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How blacklisting is managed in odoo 13 email marketing app? One can add an email address directly to the blacklist, configuration> blacklist. Another way of blacklisting in email marketing is that the recipient can itself add themselves in blacklist through unsubscribing. For that, there is an option in settings, ‘Blacklist Option when Unsubscribing’. 
How blacklisting is managed in odoo 13 email marketing app? One can add an email address directly to the blacklist, configuration> blacklist. Another way of blacklisting in email marketing is that the recipient can itself add themselves in blacklist through unsubscribing. For that, there is an option in settings, ‘Blacklist Option when Unsubscribing’. 
Is it possible to create a mailing for the future in odoo 13 email marketing app? Yes, You can schedule the mailing for a future date using the SCHEDULE  option while creating the mailing.
How can the mailing view be tested in the email marketing of odoo 13? Using the TEST option mailing view of the recipient can be tested. You can add a test email and send. Thus you can check the recipient view of the created email.
How can the reply for an email be managed in odoo 13 email marketing app? You can mention the ‘send from’ and ‘reply to’ email addresses under the settings tab while creating a new mailing.
What happens if any of the contacts in the mailing list is blacklisted in odoo 13 SMS marketing app? On opting for the mail list for SMS marketing, the blacklisted contact is automatically ignored when messages are sending.
How can we buy SMS credits in odoo 13? Sms credits can be bought from general settings, Settings > Contacts > buy credits. It will redirect you to another page to provide an IAP service. Select your country and add your phone number and confirm. On confirming a verification code will be sent to your given mobile number by text message. Using that verification code you can validate your account and send SMS.
What all should be noted in sms marketing of odoo 13? Before sending an sms, you should buy credits to send sms. The contact recipient must have an valid sms number also.
How can we unsubscribe a contact from the mailing list of odoo 13 SMS marketing? Once the opt-out is enabled for a recipient, they will be unsubscribed from the mailing list temporarily.
How to remove or move certain contacts from the mailing list in odoo 13 SMS marketing? Contacts can be removed from the list by using the opt-out option in the mailing list and you can add a new mailing list using add a line option. So the contact can be moved to the new list.
How do we set an opening balance in odoo 13 accounting app? The contact list can be created from the contact lists menu and can create individual contacts in the contact list.
How to add users to a channel in Odoo 13 Discuss app? You can add users and members to the channel. The gear wheel symbol at the right side of the channel, takes you to channel settings. Under the privacy tab you can add groups so the users in the group will be added to the channel. Also the member's tab helps to add more members to the channel as well.
Is it possible to chat with a website user with the Discuss app in Odoo 13? Yes, the chat from the website will show in the discuss app as a visitor.
What is the difference between the public channels and private channels in Odoo 13 Discuss app? The public channel is created by the admin with write privilege in which the messages can be seen to everyone in the organization. While private channels are created by users and messages will be seen only to the invited members.
How can one create leads from the discuss app in odoo 13? Using the shortcut, /lead we can execute the command to create a lead.
How canned responses in live chat made helpful in Odoo 13 Discuss app? The canned response in live chat can be used in the discuss app as well, so that the conversations are easier and time-saving.
How does the recipient get notified of the message when they are not currently in Odoo 13 discuss app? The messages are notified through the conversation widget at the top of the Odoo interface.
How to create a channel in Odoo 13 discuss app?
In the discuss app of Odoo 13, there is an ' + ' to add channels. You can create either a public channel or a private channel from there.
What is the need for multiple channels in the Odoo Helpdesk module? In brief integrating Odoo Help Desk with Company’s Website is termed as Multiple Channel, using which the customer can create tickets by emails, website or can connect third party application
How is it possible to grant coupons to our customers using tickets in odoo helpdesk? first of all, you have to create a coupon program at our website or sale application to grant coupons to our customers. in the helpdesk module, go to helpdesk -> my ticket -> coupon, choose the coupon program and click on generate.
How can we provide refunds to our customers using the odoo help desk module? in odoo helpdesk module you can use credit notes to provide refunds to your customer or to pay back the amount due. first, go to configuration -> helpdesk teams and enable all the options under after sale option and then, go to helpdesk -> my ticket -> click on refund and select the equivalent invoice and then click on reverse to generate the credit note.
