By: Hilar AK

Odoo Email Templates

Odoo let the user's design email templates, using the HTML builder we can easily design the email contents according to the need of the user. There are a lot of snippets available to make the page more attractive. There are also snippets available for marketing purposes. This is actually integrated with CRM, marketing campaigns.

Here let's discuss the designing of a simple email template on UI. so we need to install mass mailing add on and 
go - to Mass Mailing -> configuration -> mail templates.


Here we can create a new record of mail template. In the field body actually, resides the HTML editor with the set of snippets. Which includes, contents, banners, footers, logos etc.

1. Header

In snippet pool, it is divided into header, body, and footer. So from Header par, we can add some header contents. Here for logos, we have left and center logos snippets in the header pool of snippets. Here we took the centered logo and drag and dropped in the body.


Double clicking on the logo will throw a wizard to change the image or use the customize dropdown to change the styles. Here we are changing the logo by clicking on the image.


From here you can Upload a new image or select a new one.
So now we added the header with the centered logo and preview will be like:


2. Body

The body part of snippets contains the model of main contents we need to include in the mail body.
From body part, just dropped the snippet for title content.

There are more snippets related to the contents in the body category, you can use it appropriately. Also, you can change the contents inside the snippet after dropped. Simply you can type, delete, add styles and so on.

3. Marketing

If you are planning to do a marketing template, you can add some marketing contents from the snippet pool. Here we used the snippets for discounts and the promo code.


This can be also applied to events, and we can add the event snippet to mention if any events we have.


4. Footer

The final part of the snippet pool, here we can have the two footers, one left aligned and the other centered.


We can use the preview button on the mail template form to view and verify the final preview.
The preview would be like




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