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How expense can be created from incoming emails using odoo 13? In the configuration settings of Expense module, you will have an option to enable incoming email. Check in the ‘incoming email’ and set the email alias correspondingly. So when a mail is sent to the incoming mail with the receipt in attachment and with mail subject as product’s internal code and mentioning the expense amount will create an expense from the email.
How does the expense reimburse in payslip in odoo 13? In the configuration settings of Expense module, you will have an option to reimburse the expense to the employee in payslip. Expense module> Configuration > Settings> Enable Reimburse in Payslip and then Save.
How is the expense incurred by the employee being reimbursed by the company in odoo 13 expense app? When creating the expense we mention the expense is paid by the employee or company. So if the expense is paid by the employee, it will reimburse the employee. They can attach documents of the expense and submit a report to the manager. Manager will approve the request and pay the employee Or another option of reimbursement is in payslip.
How the employee expense is handled in odoo 13? The employee can create expenses that may be either paid by the employee or by the company, Expense module> create. Add the expense description, expense product,unit price , quantity, company etc. Also whether the expense is paid by the company or employee.If paid by an employee, it may reimburse. After entering details, submit the expense to approve. After approval, journals can be posted and paid.
How can we configure expense products in odoo 13?
Expense product can be created from Expense module> Configuration > Expense product. Click on the create button, Add the expense product name and product type should be service. You can also add other information like cost, invoicing policy, expense account, tax etc.

How candidate login for an interview can be set using odoo 13? Candidate login access mode can be set to either for all users having the link or only for the invited people only. Check in login required and number of attempts as per requirement.
How can the scoring, time limit and layout of each question be set in odoo 13?
In the interview form you will have the ‘Options’ tab, under options tab layout of the form can be arranged as one page with all the questions or one page per section or one page per question.

By enabling the time limit, we can add a time frame for all questions or for Randomized per section.

Scoring also managed by option ‘No scoring’, ’Scoring with answers at the end’, ‘Scoring without answers at the end’. You can also set a passing score in percentage and enable certificates. Once the candidate succeeds the certification it will be notified through email with a certificate document. For that purpose we can add the email template too.

What all kinds of question types can be included in the interview form of odoo 13 recruitment app? Multiple questions with one answer and multiple answers, numerical questions, single line and multi line questions, date and matrix type questions etc are available.
How can we use interview forms for recruitment in odoo 13?
You can create interview forms from Survey app of odoo 13.

Go to the survey app and create a form whose category is chosen as recruitment. Under the questions tab you can add  questions that need to be added to the interview form.

There are different types of Questions available like, multiple questions with one answer and multiple answers, numerical questions, single line and multi line questions, date and matrix type questions etc. This interview form is then accessible in the recruitment module of odoo 13 while creating the job position. Thus it can be used for the recruitment process.
How can we convert an applicant to an employee in odoo 13? Once the application is done, the candidate may pass through various stages. From each stage you can convert the applicant to employee by clicking on the ’Create Employee’ button.
How the applicants uploaded documents managed in odoo 13?
When a candidate applies for the job position and uploaded document, the document gets saved in the document tab of the job position.Once application is submitted, go to the recruitment app and then to the job position. You can find the uploaded document under the ‘Documents’ tab.

How do job applications be posted on websites and apply through websites using odoo 13 recruitment app?
Create a job position, recruitment module >  create job positions  and add name of post and save. Thus the job position is created.

Now edit the job position and add details. After entering all details click on the smart tad ‘Go to website’. This will redirect to the website and at the top you can see the as it is unpublished. Tap it to published ( The red colour will change to green). Now you can see this job position on the website since it is published.

