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By: Evin Davis

8 Reasons that Make Odoo Better than Other Business Tools

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The users of business management tools and solutions have been widely seen today around the business with the aspects of the high level of competition and the fast-paced world have contributed to the evident need for dedicated business management systems in the companies. These systems bring in complete and effective management of the business operation with the help of well-defined menus and options which can be customized based on the operational needs. Odoo is one such prominent business management tool that is available today. It’s one of the new generation ERP solutions that cater to every aspect of business operations management, offering complete and dedicated control over the various parts of its operations.
Odoo falls under the Enterprise and Resource Planning business management tool with the complete capability to manage the company’s entire operation and business management. Odoo was developed as the TinyERP solution to undergo the management aspects of the small-scale business. Further upon receiving funding, the Odoo platform as we know it today was released as Odoo 8 in 2014, and from then, a regularly updated version was released each year. Today we have the Odoo 15, the fastest and the best performing Odoo ever to be released with the advanced capabilities and user-friendly aspects of the business management and operations. The newest version of Odoo was released during the last Odoo experience meet conducted online due to the restrictions due to the pandemic situation.
Today the over 5 million users are happily running their business operations with the Odoo platform and are successful in managing the operations bringing in more business operational performance and management. Moreover, the platform is available in two editions: the Community Edition, which is available for free but with limited features only. The second one is the Enterprise Edition which is the advanced edition of Odoo with the capability to undergo any levels of customization which will suit the operations management of any business. With the modular infrastructure where all the complete operations of the company are managed with the help of the distinctive modules of functions, the Odoo platform brings efficiency and improvement in the process of the operating parts.
In this blog will define the top 8 reasons that make the Odoo platform an exceptional business management tool than other available ERP-based solutions.
Odoo tops the chart as the best ERP-based tool available for the business management operations of the company functioning in any sector of operations and on any level or scale of business. This makes it suitable for all the operational aspects of any business model. Let’s now understand the top 8 reasons that make the Odoo platform an exceptional business management tool than other available ERP-based solutions.
All in One Tool
The Odoo ERP, with its dedicated modular infrastructure with distinctive modules of operations, makes it capable of undergoing any level of business management covering all aspects of the company operations. The dedicated application-specific modules such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Invoicing, Planning, Manufacturing, HR management tools, and many other modules will cater to the distinctive aspects of the company’s operations. Moreover, these tools are interconnected regarding the operation’s complete and efficient autonomy in the business management. The community is all driven from the same platform for the operations.
Cost-effective solutions
Unlike other business management ERP solutions, Odoo offers a cost-effective aspect of operation where the operating cost of the servers is to be managed for the users along with lower subscription charges than many other ERPs. The complete operations ability and the lower rates of subscription and development will ensure that every business can offer an exceptional business management tool.
Open Source Infrastructure
The Odoo platform comes along with a dedicated infrastructure of modular operations. Along with that, the Openhouse of Odoo platform allows anyone to contribute to the platform’s development, which is highly beneficial for the betterment of Odoo. The Odoo community where all the Odoo partners, Consultants, Developers, and other service providers are in complete support of the platform will be contributing to the development of the Odoo platform.
One of the main features of the Odoo platform is the ability to undergo any level of customization based on the operational needs of the business. That allows the developers to fully understand the business needs and develop the Odoo platform based on the operations requirements.
The aspects of a business operation would require integrating localized tools and norms that should be followed. One such aspect is that of Accounting, where the taxes and other financial aspects differ between regions and would require tools capable of configuring it. The Odoo platform supports the aspects of locations with distinctive modules that come inbuild to the platform and can be installed based on the region of company operations. So does the platform support the process of multi-currency management and the functioning of business functioning internationally.
Availability of numerous Odoo Apps
In case the features specific for the business management are not available by default, there is a  wide range of Odoo applications that can be downloaded from the Odoo app store and utilized for the platform’s operation needs. The configuration and the smooth operation of the Odoo applications can be done with the help of an Odoo service provider.
Ease of implementation.
The Odoo platform can be deployed for its operations in your company easily once the configuration aspects are done right. Moreover, a dedicated Odoo service provider such as a certified Odoo partner will be able to implement your Odoo platform to your business based on functional and operational needs.
Larger scalability
The Odoo platform supports the fundamental aspects of a company’s operations, from product procurement to sales, vendor bill management, invoicing—storage to logistics, and all the elements of the company. Moreover, the platform supports the operations of the multi-company management allowing multiple organizations to function under the same label, which may be sister firms,m partner companies, or with any aspects of connection.
In conclusion, the Odoo platform puts forward multiple operations capabilities for the business management of the companies, unlike any other business management ERP solution, which makes needs utilized for it one of a kind tool.

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