However, if the opportunity is lost, it will be removed from the opportunity list.  In addition, it is also possible to restore the lost opportunity and re-work it.

Why is the lead assigned to a sales team in Odoo 14? Most of the business involves multiple departments in action and the sales team will be performing the various activities. Therefore, it is important to analyze and assign the task to the sales team members which can be done by the sales leader. In addition, the management can analyze the performance in teams as well as individually.
How Odoo 14 CRM helps to increase sales? Odoo14 CRM adds elements for the Messaging and reporting section that improves the organization's Marketing & Sales which improves the communication with clients. CRM involves all sorts of interactions between a company and its customers, including goods or service-related products. Moreover, the conversion of the leads to opportunity or lead closing are all based on customer discussion at different stages.
What happens to lead when the lead is approved by the customer in Odoo 14? Once the customer approves the lead, means it is qualified to become a business deal therefore, such leads can be converted to opportunities. Inside each lead, there is a smart button ‘Convert to Opportunity’. On clicking it lead can be converted to an opportunity.
How the revenue on future sales can be analyzed in Odoo 14 CRM?
With the expected revenue, the future sales of the company can be analyzed in Odoo. Moreover, the expected revenue is the expected remuneration of products and services plus extra profits that the company would receive. By choosing the Pipelines under the reporting tab of the CRM module you will be depicted with the details of expected revenue created by the opportunities.

How users can use the Odoo 14 CRM module to communicate with customers? The salesperson can schedule different activities for a lead to follow up. Using activities salesperson can schedule a call, email, meeting, uploading documents, etc to the customer. So more data can be added to the lead as each activity is completed and the chance of conversion of the lead to an opportunity also increases.
How does the Odoo 14 CRM module benefit Odoo ERP compared to other CRMs?
Odoo is an open ERP solution that has integrated modules therefore, the leads can be generated automatically based on the defined criteria. The lead generation, lead assignment, lead enrichment functions can also be automated. Moreover, Odoo 14 CRM is much flexible for the users to understand operations and to use.

In Odoo 14 how are the access rights are set for the CRM Module?
The access right for the CRM module is based on the access right specified for the sale module. If in the sales module the access right option is set as ‘All Documents’. The user can have access to the ‘Sales’ and ‘Leads’ menu in CRM and the salesperson can view all the leads i.e, leads created by all.

On the contrary, the sales module access rights can be set as ‘User Documents Only’, then the user can have access to the ‘Sales’ and ‘Leads’ menu in CRM, and then the respective salesperson can view the leads created by him only.

For users having ‘Administrator’ access in the sales module, they will also have administrator access in the CRM module.

What are leads and how they can be generated in Odoo 14?
A lead can be defined as an inquiry or an unqualified sales opportunity that can be assigned to a salesperson to follow up. Later these leads became a business deal.

Moreover, a lead can be generated in different ways. One can manually create the lead from the CRM module under the Leads menu > Leads and click on create. Add the details to the lead creation form and save it.

In addition, we can set a respective email ID to which the mails received to that mail ID will be automatically created as leads in the CRM module. Furthermore, leads can also be created from the website contact form or through other marketing campaigns and many more sources.

Can we merge an opportunity with an existing one in Odoo 14? Yes, while converting the lead to an opportunity, it will ask for the conversion action. Whether it needs to merge with an existing opportunity or create a new opportunity. If you want to merge with an existing one choose to merge with an existing opportunity and choose the opportunity from the list to merge with.
In Odoo 14, what can we do if the probability of the lead is not predictable? You can leave the probability field blank. Odoo will automatically calculate the probability for the lead based on the base law and the criteria can be added in the CRM configuration settings. Moreover, you can also edit the probability later.
What is predictive lead scoring in Odoo 14 CRM?
Predictive lead scoring is used to calculate the statistical probability to close a lead. For that, we can set some criteria like country, state, language, phone quality, Email quality, etc in the Odoo 14 CRM configuration settings. Moreover, with all these defined criteria Odoo will estimate the probability using the base law.

Is it possible to restore the lost opportunities in Odoo 14 CRM?
Yes, the lost opportunities can be seen by using the Lost option in the filtering menu which will list all the lost opportunities. Upon opening any opportunity, you can find a ‘Restore’ button to restore the opportunity. Moreover, the opportunity will be restored to the same stage at which was lost.