How does SLA meet customer satisfaction in the Odoo helpdesk module? A service-level agreement (SLA) is a commitment between a service provider and a customer. The Service Provider will solve the issues reported by the customer as per the predefined time period which was agreed by both in the agreement.
How to configure the feature through which the customer can close their ticket in Odoo Helpdesk module? To configure the feature of Ticket closing go to Helpdesk -> Settings -> Helpdesk Teams ->  Self service -> Ticket closing.
is there any option for the customer to close their ticket in odoo helpdesk module? yes, the customer has the choice to close their ticket using the option called ticket closing. it allows the customers to close their tickets when they find that issues have been solved and, make communication and actions more effective.
How to assign newly created tickets to the right person in odoo helpdesk module? the assignation method can be used to assign newly created tickets to the right person. it can be done manually, random or balanced. with random assignation, every user gets the same number of tickets. with balanced assignation, tickets are assigned to the user with the least amount of open tickets.
How will you configure the helpdesk team? to configure the help desk team go to help desk > configuration > helpdesk teams. from here you can add the name and other fields of the team.
What is the need of using tickets in Odoo Help Desk? In Odoo’s Help Desk ticket management allows one to grant coupons, make credit notes, return products and to do repairs.
How can users get reports on the number of applicants through each medium? goto reporting, where you see the employee referral analysis. set measures = applicant(count) and group by = medium
What all options are available in referral app from here, one can view the opened positions, see the rewards also email the friend. upon clicking view jobs, you will be navigated to a new window where you can see the opening position. via clicking refer friend you can refer your friend for the open job position and you can send job offers by email. an auto-generated email template appears and you can add the email id and send it to your friend. one can also share the openings in social media for that you can click the share now buttons provided. upon clicking the default  facebook or twitter media, you will be redirected to the corresponding page of the network and via clicking rewards, you get redirected to the webpage of the rewards where you select the reward you needed as per your points.
Is it possible to add any information on the starting of app? the process of adding some text and company details on the opening section is named onboarding in odoo referral app. to configure onboarding, go to referral> configuration> onboarding. users can set the text, sequence of slides and company details here.
How do job notification displays for the public? on the top section of the dashboard, the user could display job notification as an alert. to configure alerts, go to referral> configuration> alerts. one can set the duration of alert, cleave on all jobs / specific urls, and text to be displayed.
How to configure the joinee who joined through a referral? the people joined through referral are considered as friends. to configure friends, go to referral> configuration> friends. here you can select the dashboard image, name, and position of the friends.
How can we categorize each employee with points? to categorize employees we can use “levels”  in odoo. to configure levels, go to referral> configuration> levels. user can define the name of the level and required points to reach this level
Is there any advantage for employees to refer others for the open position? for each reference to joining of that referred friend employees get points. the company can set the value for each stage in odoo. after a specific point, the employee can claim the rewards. to configure rewards, go to referral> configuration> rewards
What is the need of the Referral app? Odoo Referral app helps you to share job positions that need employees at your Organization. Employees can effortlessly refer to their friends using the Odoo Referral App. The dashboard of the referral app displays you with all the data that you need about an open position so that employees can share the perfect job position for their friends via social networks.
Is it possible to delete a document? When you click on the document that is being archived a delete button appears.If you click on it the document will be deleted.
Where can you see the archived documents? When you archive a document in the editing section by clicking the archive icon the document cannot be seen there but it can be viewed by using a filtering option. Click filters and choose archive. Now you can see all the archived documents. Click on it and when the restore button is clicked it is again restored back to the documents section.
How can you upload a new document? In the documents page at the top left corner, you can see a button Upload. If you click on, you can upload a document. 
Can you set an owner for a document? While editing a document owner can be set for it.
How can you download a document? If you click on a document then from the right side in the editing section of the document you can download the document.
How can you share the documents? Documents can be shared by clicking on the share button on the top left side of the documents page.
Is it possible to lock a document? When you click on the document, in the modifying section you can see a lock icon.
How can you Preview and modify documents? You can preview the document by clicking on the left icon in that document and on the right side of the document page you can see a black colored space to modify and add details like name, contact, owner, workspace, tag.
Can everyone create and edit documents in a workspace? To manage this there are write groups and read groups. Write groups are able to see the workspace and can add or edit the documents while read groups can read documents but cannot create or edit documents.
How to set up a workspace? To create a workspace, go to documentation>configuration>workspace and click to create a new workspace.
