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By: Evin Davis

Benefits of ERP for SMEs

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The business operations of small scale business establishments usually function in a fast-paced environment and the functioning will be interrupted if there is a small flaw in the operational patterns. The manageability of these establishments is usually capable of being run by a manager or a team of them. However, in the long run, this would lead to catastrophic losses, they won't be able to function with a supporting tool that simplifies the operations and make them capable to manage the establishment in the long run as well as at the instance. Moreover, a solution system will bring in more profitability and productivity to the company operations which would fall as a huge investment at the instance however will be considered as a cost-efficient solution in the long run.

Enterprise and resource planning solutions have been used all over the world as business management solutions for various scales of companies. Originated in the last century the establishment of a fully functioning one became up to existence with the inventions of digitalization. As time progressed to the current century the need and necessity of these solutions became evident. Additionally, the popularity of this software to be wide-spreading as they assess the quality and provide users with desired productivity and achievable targets. In addition, the chart on these ERPs depicted that they brought in beneficial advantages to the user which further improved the productivity and profitability aspects of the company.

Today there are numerous ERP solutions available all around the world capable of running any sector of operations, levels of a company, and more. The enterprise and resource planning software are being classified as the application-specific ones as well the ones which will provide the user with the capability to manage the entire company operations. The decision of implementation of the solution entirely depends on the user needs and necessity form based on which the desired ERP solution can be chosen. Odoo ERP is a new generation business management software that falls into the category of fully controlled operations of the company rather than the application-specific use. Developed during the last decade Odoo platform grew in popularity due to the user friendly and capabilities making it a widely used ERP all over the world. Today the Odoo ERP is being used by 5 million customers across the world.

This blog will address certain misconceptions on the ERP implementation to small scale establishments and provide an insight into the benefits of an ERP in them.

Certain misconceptions.

Concerning the need for an ERP in a small scale company initially, there would be a certain misconception to the managers or the executive team of the company. Initially, they would have considered that ERPs are for large multinational establishments, which is wrong and numerous ones are specifically designed to run small-scale industries. Moreover, in the long run, this would be a beneficial tool for these companies. Secondly, it's a costly investment and would not pay back for small scale establishments. However, the investment in an ERP considering a small scale establishment would be a big stem and would burn a hole in their pockets but it's a cost-efficient business model and would provide you with direct as well as indirect benefits to the company in the long run. Thirdly, the functioning aspects would be complicated is the major misconception of all. In addition, ERPs are designed to be user-friendly and function with normal employees of your firm having no base knowledge of coding and development. Moreover, the back end of the platform is configured in a simple way providing the user to make desired modifications with proper training and knowledge. In addition, all the ERPs across the world will have support teams available throughout the year to provide support and training at the needed hour.

Benefits of ERP in a small scale business

The ERPs available for the small scale establishments will bring in more productivity of operations well as provides the user with the following benefits:

> The eased flow of information
> Improved productivity and profitability
> Full control of business operations
> Adaptable operational methodology as per the business and the company needs
> Tools for planning
> Advanced decision making support tools
> Advanced tools to support the operations,

Odoo ERP is a suitable solution for small scale business establishments and brings in more capabilities for its users to function in the company.

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