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By: Cybrosys Technologies

ERP Trends 2021


ERP is something that is an inevitable part of any business despite the size and shape of the business. ERP has become a key integral of the business and it eases the business operations. ERP or enterprise resource planning software operates as a network connecting different departments and managing all operations.
ERP can help a business to manage purchase, sales, production, planning schedules, and every minor and major step involved in the business. There are many facts and myths about ERP. In this blog, we will look into major ERP trends in 2021. We will also have a glance into some of the ERP facts.
-The term ERP became popular in the 1990s. 
-ERP was first used to manage only the manufacturing operations and previous to using ERP the business world used the term MRP or Manufacturing Resource Planning.
-The software system witnessed steady growth in the 1990s with the increased use of computers and the internet.
-2000, the new millennia encouraged many business groups to step to a new mode of operation with the help of ERP
-ERP was initially used to manage back-office related operations
-CRM and related operations got integrated into ERP at a later stage
-ERPII The present-day ERP was first named ERP II 
_The ERP post-2000 focused more on web-based operations with the increased use of internet facilities.
-ERP II or post 2000 ERP focussed more on customer relationship management, supply chain mechanism, and business intelligence.
-With these developments, ERP became standardized, transparent and helped the businesses to go global.
As we have gone through the history of ERP, we can now move on to the recent trends in ERP. 
The year 2021 will be an important juncture in the growth of ERP. 2020 witnessing and experiencing global pandemic, the importance of monitoring and controlling a business from a far off place has become more evident. 
While many businesses depend on an efficient ERP system could manage their business effectively during the pandemic, many other sectors that were yet to embrace ERP had struggled a lot. Learning from the experiences and examples, more business ventures are likely to adopt ERP solutions for their future benefits. ERP offering transparent and remote operation of the business can help an organization to control and monitor the work of their employees from anywhere in the world.
Key benefits of ERP in 2020
Tracking of employee performance
-Employee work hour calculation
-productivity management
-tracking of accounting and finance operations
-Online customer relationship management support
-Quick door delivery and dropship service management
-easy tracking of services and products
-improved social media and online marketing support
-Reporting on employee performance and customer satisfaction
-Analysis of effectiveness and productivity

ERP trends 2021
1. Cloud-based ERP
Cloud is going to be a major attraction in 2021. Cloud helps the users to access the best and latest ERP support. This also helps the business to easily integrate the ERP with other tools. Unlike other services, you have to pay for the services that you get. The payment for backup and other supports are decided based on the usage pattern. It also ensures improved data security. It can also offer you an organized structure compared to on-premise. Cloud adoption has increased the demand for SaaS ERP solutions. 
2. Artificial Intelligence or AI integration
Artificial intelligence has been the talk of the town for a few years. But 2021 is surely going to be an important year for the ERP sector. The increased use of AI-based ERP is likely to get an edge in the business sector this year. This will promote innovative data processing methods. AI will help the business to transform the ideas into reality. Automated data collection, compilation, and management become effortless with AI influence. IT will help the business to get away with the unstructured data and structure it to get the best support system. 
AI can play a key role in improving the workflow and minimizing human errors. It will reduce the time for data migration and loading. It can easily track work time and reschedule work hours. 
3. Increased use of visual information
A movie can influence you in a better way than audio. In the same way, a visualized ERP solution can have a quick impact on the business management system. An ERP like ODoo can help the user to use texts, graphs, figures, and other fields to give more accurate and quick to understand reports and analysis.
4. Niche
Only Niche ERPs will be able to meet the growing demands of business groups in 2021. Every business requires niche solutions. A niche ERP will help the business to manage software and related operations to get personalized support. Customization at its best is important at this period. What the business dream is highly specialized and focussed ERP support systems that are developed to suit every minute demand of the business. 
5. Third-party integration
Nowadays businesses are looking forward to ERP tools that can be integrated with every other operation of the business. It should be compatible to be integrated with the system tools and other software systems that are used by the business. IT should be able to manage warehouses, ensure customer relations and track and manage employees and resources. At the same time, the software should work with all tools.
6. Two-Tier System
Globalization with localization is the trend of the day. While the businesses want to expand their wings in the international market, they want to delve deep into the local market also. The two-tier ERP system focuses on customizing the ERP tool to meet the global needs as well as local needs. It should be suitable to meet the requirements of the corporate world as well as small businesses.

Cybrosys Technologies, Gold partner of Odoo ERP can guide you more on the trends and the strategies to go with the trend. With an expert team of professionals, Cybrosys can offer you the most effective consultation and customization support for your ERP. We can also offer you comprehensive support for the integration and development of the ERP solution.

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