How to create a new tag? To create tags go to documents>configuration>tags and create tags.
What can be done to view only the image documents under a workspace? Under the workspace, you can also see section Tags. Tags can be created for each workspace. When you choose a workspace and check the tag images to see the images in that workspace. (Note: Images tag can be viewed only when it is created ).
How can you separately view and manage documents as different sections? Workspace indicates the different business departments and each manager of these departments carrying different documents. and with workspace documents, each one carries tags of the documents which are used for the quick access of the documents.
Which documents are managed by the document module in odoo? In odoo documents, all users can share or transfer the business documents. odoo manages four types of documents, word, URL, videos, pictures.
What is the filtering of data? In the dashboard, you can see the filters. Use filters to get the relevant contact as you want.
What are the options lying under the membership tab? under the membership tab, you can add the contact as a free member or other.
What are the options lying under the Partner Assignation Tab? Here you can add partner-level details and other reviews related to them.
What are the options lying under the internal notes tab? here we can add comments.
What are the options lying under the accounting tab? Under accounting we can see the fields bank, account number, account receivable, account payable.
What are the options lying under the sales and purchase tab? Under the sales tab, we can see the fields salesperson, delivery method, payment terms, pricelist, barcode, fiscal position.
What are the options lying under the contact and address tab? Under contact and address tab you can see fields to complete about the new customer.for example name, address mobile, etc.
How to create a new contact? To create a new contact, click on the create button. In odoo, we have two types of contacts. one is individual contact and the other is company contact.
What did you see on your dashboard while opening the contact application? As soon as you enter the dashboard, you see the already created contacts. 
What is the purpose of contacts in odoo? In any business field, managing contacts is very important. Odoo provides contacts app to manage the contact details. 
If I want to know the meaning of information with an employee, What will I do? We can select the employee from the contact list. There is a tab named meating, then we can analyze the meating that decides with these employees.
How can I get contact information from Odoo? We can view all contact in the contact module. We can view the single contact information from it.
How can you create contact information with a person or a company in Odoo? We can create contact information with a person or a company simply by using the Contact module in Odoo. Install the contact module, then we can create contact information simply. There is a create button in the contact module, click on it then we can create contact information simply.there is a chance that the person or company may be our customer or vendor or an employee,
What are the features available for a portal user? the portal user has only the read/view access for viewing the sales order, purchase order, invoices/bills and accepting or rejecting the quotations. but it is possible to edit the personal details of the customer, except changing the name is not allowed once invoices have been issued for the account. 
Is there any way for the customer to make payment online? For portal users, it can be done by logging in to their account and making the payment.
Is it possible to confirm a quotation by a customer other than through email? Yes, by giving the portal user access to the customer, then it is possible by login by the customer through the website and can be confirmed.
Which are the access modes given to a portal user? a portal user has only the read/view access to the network, they will not be able to edit any document in the system. but it is possible to edit the personal details of the customer, except changing the name is not allowed once invoices have been issued for the account. 
Is it possible for the customers/clients to view their order details? in odoo, we have an option called portal user. with this, we can give a portal user id to a customer/client. for that go to contacts app -> select the customer -> under the action  select the ->grand portal user. for more details refer to the blog: how to enable portal access in odoo
How can a user view his messages or get notifications if he is not inside the discussion module? on the top right side of the app store, there is a conversation tab where you can see chats and conversations from channels. to reply to the messages just click on it, then you will be redirected to the discussion module.
How can you see the history of all the activities? There is a History tab on the left side in your discussion module that shows a complete history of your activities
How can we make conversation without creating a channel? Along with the channels tab in your discussion module, you can see another tab that is direct messages where you can add the name of the user.
Where can you set the users and their email in a channel? Under the members tab in the channel settings recipients and their email can be added.
Is it possible to set some members as followers automatically? Auto Subscribe Groups field is used to add some members to it and automatically set them as followers. These members can also manage their subscriptions.
What configuration can be done to allow only some selected users to follow the group activities? In the Channel settings under the privacy tab, there is a field 'Who can follow the group's activities' which can be set for everyone, invited people only and selected group of uses.
How can you send messages as an email from a channel that you have created? in the channel settings when you check send messages by email field messages can be sent by email from your channel.
How can you configure a created channel? On the right side of a created channel, there is an icon for channel settings where you can configure the channel.
