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By: Evin Davis

Things to know before Odoo Migration

Functional Odoo 14

Updating and updation is an inevitable part of business operations both in terms of application and equipment used but also in the methodology and terminologies of operations involved. Moreover, there is a requirement for regular updation on certain aspects while there are also certain in which a regularized updation is not required. This mainly depends upon the aspects with which a company functions and the requirement. Considering equipment and machinery purchasing a new one for a distinct feature will be a bad move and would cost the company more. However, if the new additional feature will bring in more advancements in productivity it's a matter to be considered.
In the case of software and applications, the providers and the companies would be releasing a new version of it according to their capabilities. A user doesn't need to update it at all the version being released rather they should consider various aspects such as cost, efficiency improvement, new features, operations, and the beneficiary of the new version compared to the older one. Additionally, certain applications cannot function without updation and it's inevitable among them.
Odoo is one of those ERP which releases new updates regularly and new versions every year. More than a business management solution Odoo ERP is considered as the compare tool to run the company. The modular approach and design make s the software and its users capable to run the company operations on all levels and operations using the designated application-specific modules. In addition, the centralized approach of operations in the platform along with a central database and inventory operations would make it efficiently capable and user friendly in controlling the business operation along with the effective information exchange and communication. Moreover, developed in the last decade Odoo is a business management enterprise and resource planning software which is advanced and is considered as one of the ones of the new generation with its capabilities. Odoo platform brings in additional capabilities with its integration ability to run third-party applications and devices with the platform operations. Furthermore, the Odoo apps available from the Odoo apps store will provide the user with application-specific operational modules as per their need.
This blog will provide an insight into the aspects that you should know before Odoo migration.
Odoo is a business management software that is regularly updating and has been releasing the new version of the platform for the past couple of buyers. Recently during the last Odoo Experience meet of 2020 which was a virtual event due to the pandemic situation prevailing the company released the new Odoo 14. Considered as the fastest and most advanced Odoo ever the software will bring in more advanced features and user capabilities to it used to run the company operations.
Migration in Odoo can be termed as the updation to be understood in layman's language. As the platform releases new versions and updates regularly its would be the need and necessity of the user to update their company operations to the newest version. The migration in Odoo can be defined mainly in two aspects. Initially, the migration of the platform and the conjoined addons being used. The platform should be updated and so the applications used to be configured as per the previous operations and functional aspects. Secondly, the data viable should be made configurable to the new version as the user might be needing them in the company operations of the future. The data along with the table and graph available should be configurable as per the new specifications of the platform released by Odoo.
Here are some of the aspects which you should be considering before indulging in Odoo Migration.
Reason and the new features that migration brings in
Initially, the reason for the migration to the newer version should be clear. The main aspects will be the performance and the new features and capabilities the software update will bring in. The features added should be studied in detail and find its need and necessity in your business operations
Give away features
Although migration will bring in new features and capabilities some aspects will also be removed. As considering the additional ones the removed ones should also be considered alternative options for these features. Moreover, the removal of certain ones will disrupt the company operations with which you are familiar.
Cost and Downtime
The cost is a vital aspect considering migration and it should be consulted with the various provided. Moreover, the downtime of the business operations during the migration would directly affect the company functioning as the software update will provide no room for using it in a live environment. However, the Odoo platform can function in the pilot options and the newer version can be developed in the background.
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