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By: Manu menonn

Advantages of Using Odoo Sales Module

Functional Odoo 15 Sales

Odoo sales module is the most advanced sales management system in the world. The module has the ability to deal with a huge amount of sales data efficiently allowing you to effortlessly manage and view intricate sales data. You can carry out every single sales-related program with the sales module. 

This blog will give you details on the advantages of using the Odoo 15 Sales module 

Odoo sales module is unique with its advanced features and tools. With the highly integrated nature of the Odoo system, you can avail all of the system functionalities and tools of the Odoo system.

 With the integration of the Inventory module, you can manage and view your products easily. With this feature, you can meet the customer requirements quicker. With the assistance of advanced filtering options, you can access products and data quickly. Utilising the feature to its maximum extent can help you to improve your efficiency as a salesperson and an executive.

With the advanced integration of the Odoo CRM module, your sales team can carry out customer relations efficiently in relation to the sales module. Integration is one of the unique features of the Odoo system allowing you to have complete functionality of the system and the features. 

Odoo is known for its easy to use interface. All the information you need is available right in front of you and you don't need the support of an advanced computer brain to find your way around the module. All of the important features and tools are available and accessible to the user for a quicker user interface experience. This feature of Odoo allows you to instantly access certain features of the  System according to customer requests. For example, if you want to quickly take a look at your products from the sales module all you have to do is go to the Product tab from the dashboard of your module and click on Product which will instantly take you to your products. The simplified nature of the Odoo sales module user interface will let you work on the sales module from any smart hardware such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks. 

With the automated nature of the Odoo system data entry is reduced to a huge extent to help you save time and energy. Odoo ensures that no data is lost and every single data change is preserved for you to view and analyse at any time. With the assistance of advanced system notifications, you can activate notifications or warnings from the Odoo sales module before sending quotations to certain parties or customers.

With the Odoo sales module, you can create professional Quotations efficiently. You can have multiple options available for creating quotations in the sales module. You can use predefined products, price lists and templates to help your sales team to work more efficiently. You can design and reuse quotation templates to save time and energy. 

The electronic signature feature of the Odoo system allows your customers and you to sign electronically on documents and important sales documents. Your customers can review the quotation and sign the quotation if they want. This allows your sales team to sell faster quickly. You can convert quotations in sales orders with a click or you can let your customers do it themselves with the Odoo e-sign (electronic signature). With the sales module, you can edit and modify sales orders, sell product kits and ship partial orders.  

Invoice management is easy with the Odoo sales module. You can easily manage and review invoices in the sales module. There are multiple invoicing options in the Odoo system designed for convenience and ease of working. You can invoice instantly in orders palace and you can apply and manage invoice policies or terms and conditions by customers and invoices. With the Odoo sales module, you can track the proceedings on the contracts effectively. 

Integrated applications

Integration is key in Odoo. It is a necessary function in the Odoo environment for connecting various applications together to create a unified working system to improve efficiency. Integration is one of the features of the Odoo system that make it different and unique from the rest of the ERP system. The sales module is highly integrated with the other modules of the Odoo system for providing you with a seamless working experience. Integration makes the Odoo sales module efficient in data management. All of the data from the other modules will be automatically updated in the sales module. Some of the highly integrated applications with the sales module are  given below

  • CRM 

Odoo CRM module works hand in hand with the Sales module for providing your sales team with up to date data on customers and leads for them to work on. Integration with the sales module will allow your sales team to have direct access to the leads and can talk with them directly with the live chat feature of the sales module. Follow the link given below to know more about the CRM module of Odoo. 

A complete overview of the Odoo CRM module and its features

  • Accounting

The accounting module will take care of all of the invoicing requirements for the sales module. The accounting module has the ability to generate invoices automatically based on the sales orders, delivery orders and contracts. Follow the link given below to know more about the Accounting module of Odoo. 

Odoo 14 Accounting

  • Inventory 

The inventory module allows your sales team to have a direct view of the products. Your sales team can check for product availability according to customer requests. You can check delivery status and orders with the help of the inventory module. To know more about the inventory click on the link. Why choose Odoo Inventory

  • eCommerce

With the assistance of the Odoo eCommerce module, you can create and manage a fully integrated online store for selling your products directly efficiently. Follow the link given below to know more about the module. Odoo 14 eCommerce

All of the features and the tools in the  Odoo sales module are created for improving the efficiency of the sales team. With the advanced support of the features and the tools of the sales module accompanied by the integrated modules of the ERP system; you can get the most advanced tool for sales management.

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