How can we make a private conversation in Odoo? When you create a channel by typing the name of the channel a suggestion will be provided to choose the channel type which can be private or public.
How can you create a new channel for conversation in odoo? a channel is created to make better conversations with multiple individuals where you can categorize conversations according to the team, places, project, etc. a new channel can be created by clicking the + icon on the right side of the channel tab.
When i connect my iot box to the network it is not detecting, what may be the issue? if the iot box is not working properly, check a few steps to troubleshoot it like; if the iot box is on the red light will be lit. if the iot box is ready to use the green light will be lit. be sure that the iot box is connected to the same network of your pos. see the link between the ip of devices. also, check the connection, if the connection is poor it won’t work properly.
How can we solve the problem of continuous downvoting for the questions and answers created in a forum? When we are creating a forum there is a tab “Karma related rights” where we can set many rights. So a user can downvote an answer or a question only when he gains some points.
The barcode scanner is not working properly. How to resolve it? If the scanner is not working well be sure that no device is connected with scan via proxy other than the one we use.
How can I connect the weighing machine in my shop with the IoT? In Odoo IoT Box we are able to connect any measurement devices. For that connect the device with a USB cable and with the Odoo installed system. Now just restart the system, now it will be seen in our database.
How the iot box updates are done? for benefiting the latest updates in the iot box by odoo, we have to reflash the iot box’s, sd card. for that balena’s website and download etcher, install and launch it. then download the latest image here, and extract the zip file. open the etcher and select the image so that were it to be flash(ie the sd card) and click the flash. then it will update automatically.
Is there any way to add a point of sale (POS) payment terminal to Odoo? We can add the Payment terminal with the help of the IoT Box. First, connect the payment terminal to the IoT Box to your database.  Once it is done link the Payment terminal to the POS. For that open Point of Sale app then go to Configuration ->Point of Sale, tick IoT device and select the payment terminal.
How can i manage onsite registration for an event in odoo? The odoo event is capable of managing online as well as onsite registration. for more convenience, the mobile app used for scanning and registering the participants at the entrance
How to create different marketing mediums to enhance your business in Odoo SMS marketing? To create different marketing mediums to enhance your business in Odoo SMS marketing go to SMS Marketing module -> SMS Marketing -> Settings tab -> Marketing , under marketing there is an option for creating Medium.
Is it possible to collect the advance payment in Odoo? Yes, Odoo Rental module is prepared in a way to handle this case. After confirming the rental order, the user could create the invoice as a full payment or partial payment.
How can I schedule the rental time for the customer? At the time of creating a rental sale order, the Odoo itself gives a pop-up window to fill time-bound.
How can I set rental price rates in Odoo? By enabling the “Can be Rented” option of a product, the “Rental” tab will appear. In Rental tab, the users could set different rental prices for different units of that product
How to schedule an activity for a subscription? to schedule an activity, take the subscription page and select the subscription that you want to schedule activity and click the clock icon on the kanban view of the selected subscription. there you can schedule the activity for that particular subscription and click the schedule button.
How customer alerts or problems are handled in Odoo? Activity types are the action that we take when an alert comes. Activity types are email, call, send a letter, etc.
Is it possible to create close reasons for knowing the reason for closing the subscription? Close reasons are the reasons we give while closing a subscription. Go to configuration, select the close reasons and create the reasons and save it.
How an alert is created? Go to the subscription module, click on configuration and select the alert option. There you can create a new alert, fill all the mandatory fields and necessary fields, then save it. Automatically the alert will come as per the subscription template, customer and products you have added.
Is there any way to monitor customer satisfaction with the subscribed product? In subscription, an alert is used mainly to know and follow up on the satisfaction level of the existing customers regarding the subscription. If the customer is less satisfied then an alert will come and an automatic activity will be triggered to the customer. It enables the salesman to retain the customers.
Is it possible to retain the existing customer for extending their subscription period by adding up the product with discounts? For that upsell is used. To make an upsell subscription the draft subscription has to be in progress. Now enter into that subscription page and click on the upsell button, now a popup page of upsell will appear to fill the details asked, add the upsell product and its quantity. Now click on create and view quotation. Click on edit and give discounts to the customer since we are giving the same product. Save it and send it by email. Now you if you want to preview from the customer point of view. On the preview page, the customer can accept and sign it. Go back to edit mode. Now click on the subscription button above right corner on the page, there you can see a sales button click on that you can see the additional sales with discount rate. Thus, you have upsold to your existing customer.
