Live Chat

Last updated: November 18, 2019

Live Chat

Odoo Live Chat provisions users to have a direct contact with website visitors. A simple dialog box in screen helps you get in touch very easily with the sales representatives, turning prospects into potential business opportunities in no time. Odoo live chat enable you to speak directly to your customer’s in live time.

Firstly, install live chat app.

As soon as you enter the application, you see the already created live chat channels. However, to create new one click the CREATE button.

Upon clicking the CREATE button, you will be navigated to a new window like below:

Here you can add the name. Next via clicking the add button, you can add the operators to the channel.

Prepare automatic messages

If you go to the Options section in the channel form, you can set several messages. These messages will automatically appear on the chat and will attract visitors to communicate to you through the live chat.

Under options, you can customize the following messages:

Text of the button: Default Text displayed on the Livechat Support Button.

Welcome Message: An automated welcome message that your vistor will see when they initiate a new conversation.

Chat Input Placeholder:Text that prompts the user to initiate the chat.

Channel Rules

Under the channel form, one can also define rules for the live chat. For instance, display the chat in those countries where you have the knowledge of language to speak. On the contrary, you can hide chats in those countries you aren’t aware of the language or where your company does not sell in.

Chatting with customers

To start conversing with your customer, firstly publish the channel in the website. For that click on the GO TO WEBSITE OPTION placed on the right top corner of your channel form.

Upon clicking it, you will be navigated to the website page like below:

Click on UNPUBLISHED on the top right corner to toggle the Published setting.

Live chat can begin as soon as operator joins the channel.

Visitors conversations will appear in Discuss module as Direct messages.

Canned responses

Canned reactions enable you to make substitutes to common sentences you often use. Composing a word rather than a few will spare you a great deal of time.

To add canned responses, go to LIVE CHAT > Configuration > Canned Responses.

One can create as many as they need.

To use the canned response, simply type “:” followed by the shortcut you assigned.



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