To apply for this job position click on the ‘Apply’ button from the website. It will lead to the job application form of manager. Enter details and upload documents required. Thus the details will be available in the recruitment module.
How email reminders can be set for timesheet users and managers in odoo13? We can activate a periodical email reminder for timesheet users and managers by enabling employee remainder and manager remainder respectively in the timesheet configuration settings.
Is it possible to generate payslip of all employees together in odoo 13?
In the payroll app of odoo 13, we can generate payslips in batches, Payroll> Payslips> Batches. 
Create a batch and click on Generate Payslips. So it will list all the employees who are belonging to the company. You can also deselect employees if needed and choose their salary structure and click on Generate. 
So this will generate payslip for all the selected employees in a single click.
How appraisal reminders are managed using odoo 13? Appraisal reminders can be created, Appraisal app> Configuration > Appraisal Reminders> create. We can decide whom to notify, whether employee or manager and when to notify.
How employee appraisal can be automated in odoo 13? In the configuration settings of the appraisal module, we can set minimum and maximum time between appraisal. Also by enabling remainders, it will automatically send appraisal reminders by email to the participants.
How time off approval is managed in odoo 13? Time of approval managed by adding the validation officer. When we create a time off type we can decide the approval officer as well. There are four types of validation including, No Validation (where approval is not required),Time Off Officer(mention the time off officer, so the approver is that officer),Team Leader,Team Leader and Time Off Officer.
How the time off reflects in the payslip in odoo 13? When we create a payslip for an employee, his leaves will automatically be recorded and shown separately the working days, unpaid and paid leaves etc. The time off may be paid or unpaid. If it is unpaid the corresponding amount will be deducted from their salary. Means  the payslip will be calculated by taking the paid working days only.
How can we allocate a number of time off days for an employee in odoo 13?
When we create a time of type we can allocate the total number of days allocated for that time of type.
Go to time off module> configuration> Time off type. There you can create time of type. You will have a smart tab, Group Time allocated. You can allocate the number of days there and approve.
Now, when creating a time off for employees of this created time off type, you can see the remaining time off days at the corner tab.
How can the salary of the employee be updated in odoo 13? In the employee contract of odoo 13, Click on ‘Action’ and then index contract(s). So a pop up will open, enter the percentage value to add and confirm. Now you can see the salary of the employee gets increased by the percentage value.
How do we set challenges for employees in odoo 13 and reward them?
To improve employee performance certain challenges can be set to like sales targets up to a particular amount and those who won in the goal can be rewarded. 
In odoo 13 employee app. Challenges can be set, Employee module> configuration> Challenges. Create a challenge, add participants using a filter option, add the duration of the challenge, user responsible for the challenge, periodicity, challenge goal, and rewards. Once the challenge is running the related goals of individual participants can be viewed. Once they reach the goal they are marked as won and the badge is granted as a reward. All the badges that the employee received can be seen under the Received Badges tab of the employee form. 