Is it possible to identify that any data is missed from the spreadsheet in Odoo 14? Yes, to identify those deleted/missed data from the sheet firstly, select any cell right-click on it and then click on the ‘Insert Pivot Cell’ option available and choose the model. Thus the missed values will be displayed in a new popup.
How spreadsheet data in Odoo 14 can be restored when data gets deleted somehow?
The data can be re-insert by right-clicking on the first cell and then click on the ‘Re-insert Pivot’ option available and choose the model. Thus the data gets restored. 
Moreover, the same function can be used to duplicate the spreadsheet data at any cell or even in a new spreadsheet.

How spreadsheet data in Odoo 14 can be highlighted in different colors? From the ‘Format’ option in the spreadsheet, by using the ‘Conditional Formatting' option the data available can be highlighted. Additionally, upon clicking on conditional formatting a window will appear on the right-hand side on which you can click on ‘Add another rule’, then select the cells where the rules are applicable. Then add the rules format and provide the formatting style and then save the rule so that the rule will be applied to the sheet.
How can the spreadsheet data be shared to another user in Odoo 14? The saved spreadsheet can be shared with the recipient from the document module.
Define Odoo 14 Spreadsheet Odoo 14 features a button ‘INSERT INTO SPREADSHEET’ in pivot view. This helps to take the data to a spreadsheet which can be named and saved in the documents module.
How leads and other information can be imported in Odoo 14? The import option is now available in the ‘Favourites’ menu as ‘Import Records’. Click on the import option and then you can upload files.
What is the need for the option ‘My Activity in the sales menu of Odoo 14 CRM?
The My Activity menu depicts all the activities created by the login employee. In the list view, the information of the opportunity, the scheduled activity, status, deadline, and many more details are available. In addition, it is possible to snooze it for 7 days after the deadline. Moreover, it is easy to contact clients through SMS and Email from the list view itself.
One can close the scheduled activity and create a new activity from the list view by simply clicking on the activity icon available.

What makes Odoo 14 CRM different from that of Odoo 13? V14 has a great change in its UI, mostly when it comes to the list view the detail display is much more attractive and in a more readable form. In addition, the activity list view can be viewed and the activity operations can be done from the list view itself. Moreover, the data importing option is available in the ‘Favourites’ tab. When it comes to the reporting side in the dashboard view, the data can be sorted in ascending or descending order and data can be added to the spreadsheet.
How can activities be recommended after completing an activity in Odoo 13?
Firstly create an activity type, from CRM -> Configuration -> Activity Types -> Create. When you create an activity type, you have the option to Trigger Next Activity and Recommended Next Activities.

Trigger Next Activity allows you to trigger another activity after the current one. You can add the activity there. So when the current activity is done when you click on schedule next it will automatically trigger the mentioned activity.

