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By: Evin Davis

Automate and Streamline your Manufacturing Process with Odoo

Functional Odoo 15 Manufacturing

The business worldwide is looking for solutions that will simplify the operations of the functional aspects of the processes, which will improve the efficiency and performance aspects of the functioning. Today with the intervention of software-based tools, which are advanced for operations, a significant portion of the functioning of the business has been simplified. Moreover, with the implementation of various software-based tools, automation has been brought in to streamline business operations. Today almost all the devices of processes have been capable of bringing in advanced function tools of automation and the ones which will simplify the entire functionality.
Today the use of automation, as well as advanced and intelligent systems, can be seen thoroughly throughout the routine-based operation of the company. If most routine procedures are automated, efficient and productivity will be on the higher side for almost all the company operations. Dedicated business and operations management tools will bring advanced controllability and manageability to the entire aspects of fundamental business operations. Enterprise and resource planning software solutions were used for a long time with the advanced business management capability with dedicated infrastructure to bringing in complete control of the operations. 
Today, numerous ERP-based software solutions will bring in the aspects of implementing automation-based aspects, which will simplify the business management operations in industries. Moreover, with the embedded applications of advanced systems such as machine learning and AI-powered tools, business management and company operations control are taken to higher levels of efficiency and performance. Odoo is one of the ERP-based solutions that have brought in advanced operation control and capabilities to the functioning of the business. Operation from one single platform with a dedicated infrastructure capable of bringing complete control under one roof is the best specialty of Odoo. Moreover, its coined as the all-in-one solution and one-stop business management solution providing complete control of the aspects.
This blog will provide insight on how the Odoo platform and its manufacturing module will bring in the element of automation to the production establishments. 
There is no reason for the business, especially manufacturing-based industries, to continue working with the same old machinery and methodology of operations. The chances of survival for the business depend on the up-gradation of the functional methods and ways of operation. Odoo with the dedicated manufacturing module will help you automate the routine and specific aspects of the company operations to be automated with advanced control matrixes and available tools.
Here are certain of the elements and aspects which the Odoo platform can bring into operations of the manufacturing process of the company:
- Control the entire operations from the aspects of the purchase to accounting with the help of distinctive modules.
- High efficiency in control operations
- Save time and cost during the manufacturing operations.
- Automate a significant percentage of the supply chain as well as production operations
- Well-defined controlling menus and tools of operations which constitute complete operations control for the manufacturing business and its operations. 
- Tun on to a newer model of supply chain operations for the finished product
- Collect the raw materials from multiple vendors at the same time 
- Enable subcontracting for the products as well as parts of the product
- Dedicated Fleet management will be helpful for the logistical aspects of the supply chain o[pertsiosn
- Advanced reporting and analysis
- Real-time operations management
- Remote monitoring and allow employees to work remotely
- Dedicated HR management tools
- Integration with various payment gateways, shipping integrators, banks, and many more advanced specific applications based systems and tools.
The Odoo platform will be sustainable for any form of manufacturing operations. A defined way of functioning and a distinctive methodology of operations can be developed and crafted for the operations and tire business in Odoo. Let’s consider an example of furniture manufacturing.
The raw material is collected from the various vendors for the business,  effectively managed by the Odoo Purchase module, where all the product procurement operations are conducted effectively. Further, the raw material storage is done in the company warehouse in the same facility or not in different locations. All the incoming products are managed by the Inventory module of the Odoo platform, which is responsible for the operations and control of the entire product moves within the organization and out of it and into it. 
Further, the manufacturing and production aspects of the company are defined with the help of the Odoo manufacturing module, where the work centers and the machinery of operations are specified. Moreover, the employees responsible for managing the respective functions factoring facility are also described. Further, after the production of the required furniture is completed, they are stored in the company warehouse, which is also managed using the Inventory module of Odoo, which will be based on the functioning of the finished products.
The next operation of the business is to wait for the customer’s order and conduct the sales based on it. The deals can be completed online through the eCommerce website, which has been crafted for operation. In addition, direct sales are also possible once the Sales orders have been confirmed, the products should be shipped out, which can be managed using the Fleet module where the company fleet of vehicles and delivery can be defined for the operations. The payment for the sales is collected through the accounting module, where all the financial management aspects of the company are described and made to operate.
With the help of the Odoo 15 Manufacturing module, the business can bring advanced and complete control of the business operations of the production firms, right from the aspects of the collection of the raw materials to the elements of their sales and distribution.

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