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By: Hasna VP

Advantages of Using the Odoo Purchase Module to Manage Purchases

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The purchase management system is considered a very essential element in business management to handle everything related to purchases within a company. An application specifically to organize purchases will be useful in business. Odoo the open ERP system has enabled a dynamic platform to perform all actions regarding purchases in an organization. The Purchase Management module in Odoo encompasses advanced features that will help the user to track all purchase orders, vendor information, inventory management, product configuration, and vendor bill generation. This module will act as a complete solution for purchase management from creating a new request for quotation to generating vendor bills.

The system of purchase management will help you to record clear data about all purchases made through this module which can be further used to create fruitful decisions about a company’s purchases. Having a specialized module to coordinate such activities will reduce the difficulties in purchase management. You can easily configure the product list to this module and add vendors to respective products to create successful purchase orders. The Odoo ERP system will easily manage all requests for quotations and after getting a successive response from the supplier, the company can convert the RFQ to a purchase order. As a part of business, your company may be purchasing a number of products and services for various business activities, therefore the Purchase management module in Odoo is a crucial application for companies.

This blog will discuss the major advantages of using the Odoo purchase module.

The features for the Purchase management module can be integrated with other modules like inventory, sales, and accounting modules that will share the data using a common database. This will manage everything you purchase for your company. 

Enable Effective Purchase Management

Odoo enables you to create requests for quotations for different vendors so that you can compare the quotations from different vendors. If you are satisfied with the response from the vendor you can directly convert the RFQ into a purchase order. The data generated after every purchase will automatically be recorded into the system so that the company can configure the data for further processing. You can easily complete the purchase payment and generate a vendor bill for every purchase in this module. Odoo will track everything regarding the purchase from RFQ to payment. The working pattern of the Odoo purchase module will ensure complete end-to-end management of purchase. 

Easy Management of Vendors 

In the Purchase management module, we can find a specialized field to configure and manage vendors’ details. You can add separate fields for vendors for each product. Configuring multiple vendors to a product can be done while adding the particular product to the purchase list or while creating a new purchase order. By creating a list of vendors in the module, you can create a successful contract with them through different purchase orders. This will also improve the performance of inventory management and enhance the company’s supply chain activities.

Fit Into all Type of Business

We can find many types of purchase management software in the market for different types of businesses. But only some of them fit into all types or sizes of business and industry. Odoo is one among the dynamic open ERP software that facilitates any kind of business to manage the purchases effortlessly and effectively. The purchase order processing system in Odoo offers advanced tools to manage purchase orders, RFQs, vendors, price lists, product lists, product checks, payment, and product returns. Regardless of the size of the business, you can confidently rely on the Odoo purchase management module for any kind of purchase. 

Effective Monitoring of Purchase Order

Within a single platform, Odoo enables you to create, monitor, and manage all your purchase orders and keep a track of all purchases from the orders. The automated purchase order management system will reduce the costs and human errors. You can effortlessly send the RFQs to the vendor with whom you wanted to purchase. Furthermore, within the same system, you can convert the request for quotation to a purchase order for your selected product list at your convenience. By getting the exact idea about the price list of products from each vendor, the company can easily make a suitable decision for purchasing. You can select appropriate vendors from the configured list based on the price list generated for each product from the respective vendor.

Dynamic Reporting of Purchases

Odoo has enabled an accurate reporting system in the majority of its modules that will help a company to analyze the data in the respective module and take suitable actions according to the data generated through the reports. The Purchase Management module contains a dynamic reporting feature that will give an exact picture of all purchases made through the module. Through these reports, the company can effectively analyze the vendor’s performance, RFQs, purchase orders, vendor bills, product lists, and purchased quantities. Using the given measures in the reporting tab, you will be able to create different reports on purchases in graphical, kanban, and pivot view. 

Efficient Management of Vendor’s Price Lists

In Odoo, we can configure different vendors to a product so that you can easily select a convenient vendor from the list as per your requirement. You can also create a suitable price list according to the terms between the supplier and the purchaser. The separate price list for each product offered by different vendors will be useful for the company to make decisions based on the product quantity, availability, and purchase agreement. 

The Purchase Management module in Odoo can enhance the purchase workflow within an organization by ensuring the effective management of all purchases.  

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