While Recommended Next Activities recommend you to multiple activities to trigger after the current activity. You can add multiple activities under recommended activities. So when you mark the current activity as done and schedule the next activity, it will ask which of the activities it should need to schedule. So upon the requirement you can choose from the recommended activity as next.
Can we restore the lost opportunities later and work over it if needed in Odoo 13 CRM app?
We can restore the lost opportunities. Firstly filter the lost , and open the required opportunity to restore and click on the ‘restore’ option. It will restore the opportunity to the stage from where it gets lost. You can now work over it and convert it to a successful deal.
What if, the probability of a lead is not able to predict in Odoo 13 CRM?
Odoo can estimate the lead probability by itself. There is no need to confirm with probability and also later if you want to edit,you can edit as well.
Is it possible to merge an opportunity with an existing requirement in Odoo 13 CRM? Yes. A lead can be converted to opportunity by clicking ‘Convert to Opportunity’. So on converting it will ask for a conversion action either ‘Convert to Opportunity’ or ‘Merge with existing Opportunities’. So if needed, one can merge with another opportunity and choose the opportunity and then proceed.
How are leads generated in Odoo 13 CRM?
Leads can be an inquiry regarding any service or product that may be turned into a business deal later. So the leads can be generated by different means like through different campaigns, emails, or websites, or they are created by the various sales teams.
Firstly, go to the CRM configuration settings and enable leads. So a menu ‘Leads’ can be visible in CRM. You can create a lead from that menu before directly creating an opportunity. click leads -> create, enter the details of the lead, and the save.
How can we set different access levels to users in Odoo 13 CRM? The user access level of CRM follows the same as that of a sales app. Depending on the user level chosen as either ‘user documents only’, ‘user: all documents’. In case ‘user documents only’ the lead generated by the corresponding sales team is only accessible. For the second case of ‘user- all documents’ the leads by all sales teams will be accessible.
What are the benefits and features of Odoo CRM when compared to other ERP software? Odoo CRM is simple and user friendly for which leads can be generated from various sales channels. It is easy to convert a lead to an opportunity and pipelines help to identify the current stage of the opportunity. Prioritizing the opportunity is also an easier task. We can schedule and plan activities to be performed. We can manage multiple contacts in CRM. Also create quotations from the CRM itself and report generation is made more flexible.
How odoo helps the user to maintain effective communication with their customers? in odoo crm in order to maintain effective communication, odoo assigns activities to our salesperson automatically. activities are the categorized stages of total work. activities remind of the current status of the work so that the salesperson could organize what to be done for opportunity progression.
Is it possible to estimate the fund from future sales in odoo crm? to estimate future funds from sales we can define it in terms of expected revenue. expected revenue is the expected remuneration the company will earn from sales and services plus additional incomes. to view go to crm -> reporting in dashboard
If the lead is accepted by the customer then how does the future work of the lead is proceded in Odoo CRM? In Odoo once the lead is accepted by the customer then the future work of the lead is proceeded by converting it into Opportunity. A sales opportunity represents a possible contract between the customer and the salesperson. The effective interaction of salespeople with the client may lead to making a quotation or else it may be dropped. For further details Refer CRM in odoo.
Using CRM how can you increase your sales? CRM enhances our relationship with our customers. CRM covers all kinds of exchanges that an organization has with its clients, whether it is products or service-related. Odoo CRM includes features like, Messaging section and reporting section that enhances the Marketing & Sales of the Organisation. The reporting part includes evaluation of sales  & marketing, which in a way helps to categorize leads and opportunities that are feasible to convert and closed based on customer discussion
What is the purpose of assigning the lead to a sales team? Pipeline management provides a way of monitoring and guiding future sales in various stages.
What is the general workflow of Odoo CRM? CRM mainly deals with a future deal probability called lead and the can go through various stages of opportunity, quotations, sale order and other features. Customer relation management provides plenty of features along with the customer side progresses. Fundamental benefits of odoo CRM take a lead into the opportunity stage and its further stages. For more info, refer to the blog Odoo 12 CRM.
Is it possible to make a stage hide from the user? Yes, go to the settings icon of the pipeline and click the edit stage option and then a window will open and you have to tick the folded in the pipeline if you need it.
What is the accurate turnover in odoo CRM? When you are doing business in the right manner there will be progress in your sales cycle. when you move on. Having a correct idea about an opportunity will give you an upper hand in handling that opportunity. This is what we need to figure out the expected turnover from various reports.
How will you analyze the leads in your company? Using pivot dynamic views, you can analyze the leads and opportunities of your company.and also there you can cross-check the leads in terms of users. For getting this go-to CRM >reporting >leads and click on the pivot view button on the left corner. There you can add a filter, group by, time ranges for lead analysis. More info refers to ODOO 12 CRM.
How will you enrich your lead automatically in crm? In CRM we have a feature for enriching the leads of your organization, to configure go-to CRM ->configuration->settings->Lead Generation and enable the option for lead enrichment.
How to track activities in your organization using odoo CRM? Mainly activities can be spot on kanban view and form view.odoo allows tracking the activities in a simple manner. for example, you can see exercise like activities in due, activities to be performed and today's and future's activities.
How will you find your total expected revenue in odoo CRM? In odoo crm, the kanban view gives you the expected revenue of each stages.this is only based on the opportunity expected revenue that can be set before.as in the case of a manager you can see the analysis sections under the crm by go to reporting>pipeline analysis default probable turnover.this report can be used to analyze the total expected revenue under your company.