How can we close a subscription? if the customer wants to close the subscription, at the time of creating the subscription they can close by customer must be checked tick, now just click on the close button on the subscription page. then a pop-up window for reason will arrive, just add the reason and save. then the subscription is closed, automatically it goes into the closed stage.
How can we change the stage of a subscription? If we want to change the stage of a subscription, just drag and drop it into the next stage.
When we subscribe to a product it will go through different stages, How can we create a subscription stage? To create a subscription stage, go to configuration click on subscription stages. Here you will navigate to the subscription stages page. There you can create your stages by clicking on the create button. Give the stage a name and fill the necessary fields and save it. These stages will appear in the subscription dashboard.
in some cases, we subscribe to the product on a yearly basis, and if we want to get it in the next year also, we need to renew the subscription. so how can we renew a subscription? in order to renew a subscription, go to the subscription module, click on subscriptions, and select the option of subscription to renew a new window will come with different stages of the subscriptions. under each stage, you can see the subscriptions and you can renew the subscription which you want to renew from there. for that click on the particular stage and select a subscription to renew, then you will be redirected to a subscription renewal page. there click on the create a renewal quotation and confirm it, then click on the create invoice select the suitable line and validate the invoice. now make the payment by clicking on the registration payment and validate the amount. thus, you have renewed the subscription.
How can we sell a subscription? selling a subscription is just like selling a product. for that we need to create a quotation under sales, there we shall add the quotation template. the data regarding the particular template is auto-filled to the quotation. for more details read the blog: odoo subscription module
How to create a quotation template for a subscription? For creating a quotation template, we need to activate an option of a quotation template under sales settings. Now create a quotation template in sales. For more details read the blog: odoo subscription module
How to create a subscription template? in odoo, it's easy to create a subscription template. for that go to subscription module -> click on subscriptions -> there take the option subscription template, then create. then add this subscription template a subscription product. for more details read the blog: odoo subscription module
How to create a subscription product? In odoo, it's easy to create subscription products. For that go to subscription module -> click on subscriptions -> there take the option subscription products, then create. For more details read the blog: Odoo Subscription Module
How can we sell a subscription product with the help of Odoo? Odoo subscription is so simple and efficient. In order to sell a subscription product, we need to know the subscription product, subscription template, and quotation template. Therefore to setup a subscription we need to create a subscription product, then a subscription template. Now assign that template a subscription product. We need a quotation also created for selling the subscription product.
In the case of magazines and so on, let it be weekly or monthly, we have to subscribe to it to get it on time. So how can we manage such subscriptions? Odoo ERP supports all kinds of business, it also supports subscription business. Here the customer has to pay for the subscription they have done. Odoo subscription is so efficient in handling subscriptions.
Is it possible for my customers to close their subscriptions by themselves? Yes, It can be done so that in the Subscription Template, by enabling the "Closable by customer" setting, then the customer can close the subscription by themselves.
If a customer wants to receive products regularly by paying in advance, is it possible to do this in Odoo? In Odoo subscription, the module is to handle these cases. With this, we can manage the details of the products, time period whether it is monthly or yearly like that and also the customer feedback of the service. 
How can you add a new question to a forum? In configuration settings, check the forum which when enabled creates a community having many members who can add questions and post them with answers, downvote and upvote them. When forums from the forum menu are selected in your eLearning module, you can view all the created forums and create new forums. To add new questions and answers to a forum select go to forum->posts, select the create button and add details including forum name, question. Under the answers section, new answers can also be added.
How can we see all the users who attended a course? When you select a course, above you can see the attendees section and when we open it all the users who attended the course can be viewed.
How can a user add a review for the course that he had attended or finished? When a user opens and views a course, there is a button to add or modify review, comments and ratings can be given there.
How can a visitor of a course become a member? When a visitor clicks the view course and redirects to the website of the course, on the left side there is a button to Join course.
Is it possible to download or save all the quiz questions? In reporting, when we choose quizzes, all the questions can be viewed and there is an icon above them to export all.
Is it possible to download or save all the quiz questions? In reporting, when we choose quizzes, all the questions can be viewed and there is an icon above them to export all.
