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Benefits of Odoo 14 Rental Module

Functional Odoo 14

The rental module is an application that can be used by any rental business.  The importance of Rental ERP is on the rise as the demand for rental products is also on the rise. With the emergence of a large number of business firms including the manufacturing industry, subcontracting groups, and others, the dependence on rented machinery and instruments is increasing day by day. It is preferred by many business ventures as they do not have to worry about the storage, maintenance, and repair of the machinery and instruments. Besides, many sectors including agriculture require some instruments only occasionally. They would prefer to go for renting the machines required for harvesting and other purposes. A rental business can benefit in such situations. 

The emergence of many start-up businesses that prefer to invest less and depend on rented equipment is also helping the growth of the rental business. 

Managing a rental business can be a painless task if the entrepreneur is using an ERP solution to manage the operations. The use of ERP can help the business to manage rental orders, customers, rental invoices, pick up dates, and return dates in a systematic manner. 

Odoo the most suitable ERP solution for the Rental business offers a dedicated module for managing all rental-related requirements. With Odoo, any rental business can flourish by organizing all business-related tasks. Customer satisfaction and proper management of the rented products can be assured if you are using Odoo. It also helps the business to grow multi-directionally. 

In this blog, we can discuss the key benefits of the Odoo 14 Rental module. 

Order Management
A user can easily create an order with Odoo. The user will only have to provide the customer details, invoice address, delivery address, and the date of expiry. The payment terms can also be set using Odoo Rental. It also supports a user to add products along with the quantity of the products and unit price. There is a separate segment for adding taxes. 


Odoo also gives you the provision to add the details of the salesperson and sales team taking up the rental business. IT also enables the use of e-signature and supports payment for rental service. Managing delivery date and shipping policy also becomes effortless with Odoo.


Customer Management
Satisfying a customer is a really tough task. Here, Odoo offers you complete support to satisfy a customer and manage a customer. With Odoo Rental, a user can use an existing customer list and add new customers to the list. 


Odoo can help you create new customer documents and mark the customers as individuals or companies. The address and other details of the company can be added easily. 

Besides, it also helps to manage opportunities   and meetings with a customer. The sale deal details, subscription management, and task and ticket management can also be done in a few steps.


Pick up and Return
Pick up and return management of rental orders is crucial for the success of the business. As the delivery date has to be managed properly to win the satisfaction of the customers, it is also important to get the products back on time. Then only a business will be able to maintain the delivery date of the same product to the next customer. All these tasks can be managed with ease using Odoo 14 Rental.


As given in the above image, a user can view the pickup date and pick up the status of all orders. A user can also view if the return of the product is pending. 

Schedule Activities
Schedule management is an important feature of Odoo. It helps a user to schedule all the rental business activities in a calendar format. This will help the user to get a view of all the rental orders and transactions in proper order. The schedule for a day, a week, a month, or a year can be viewed and managed. 


Rental Product Management
A rental business will certainly involve a number of products. Suppose a rental business firm is renting out a conference hall and other facilities, then they will have to manage the rental activity of the hall and the products and facilities inside the hall. With Odoo, a user can create and manage rental products.


Rental Report Generation
As in any other Odoo Module, Odoo 14 Rental also offers support to generate reports. Reports can be generated based on the daily amount, daily ordered quantity, daily picked-up quantity, and daily return quantity. The user can group all these measures with the customer, product, serial number, product category, state, and company.


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