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By: Manu menonn

A Detailed Overview About Customer Experience Using Odoo 15 Ecommerce

Functional Odoo 15 Website&E-commerce

Customer satisfaction plays an essential part in deciding the future of a business. Odoo can help you achieve customer satisfaction with the advanced support of the eCommerce website that you can design with Odoo.

This blog talks about the customer advantages of using the Odoo 15 eCommerce website.

Maintaining a proper customer shopping experience is vital for proper business management. With the advanced features and support of the Odoo 15 eCommerce, your website can act as the best space or shop for showcasing and selling your products. Odoo can help you create a comfortable shopping ground for your customers, allowing them fast access to the desired products. Odoo has a set of pre-installed dedicated features that can help your customers surf easily through your website without any clutter of the products or the information. You can set up these features on your website according to the nature of the products or services that you are serving.  In short, Odoo allows your customers to benefit maximum from your website.

Easy Search

You can make it easy for your customers to search and find their desired products quickly and efficiently without any clutter or time wastage. The Easy search system of Odoo will allow your customers to arrive at their desired products quickly. You can easily set this feature up in Odoo by setting attributes on products like Colour, Size, Ratio or power, and many more. So when your customers search for products based on the attributes, then the products will be shown instantly. And often, the search bar allows the customers to directly access the products in their desired format. You can set the search bar anywhere on your website concerning your website design. The search on your website option can be found under the Dynamic content section of the Blocks feature in the website editing section of the Ecommerce module. Drag the block to the main screen to create it, as shown in the image given below.


Drag the block and click on the search bar to see advanced editing options, as shown in the screenshot given below.


You can edit the search bar from here. Be sure to make the Search bar visible for your visitors or customers at a single glance to make it easy for them to access and search for products or content. This added advantage can help your customers to a considerable extent.

Customers usually tend to search for the aspects of a particular product that they want rather than the product itself. This helps them define the product that customers desire to purchase accurately, and you can set the attributes allowing the customers to access the product they search for.

Live chat 

Odoo allows your customers to communicate directly with you through the Live Chat feature. This feature essentially will let the customer ask and know more about the product or services they desire to buy. The feature can be used to ensure that the sale is secured by explaining the product to the customers. You can keep on track with the customers with the support of the live chat feature. Similarly, your sales team can use the feature to secure the leads efficiently.     

Customers as users

Most of the website features of Odoo primarily considered the importance of giving the users or the customers enough space to shop for their products. Odoo will consider every single customer as a user. With the user registration feature, a customer can easily personalize the entire website Customers can create an account on your website and log in for purchases later. This can help to preserve information on previous purchase details, and the customers can analyze the details on that before making a new purchase. As the business runner, you can check on the stored information on product purchases to give customers offers based on previous purchases.

With the assistance of the  Odoo customer portal, your customers can access and track the details on the products they purchase. They can track their orders along with the shipping rules and return management. This allows your website to be customer-friendly in every aspect. Customers can add products to wishlists for them to go through later. This will enable them to save for their favorite product to raise money to buy or any other reason preventing them from purchasing the products instantly.

Registered customers can create and add the shipping address, and the information will be saved on the website so that the customer won’t have to enter the address again. All customer preferences will be saved, and Odoo can automatically send product recommendations while the customer is shopping from your website.

Compare products

Odoo allows your customers to compare and contrast similar products to choose the best between the two. This feature works concerning the product's attributes. You can put attributes on a  particular product or service based on its unique features. So when a customer compares two products, Odoo will work strictly based on the previously set product attributes.  


The above-given image is an example of a product or service comparison. Here, there are three services packages with three unique features that the customer can purchase.

Every modern online shopping website has a complicated check-out process, and customers often find it hard to check out quickly. Odoo allows the customers to check out after the purchases easily. With the Ecommerce website, you can set a step-by-step process for the customers to follow through with the purchasing procedures. 

The Odoo eCommerce website is all about customer convenience, and all of the modules’ features concentrate on making the customers have an advanced and sophisticated shopping experience. The feature-rich nature of the Odoo eCommerce module will allow your customers to have the best shopping experience. With advanced features such as real-time chat, product comparisons, and many more. Users or customers can register to your website and personalize the shopping experience. You can use this feature to effectively send new and updated details on the products for future sales. Odoo can help you ensure that the leads and customers stay loyal to your products and business. With the assistance of the features such as product recommendations, Odoo can help you generate the maximum income possible from a single customer. The more reliable the website is for the customers, the more successful the sales are for your business.

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