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Last updated: November 18, 2019

Odoo Document

With Odoo Documents, the end users can easily share, transfer, filter or archive the scanned business documents. Using Odoo documents one can easily establish a paperless company in their end. Odoo Documents immensely saves your time spent on producing record bills, scanning varied contracts, and getting them approved from officials. Odoo documents manages mainly four types of documents

  • Word/Pdf
  • URL
  • Videos
  • Pictures

Install the Odoo Documents from Odoo Apps

The document managment system of Odoo works on two concepts: Workspaces and Tags. Once can see them on the left side of the dashboard.

Workspaces are your different business departments. Each managers of these departments holds differnet kinds of documents,for example finance workspace will contain vendor agreements, contract bills etc whereas as the HR workspace will have documents like employee contracts or leaves documents. And with each workspace documents you have these tags. You can see the tag categories- say STATUS, in which you have inbox, To validate, Validated. This is really a great way to organize your workspace by adding little differentiaiton between your documents. Also it helps to quickly look at the documents that you want to look at - say inbox.

Upon clicking it, the documents under the inbox will only be seen in the screen.

Create Tags and Workspaces

To create tags,

Go to Documents>Configuration >Tags

Upon clicking CREATE button, you can create new tags in the document.

Here you can define the name for your tag, add the workspace from the drop down menu.

To create workspace,

Again go to Documents> Configuration> Workspace

Click CREATE to configure new workspace.

Here, one can add the name of the workspace, parent workspace( A workspace will inherit the tags of its parent workspace), company( this workspace will be available only to the selected company), tags, access rights to the work space,

  • Write Groups: Groups able to see the workspace and read/create/edit its document.
  • Read Groups: Groups able to see the workspace and can read its documents without create/edit rights.

One can also add action rules to the workspace to channel your communication, the right way.

Preview and modify documents

In order to preview any documents, simply click on the icon of the document on left. It gives you a new pop up window where you can preview the document. Once you are done, simply exit.

This works the very same for videos as well.

To preview video, simply click on the icon on left and you are moved to a new screen- a pop up window to play the video.

Exit after watching it and you are redirected to your workspace.

Let’s see now how to modify a document.

To do so click on the document in the page,

You can see a black colored edit space on the left. There you can make the modification on your documents say change the name of your document, add a contact, change the document owner, change the workspace etc. All these changes will be reflected on the document immediately.

One can also find certain additional actions like the following:

  • Deprecate Documents- Disapproving of documents if it’s found irrelevant or incorrect.
  • Validate Documents- Easily validation of documents that are sent.
  • Create signature templates.
  • Request a signature and sign directly.
  • Create a Task.
Linking one workspace to another

For that go to Documents >Configuration,

Create a new workspace.

Via giving the parent category for the workspace one can link the workspace to another as the workspace will inherit the tags of its parent category.

Sharing the documents

To share the documents and click share button.

Upon clicking the share button, you will be navigated to a new window like below.

Here you can copy the text, name the share link, setting the validity of the link say the link shall be valid only up to this date,

Click DONE to share the individual document.

One can also share the workspace via clicking the SHARE button on top,

As you see in the above image, you have couple of options here say

Allow to download or allow to download and upload documents to the workspace.

Enhanced Communication

Every internal and external communication can be managed under Odoo documents. As said before, one can easily upload, Add URL and Request Documents if you are in need of additional documents to carry out your tasks.

These options help the business in large with their internal communication.

Via clicking the Request Document button, you are redirected to a new window like below.

Under the template, the end user has the option to define the document name, Owner name, Workspace, Due Date, Activity types, Tags etc. There is also a field to add an internal note if any.

Click Request button to proceed.



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