Is it possible to view the overall rating graph? Goto Reporting->Reviews where rating can be viewed as a bar chart, pie chart, and line chart. The rating can be viewed based on the rating number, count and document.
What can I do if I don't want a course to be rated by anyone? Under the "Options" tab, every course you can see a communication section where 'Allow Rating' can be unchecked. 
Can we set a course manager or some person who has the course responsibility? under the options tab of a course, there is a section “course” where a responsible person for that course can be set.
Can we set difficulty levels for a course? Tags can be given for a course where we can specify the difficulty levels like basic, intermediate, advanced, etc.
Is there any option to give extra points for the people who added a review for a course? We can set Karma rules under the “Karma Rules” tab where different ratings are given for finishing a course, adding comments, adding reviews and so on.
How can i give access to a course on inviting to that course? in a course under the options tab, you can see access rights where you can set training enroll policy as “on invitation”.
Can I view the total persons who finished a course? In the eLearning overview for each course, it is possible to view the totals persons who finished a course.
Is there any way to reduce the points given to a user according to the increase in attempts of a quiz? When you are creating a quiz content under the quiz tab it is possible to set rewards for each attempt. ie.for first attempt 10, second attempt 9 and so on.
How is it possible to help the visitors to differentiate the type of content that you provide for each lesson in a course? When you create new content for a course, it is possible to specify the type of that content under the document tab of that content. Content types can be video, document, quiz, webpage, presentation and so on. Reward points for the quiz as per the number of attempts
If you are creating a quiz for a course, How can you add questions to the quiz? A quiz can be created for every lesson or content in a course. It can be also added by creating new content in the course. To add questions first select content and under its Quiz tab, you can add the questions and the rewards depending upon the number of attempts.
How can i see the total duration of a course? in the eLearning overview, the total duration to complete a course is shown in the section of each course.
Is it possible to display the number of viewers of each lesson or content in a particular course? if you open a course, under the content tab you can see all the contents included in that course. for each content, there will be a title, type, duration and along with that total views of that content is also shown.
What can be done to limit the visibility of a course to some allowed users only? If a new course is created or if you open an existing course you can see many tabs. Under the Options tab, there is a display section where you can set visibility as “public” or ”Members Only”.
What is the question type supported by odoo? Odoo support the following question types, 1. multiple lines text box 2. single line text box 3. numerical value 4. date 5. datetime 6. multiple choices: only one answer 7. multiple choices: multiple answers allowed 8. matrix
Is there any option to validate the email address that the candidate entered? Yes, we can easily validate the email, for that we have to tick the ‘input must be an email’ while creating the question.
In my survey questions, some questions need to validate based on the length, range and time. is it possible in odoo? if so, how? yes, we can validate the answers according to their character range, numerical value range, date ranges, and date and time ranges, by giving proper validation to each questioned model while creating questions.
Is odoo support conditional questions? no, we can acquire this by using a custom module.
How can I configure the mandatory questions in surveys? We can set the question as mandatory by providing mandatory constraints while creating a question.
Is odoo support picture type questions in the survey? No. We can acquire this by customizing the module.
If I want to give some certification to the candidate according to the performance in the survey. How can I manage it with odoo? Odoo provides a scoring mechanism to measure the performance of the candidate in the questions. While creating a survey we can specify the scoring and we can give the certification for the candidate who passed the conditional score percentage.
Is it possible to set security measures for a survey? Yes, we can provide security to a survey providing proper access mode. For more security, we can provide 'Login Required' before answering the questions.
Is it possible to restrict the number of attempts by the user in a survey? Yes, we can set the number of attempts per user by setting the attempts limit while creating the survey.
Is it possible to specify the time duration of the survey? Yes, we can set the time limit of the survey at the time of creation.
If I want to display all questions under a specific category on a single page. How can I manage it? There is an option layout in the survey. By selecting the proper layout we can arrange the questions. We can arrange the questions as one page per question, one page per section and one page with all the questions.
In my survey forum there are two categories of questions, How can I manage it in odoo? We can easily manage the categorization of questions by adding appropriate sections while creating questions.
Is there any option to restrict the users to the survey forum? Yes, while creating a survey we can specify the access mode of the survey. We can give access to the survey either by sending the link or by inviting the people.
In my company, the surveys are conducted manually. If I use odoo survey what are the advantages I get? Odoo survey is an easier way to manage surveys. We can create our own survey questions without any time lagging. We can publish our survey forum on our website, and we can restrict access to the forum for different users and also there is an option to analyze the answers.