How are the employee skills managed in odoo 13? Odoo 13 features a nes module skill management module to manage skills of employees. On installing this module from apps, you will get additional features in the employee module to add resume and skills.
How can we set employee pin numbers or generate the badge in odoo 13? Under the HR settings tab of the employee app, the employee pin can be set. The badge id can be generated from there itself.
How can we log attendance of employees in odoo 13 ? When an employee is checked in, the attendance will be recorded. Employees can check-in using their employee pin number or by scanning their badge. To scan a badge or to check-in using a pin, the KIOSK mode should be enabled from settings of the attendance app.
How do the points in the referral app of odoo 13 be helpful for employees? Employees can earn rewards based on their points.
How referrals can be achieved in odoo 13? The job vacancies get informed through email or by sharing in social media.
How are employees informed about new job offers are out for referral in odoo 13? We can set alerts, referrals > configuration> alerts. The alert can be a message (not clickable) or clickable, that redirects to jobs or to a specific URL.
How do you get to know that the person you referred is hired in odoo 13 referral app?
Once after the referred person is hired, the referral dashboard will reflect it and ask to choose an avatar for your friend.
How stages are set for specific jobs in odoo 13 recruitment module? Recruitment module > Configuration > stages, on editing the stages,  the user can assign the job for that particular stage.
How points can be set for each referral in odoo 13?
The referral points will be the aggregated point of each stage of the recruitment process. The points can be set in the recruitment module. Recruitment module > Configuration > stages, on editing the stage, points for the stage can be added at the field  ‘points’.
How can I manage the Delays in the lunch module? Using the lunch module the user can Set the alert this way we can manage the delay. For creating alerts for lunch Goto configuration -> Alert -> Create. There is also an option for setting the alert in-app or through chat notification. For more details please refer How to use odoo lunch module.
What is the objective of the lunch module in odoo? this module deals with lunch management of the organization. organizations can arrange food for the employees. odoo lunch module helps the company to deal with the nourishment requests and spare the worker’s time. for more details please refer to how to use lunch module in odoo.
Can I acknowledge applicants using emails if they clear the stages of the interview? Yes, By using odoo this process can be easily managed. For this, we can assign the email template on each stage from its settings. If the email is configured the applicants get notified. For further clarification please refer Recruitment process in odoo.
Objective of expense management module in odoo? By using the expense module in odoo we can easily manage our expenses made. Employees can submit their expenses to the manager. The manager can refuse or approve the expenses made by the employee. For more details please refer to Expense management in odoo
Various computations and conditions are used for salary rule? from  “general tab”  one can set the condition and computations for each salary rule. conditions can be based on:    > range    > python expression    > always truethe computation can be calculated:    > percentage    > fixed amount    > python code.for more information refer indian payroll process in odoo
Significance of salary rule in payroll? combination of different salary rules constitutes a salary structure or influences the computation of a salary structure. salary rules can be of different categories like basic, allowance, gross, deduction, net, etc.by default, odoo provides different salary rules. however, business organizations can create new salary rules based on company policy.for more information please refer indian payroll system.
Advantages of payslip batching in odoo payroll module? In odoo, we can also create payslips in batch. it will make your task quicker and easier. for generating payslip in batches go to payroll -> payslips -> batches -> create. provide batch name -> generate payslip -> select employee names -> generate.  For further clarification please refer HR PayRoll in odoo.
How can i generate payslip for an employee in odoo? payslip can be generated for those employees who have an active contract. employee payslip will be determined by the salary structure that is made available for that employee contract. once the employee name and contract is chosen, the quantity of worked days will be consequently figured with respect to working days marked for the employee. after that by using “compute sheet”  the salary details will be filled up on “salary computation” tab. for more information please refer to indian payroll system
Can I set time for the appraisal? Yes, From the configuration tab one can easily set the minimum and maximum time interval for an appraisal. For more details refer to Employee Appraisal in odoo.
Is it possible to configure custom mail as a reminder? yes, firstly from configuration enables the reminders and also at the time of creating the appraisal from the “mail to send” tab we can customize the mail. for more details refer to employee appraisal in odoo.
Is it possible to create a custom questionnaire using the appraisal module? A company definitely needs a custom questionnaire for gathering information from employees. From Survey -> Create section, the user can create their own questionnaires for their appraisal. For more details refer to Employee Appraisal in odoo.
What is the objective of the appraisal module? The appraisal for Employee performance is an indeed process that is adopted by all the organizations for optimizing their employee's performance. The regular evaluation of employees can bring many benefits. For more details refer to Employee Appraisal in odoo.
How can I get Time off reporting of employees? The administrator can view detailed reports of time off of employees from the dashboard. To get a report go to Time off -> Reporting.
What do you mean by the expense analysis? expense analysis is the complete report of expense in the hr section and we can filter the report as you wish.
What are expense products? how can i create it? odoo considering the expense as products. while creating the product there is an option for mark as an expense. travel expenses, hotel accommodation and those kinds of expenses are examples of expenses products. we can create expense product from expense module for creating expense product goto configuration -> expenses product.for more details please refer to expense management in odoo.
How to generate an expense in odoo? to generate the expense go to expenses>my expenses> and create the expense. the employee should have the following fields description, product,price.more info refer to the blog odoo hr expenses management.
