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By: Manu menonn

A complete overview on the Odoo CRM module and its features

Functional Odoo 14 CRM

Customer Relationship Management is an important branch of business management.‘Customer relationships’ play a huge role in maintaining essential relationships with customers. For a growing industry or a business, one of the biggest hurdles is client management. Client management is not an easy task and as it is a crucial part of business or services it is imperative that it is maintained properly or will lead to major losses for the organization. That's important Customer management is. So, help form an advanced system like ERP is necessary.

CRM is one of the most important and advanced modules in Odoo. CRM is a highly sophisticated modern era application that deals with all of the customer relationship requirements in your company. It effectively manages customer relations and also helps to maintain relations with potential customers. With an easy access user interface and high-end performance, Odoo’s ERP system stands out from the rest. CRM gives space for an institution to be efficient for customers.

This blog will give you a generalized view of CRM in Odoo

CRM is a modern business management tool or system that found quick popularity among Business firms due to its impact on the Business world and how effective it can be in customer relations and support. CRM as a system is a common tool in ERP and is widely recognized for how effective it is in an actual business environment and the possibilities that it holds for the future of the business industry. The basic layout of CRM in Odoo is given below:


The more user the friendly appearance of Odoo makes it easy for the companies to integrate themselves into the world of Odoo and in this case the CRM. Lead generation and finding your possible customers is much easier with Odoo and with accompanying highly sophisticated tools the module has a clear win over the customers and helps them achieve complete ‘customer satisfaction. And with highly sophisticated support and integration system, a firm can use the system to its maximum thereby creating effective results.

Traditionally a simple excel sheet could deal with customer relations but as time progresses so do the business, the collateral and the basic functions of business have changed tremendously over the last decade, so simple excel sheets couldn't hold vital data organized and maintained and often misguides customers and doesn't really manage customer relations that well. Advanced management software often has dedicated systems in them for various business functions, CRM is one of the systems that are equipped with tools for easy client management.

Tracking and holding import customers and keep them in a loop of company services and along withholding important potential customers and through the application, you can persuade them into your products by keeping them on the same loop as the existing customers, sales teams along with dedicated departments work together with CRM to achieve this much amount of functionality. CRM in Odoo is filled with tools that make customer relationship management more practical and organized so that the company can hold up itself in front of the customers, and this allows the company to seek out potential customers and keep them in the company's value circle to maintain continuity in the process.

By maintaining continuity, the company can keep in touch with its potential customers. The process is complicated in a business sense but it is eased down to a huge level by the CRM. CRM, being a highly sophisticated and friendly tool has many advantages and one of the major advantages that companies gain using Odoo’s CRM is that the tool can maintain proper company-customer relationship and in this way, the application gives surety to increase in purchases. The live chat section in Odoo CRM allows the company or the business to have direct communication with the customers. This feature helps in better customer-business bonding and with better contact management it is easy to manage customers and potential customers.

Like most of the applications in Odoo, CRM works hand in hand with other applications for easy and fast usage. CRM is integrated with other applications like Sales for increasing its functionality within Odoo. The application can be easily integrated with marketing procedures, allowing effortless pairing with E-mail marketing, and has the ability to connect with social media platforms for marketing purposes, thereby helping the company or the business to increase their relationship with the customers. By the effective use of the application, you can analyze the market demand of a particular product under your company.

Customer and CRM in Odoo

Odoo offers customer-oriented support, so a product introduced to the customer is not done in business terms but purely based on how the particular product that you are trying to sell will help them and what makes your product unique. This is why Odoo’s CRM is integrated with direct messaging so that the salesperson and customer can connect with each other and arrive at the terms of selling and purchases. In this chat space, the salesperson can persuade the customer and clarify all the doubts regarding the particular product. Avoiding confusion in customers means that you are halfway there to have a new possible customer.

This is a great advantage in the modern era of business scams for both the customers and the businesses because the direct consumer to company relationship can avoid any suspect of fraudulence; this is very important because studies in recent times show that consumers are reluctant to purchase products because of suspicions towards a possible scam, this is due to the increase of scams in the business field and for this matter is important to have direct contact with our customers.

Buying trust from your customers is the most important part of a business and Odoo’s CRM is developed for customer satisfaction and can hugely influence customers. Along with useful and advanced tools, the module provides the customers with proper information to avoid any possible consumer confusion and it also allows a particular institution to be clear about their product thereby maintaining tranquility in business by effective communication with the customers.

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