What do you mean by the kanban stages of your odoo CRM module? In odoo CRM by default we can see the kanban view, it has four stages one is new, second is qualified, third is propositions and the last one is won.we can give success probability for each stage and we can create stages on it by adding column.that is you can modify the pipeline of the kanban view.
What do you mean by assign leads and unassigned leads? Assign leads mean that leads can be assigned to a specific team. for configuring these functions go to crm -> leads management -> team assignation. the domain also includes score when we adding a score to the lead or opportunity. for evaluating the assigned leads you will have to place a filter on your lead page to find unassigned leads. more info refer the blog odoo 12 crm 
How will you create scoring rules? To activate the option of scoring rules you should first install the Lead Scoring AppTo create scoring rule go to -> CRM -> Leads -> Scoring Rules.
What is lead-based on scores? lead scoring is defined as the adding scoring process to the lead under certain criteria and which lead can be changed to progressive change. to use this, install the lead scoring app under odoo apps.
What is pricing in lead mining? Pricing in lead mining denotes the credits. Such as each generated lead can be costed as a one-credit and each contact information can be costed as one additional credit. The pricing of the feature is to buy credits in the CRM. Go to CRM -> configuration -> settings and buy credits.
Explain the lead mining process through stepwise? By configuring the lead mining option, go to CRM >configuration> settings and activate the lead mining option. You can also create lead mining requests from the configuration by clicking the lead mining request option. Here click the lead generation button and the window will be opened on the screen and there pick up your criteria. There you can see the fields number of leads, target, countries, industries, etc.
How will separate the leads according to its country, company, etc? Lead mining is the tool in odoo CRM to divide the leads from your DB. The main purpose of lead mining is the process of dividing the leads into the country, company and other criteria for making most relevant to your company aspects. Which means take mining on leads. For more info refers to the blog odoo 12 CRM.
How would you mark a lead as won? If you want to mark your opportunity into won go-to CRM -> Configuration -> stages -> mark the won sections as is a won stage.
How will you create a quotation in crm? Lead can be changed to an opportunity when the opportunity wons the next actions will be triggered is sending quotations to customers. From here you can directly do from here by clicking on an opportunity and you can see a quotation button. Clicking on it you will enter a new menu and there you manage the quotation and also create a quotation and confirm it.
How will you generate leads/opportunities from emails? for that purpose first, you have to configure sales channels in odoo erp. this type of lead generation will improve efficiency and other factors. default any mail sent sales can produce an opportunity in the pipeline and also you will have to configure the email alias. for more information refer to the blog how to generate leads from an incoming email? 
How will you configure the conversion of leads into opportunities? activating the feature, go to crm -> configuration -> settings> leads the feature. while clicking on a lead in the submenu appeared, you can see an option to convert the lead into opportunity and under the same channel or person. more info refer the blog odoo 12 crm
How can you see the operations of any sales channel? If you want to see the operations of any sales channel, you might have access to the sales channel dashboard in the reporting sections. It can be integrated with POS, sales, etc.
What is the use of adding members to the sales channel? When adding the members to the sales channel, those members can only see the pipeline structure of the sales channel. Then we can easily manage the CRM sections by the team manager.
How will you create a new sales channel? for creating a new sales channel, first, you have to go to configuration -> sales channels. here you can see an email alias option and fill that option by adding a specific email and every message sent to the specified email address. more info refer the blog odoo 12 crm
How will you restore lost opportunities? in odoo crm, you can restore an opportunity by clicking on archived and also you can restore a batch of opportunities in kanban view. archive the batch as same as that of a single one.
Is this possible to retrieve lost opportunities in odoo CRM? Odoo provides to retrieve lost opportunities in CRM. Then do an action like email or a call and also select a lost filter. For more info refer the blog odoo 12 CRM
How will you manage & create lost reasons? For those purposes, you can activate the lost reasons in configurations. go to CRM -> configuration -> lost reasons. You can create from here also. While creation adds a reason for lost for example like "too expensive" and save the lost reason. For more info refer the blog  odoo 12 CRM
What is lead scoring? Lead scoring is defined as the adding scoring process to the lead under certain criteria and which lead can be changed to progressive change.
What did you mean by Leads Promotion in CRM? Lead promotion is the process where we take an action to send an auto produced mail to the customer in leads. Then we appointing a sales representative to promote the lead to get an opportunity. For more info refer to the blog odoo 12 CRM.
How would you schedule a meeting Schedule meetings are defined as the meetings straightforwardly from the opportunity, for example, if your activity planned for some specific days, here you set hours to go to the meeting activity type. in the case of activity types scheduling one activity, the time slot for that activity can also be appeared to select. for more info refer the blog odoo 12 crm.
How will you track the sales activities of your organization? You have to track the sales activities of your business more effectively and properly through the CRM pipelines. This means you can see the sales activities of your company in the pipeline and stages can be shown the corresponding status of the sales activities. More info refers to the blog odoo 12 crm.
How many system users are allowed in odoo crm? system users are default clients to the extent crm. odoo allows three kinds of system user and those are listed below > manager > user-own documents only > user-all documents
What you mean by scheduling a chain of activity in odoo CRM? Odoo ERP can easily plan your flow of activities. First, go to configuration -> activity types and set common following steps on recommended next activities. Then activity is completed, you can select the done and schedule the next option. Then the next step will automatically be suggested to you.


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