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By: Cirin C Baby

An Analytical Study On ERP Projects

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2020 a year which we will all remember not due to the alignment of the symmetrical numbers but with the devastation and the suffering which has changed our entire functionality and priorities of living. Earlier before the hit of the pandemic, our weekend was filled with joy parties and we were able to be physically more about, but with the acceptance of new normal we are confined into the walls of our homes, making only necessary outing and maintaining social distancing

Although we may never have had anything to raise our glasses during the last year, we were able to adapt and change our living aspects to suit the situational need. Yes, that is what humans are capable of, and it's one of the inborn features that we process and develop in time. Today we have taken up the new normal and are functioning with the utmost productivity possible to keep the world moving. Today many business establishments have adapted to the scenarios and back up with the full functionality after remaining closed for a longer period. You can see cinema halls, shopping malls, retail and wholesale establishments open, the public transportation has resurfaced and many more are opening in the ways they were before but maintaining strict social distancing and sanitation principles.

Many organisations have now understood the need and vitality of the digitisation remote working and are adapting those aspects since it is beneficial, economical, and even more functional than the olden ways. Moreover, there has been a sudden increase in the use of Enterprise and resource planning solutions all across the world. This is mainly because of the functionality and the capability of operations that they bring into the business environment. Today as the statistics suggest there is more than 60 percent of establishments palling and are willing to adapt to the ERP business models.

This blog will provide analytical insight into the aspects of ERP implementations that were conducted 

Today there are various ERP solutions available in the world that will allow you to run the business operations as per your need. Moreover, we can choose the ones which are best suitable for your company. In addition, there is open source, non-open-source cloud based, on-premise hosted, and many more classification available in the ERP solutions that you can choose from. The voice of the ERP can be made based on the pricing aspects, software capabilities, establishment and user size, region of operations, and many more. Below are the certain aspects that the study on the ERP solution that has been implemented in the year 2020 indicated:

Growth in support

One of the top reasons for the improvements and increase in ERP implementation is the growth of the support that the service provides. The ERP implement sins are sophisticated and the configuration options should be assigned and managed in the best way possible as well as in the standardised procedure. Moreover, the companies may not be aware of that, therefore they seek the help of the ERP service providers, who can understand the company's needs and develop and configure the platform accordingly.

During the last year, there has been an improvement in the support provided by service providers and they are driving to offer their services to meet customer excellence. Moreover, the service providers are able to provide them with remote as well as onsite support to suit the companies.

The rise of cloud-based ERP solutions

There is no arguing the fact that the cloud-based ERP solutions are considered as one of the advanced and reliable ones due to the remote access and reduction in operations costs rather than on-premise ones. Moreover, during the last year, a surge of 92 percent of ERP implementation preferred cloud based solutions over the on-premise or other ERP hosting. However, in the initial aspects, the establishments don't prefer any mode as they have only the basic knowledge of it. Moreover, after understanding the capabilities most of them opted for cloud based solutions. 

In addition, a survey conducted depicted that most of the establishments who were operating in a region did not prefer either of the hosting rather they were suitable with a solution that would allow them to run the company with ease. 

ERP selection is a tedious process.

Today there are more and more business management solutions available under the ERP label which you can choose from to run the company operations. However, the selection process is drastically a long one as many of them exhibit certain similarities and highlight able features making the filtering out almost an impossible process. Moreover, considering the selection you have to understand the various parameters such as cost, hosting, support, training, number of users, capabilities, whether is suitable for your business and many more. 

Additionally, there is an awful lot of research that should be conducted to choose the right ERP solution for you. It was indicated that on an average of more than 15 weeks to decide and select an ERP software.

Budget matters

We all know that ERP implementation is an investment and at certain times it will be huge especially considering small and medium scale establishments. Moreover, when considering the ERP implementation whether in the case of board meetings or casual meetings as now conducted through Zoom or Skype the question arises will be how much it cost?


It can be concluded the ERP implementation cost has gone up and it now costs almost 2000 USD more than the implementation charges that prevailed during the year 2019 that was around 7000 USD. Moreover, the implementation cost is based on the number of users of the ERP platform of a company and the below cart provides statistical information on the same.

That's all on the ERP statistics which prevailed in the previous year. If you need further understanding of the ERP implementation and application statistics read the following blog:

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