User feedback is exceptional in business. is there any way to effectively manage user feedback in odoo? yes, odoo provides a platform for collecting feedback from users as well as employees by conducting surveys. in odoo, there is a separate module (surveys) for effectively managing surveys among various levels of persons related to your business.
How do we see the visitors to our website or social accounts? For that go to social marketing module, click on the tab visitors. There you can see all the visitors to your account or website.
Can we schedule the time of the post? If we don't want to post something just now, we can plan the time of the post for the future by checking on the schedule later button. There you can add the date on which you want to post the thing. 
How to post something on your website with your odoo socials? Through Odoo social marketing we can post something to our website. We need to just go to social marketing and take feed, there we can click on new post, then a new window will appear. There you can add the attachments and messages you want to upload. Also, you can select which you want to upload the message. After filling the necessary fields, click on the Post button.
How to configure your social media account with odoo? Odoo social marketing is already configured to have access to Facebook and Twitter accounts and if we want to use our own accounts we can set it also. For that on the developer mode and take the social marketing settings, now enter the own API keys.
How to interact with your online visitors? We can track our website or online visitors through tracked pages, and we can communicate with them through push notifications, emails, SMS or even you can request a live chat.
What shall we do to get alerts and notifications about the website or our social accounts? Enabling push notifications is a cool item to be used. Firebase account is the basis of push notifications. Whenever a new visitor comes to our website he or she will be asked for permission to get push notifications. If we allow the notifications after subscribing to the website, they will get all the alerts and news of our website.
How can we efficiently post something to our social media account through Odoo socials? It's quite easy to publish some posts or content on our social media account. For that, we shall go to feed and click on a new post, create a post and select all the social media account you want to share the post and then publish the post.
Is it possible to manage social media accounts through Odoo? In Odoo social marketing, we are able to link our social media accounts easily and manage it through Odoo. In order to link our account, we need to create a stream and select our account. Then we shall grant permission to Odoo Social marketing to use it. Now through this, we will be redirected to our feed and its added to Odoo socials.
How a company can efficiently be engaged with its community? Today one of the challenging factors a company face is to continually engage with their community or wellwishers. It is essential for a company to efficiently interact with its community to enhance its trust and loyalty. For that Odoo has a super cool feature of Odoo socials or Social Marketing. With this module, we are able to handle all the social media, live chats and so on.
How shall we make possible to blacklist a contact in the mail? For that go to the configuration of email marketing and take the blacklist. There we can add the address we want to blacklist.
Mass mailing is a feature that helps us to send mail to many people together at a time. How shall we configure mass mailing in Odoo? Mass mailing is a nice feature to reach one message to many at a time. For that, we shall create the mailing list of mass mail. Then go to the email marketing module, take mailing lists and create a new mailing list. There if we tick the option is Public, the recipient can access the mailing list and thus he can update subscription preferences. Now when we send an mail we can add all the recipients to that list. Also, we can remove the recipient from the list.
How is it possible to know the status of the emails we send? It is possible to know the status of the emails we send. We are able to know all the details like how many emails sent, how many emails viewed, how many are replied and so on with the help of the email marketing module.
How shall we create a new Email with Odoo? With Odoo, we are able to create an email in a cool way. Taking the email module just click the create button. Now we can create a new mailing click on Create button. There you can create the mail. You can enter the recipient's address, enter the subject, enter the body and so on. For detailed information read the blog: Email Marketing in Odoo
Email is the mailing app that all the companies have been using for long, How can we do marketing with email with the help of Odoo ERP? In Odoo, we have an amazing feature to manage the Email of a company. With this, we are able to reach ads and other messages to a group of people, especially our customers. Through which we can strengthen the customer relationship. To know more regarding the Email Marketing kindly read the blog: Email Marketing in Odoo
How shall we create email templates? Odoo has a super cool module to manage and create an email if needed. Here we can also configure and design email templates. For more details read the blog: Creating Email Templates in Odoo 12
How shall we manage email templates? Odoo has a super cool module to manage email. Here we can also configure and design email templates. For more details regarding this read the blog: Odoo Email Templates
How shall we configure Email marketing in Odoo? To setup email marketing, first of all, we have to install the email marketing module. When you open the app we can see an email interface there in which we can configure the email.

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