What is payslip in batches? To configure payslips in batches go to pay roll->pay slips ->batches and here you can create batch payslips by clicking the create button. for more info refer to the blog odoo hr payroll.
How can you configure employee payslips? to configure employee payslip go to configuration->payroll->payslips.from here you can create the payslips.on the dashboard, you can see all the payslips created. more info refer the blog odoo hr payroll.
What do you mean by employee payslip? It will only be generated for those employees having valid contracts with your company. for more info, refer to the blog odoo hr payroll.
How to configure the salary structure? in every company, they process a fixed salary structure for their company. to configure this go to payroll->configuration->structures>and create the structure. more info refer the blog  odoo hr payroll
What do you mean by computation in salary rules? computation is done on three types, they are listed below,fixed amount.  percentage.   python code. 
How will you configure salary rules? while configuring the salary rules we have to fill some fields that are a name, category, code, active, appear on a payslip, sequence, active field set to false. for more info, referto the blog odoo hr payroll
What is employee payroll? payroll management describes the salary management of employees of your company. more info refer the blog hr, unpaid leaves & payroll management in odoo 10.
How can I allocate time off to employees? To configure the time off allocation go to Time off -> My time odoo -> Allocation request -> and create. You can see the allocation types listed from the dashboard. Click to create.
What do you mean by validation and validity period? validation is the option to set the validation of leaves and validity period is the adding of validity yo types of time off.
How to configure leave types or time off types in odoo? Configuring the leaves types go to the time off  -> configuration -> time off-types.
How does the employee leave manage in odoo? in odoo, we can set employees leaves on the leave management app. here two phases are involved one is employee leave request and the other one is hr manager to sanction that leave. for more info refer to the blog hr, unpaid leaves & payroll management in odoo 10.
What do you mean by refuse reason? refuse reason indicates the reason for refusing the job. it is just a statement section.
How to create job openings in hr? under recruitment, you can create a new job position, to configure this go-to recruitment ->configuration ->job positions. for more info refer to the blog odoo hr recruitment. here you can have an edit option to edit the job position.
What is the use of filters in the reporting section? if you want to analyze a particular employee on a particular date you can add a custom filter on that employee and also add its time period, so you can get the information about that particular employee on that particular date.
How to create badges on an employee? To create badges for employees go to the Employee -> Configuration -> Challenges -> Badges. From here you can create badges. And also you can select who can grant the badge. For more details please refer to How to use Gamification in HR process.
What you mean by periodicity in challenges? it is a period of challenges.
How to create challenges in employee? configure challenges go to employee ->configuration ->challenge and create a new challenge.
How will you create plans in an employee? For this purpose odoo hr module provides an employee planning option, to configure go to Employee ->Configuration->Activity planning-> and create a plan. To create a new plan click on the create button. You can fill the fields like name, activity types, etc and save changes.
What is fiscal voluntarism? it is the voluntarily increase with holding tax rat.
What is the Monthly Equivalent Cost under contract template? Total monthly cost of the employee for the employer.
What is "contract update document template" under the contract template? it is the default document template that has to sign to update his contract.
What is the "new contract document template" under the contract template? To configure, employees ->configuration ->contracts ->template> and create a template.
What do you mean by contract template and how create it? to create a new contract template, go to employees -> configuration -> contracts -> templates -> create.
How can you create an employee contract? to create an employee contract or employee contract template, first you have to go to employees ->configuration ->contracts and create a template from here
How can you create a job position for an employee? To configure job position go to Employees ->Configuration ->Job position and click on the create button and create a new job position. More info. refer to the blog Employee Documents in Odoo HR.
What are the system users in the hr module? three types of users in the hr module. employee, officer, manager.
How will the gamification module help in odoo? configuration difficulties, objectives and prizes with clear targets and destinations to drive commitment and prize your representatives' exhibition.
What you mean by the feature collaborate? The collaborative feature is used for sharing files, join on the discussion and chat in real-time.
What you mean by the feature manage timesheets? make week after week and month to month timesheets and pursue the time spent by your representatives on ventures, that are on your project.
What is the objective of the payroll module in odoo? payroll module gives you the details of help in creating payslip for every worker through arranging their agreements first. under them, one can without much of a stretch indicate the fundamental compensation, working calendars, span, and other representative's finance-related information.
What do you mean by expense management? Expense management module enables empowers the executives of costs jumped out at representatives.
What is employee directory? this app is used to create and manage the employee directory of your organization.
What is the purpose of human resource management? odoo hr module is the package of all your hr needs in your company.
Explain the target of leave management? Leave the board application is utilized to permit the leave request for a representative and here the attendance, payroll are likewise incorporated..
What you mean by the feature manage leaves? feature manage leaves in odoo is for managing employee sick leave, legal leaves and for public holiday leaves.
What is the intention of the recruitment module in odoo? in this module you can enlistment stages, criteria, capabilities and so on can be arranged with this module. you can introduce online job applications to channelize enrollment by means of your site. 

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