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By: Evin Davis

Best way to learn Odoo

Functional Odoo 14

Business management operations have been modernized and nowadays they are operated and controlled using the software. The methodology of software as a service came to existence during the late years of the last century and the technology industries have been working on them. Enterprise and resource planning software were among this software that was developed. In the earlier stages, something which was described only in paper and books was developed into an operating system. This management software helps the user to run the operations on companies in various aspects. Moreover, most of them were applications specific and could be promoted for certain tasks in the company functioning.

Odoo a business management ERP was developed in the earlier years of the current century. Developing from scratch the platform was designed and developed to structure for customization aspects. It was a long way back and was capable of running business operations up to the standard of those days. Now Odoo is more advanced and has been relicensing regular updates along with newer versions. The users can try the new versions of odoo in the odoo runbot platform. Recently the software has released the new Odoo 14 which is considered the best one yet with advanced features and functional capabilities.

Odoo has stood the test of time even though it has not been many years after development but with the technological advancement which occurred during the users, it was capable of standing high among its competitors. One of the key aspects which led Odoo to do so was its regularized updates and inculcation of modernizing technology available at the time. Odoo is said to be advanced and it's described by all means due to the speed of operations, use of IoT and biometric integrated devices, and many more.

Moreover, one of the key aspects of the platform is the user-friendly nature which allows the employees of your company to run them efficiently. In addition, the use of the platform can make changes to the various operational functions of the platform as per their need with any knowledge of programming and coding. Additionally, the front end of the platform allows the users to run the operations of the company as per their terminology and changes in the platform's functioning.

This blog will describe the various sources from which you could learn about Odoo.

Odoo website
Odoo platform has an efficiently managed website which inculcated all the information regarding Odoo. The website hosts a learning page that will describe the various tops. Here the user can take up courses described by the company, earn badges, and attain certification for the same. In addition, the viewers can participate in quest operations hoisted and earn points based on the terminologies described.

Odoo user documentation
The documentation platform of the Odoo software will provide a description insight into the operation of the platform. The reader can learn about the functional as well as the technical aspects of operation which is Occurring. Moreover, a description topic-based approach in the development aspects and the user operations will provide you with in-depth learning. Additionally, there is an illustrative representation of both aspects which will provide a more clear understanding.
You can visit the documentation page of Odoo directly from the learn page available. 
Cybrosys Technologies
Another way of learning about the functionalities of Odoo is through partners and their websites. Cybrosys Technologies the leading Odoo partner in Odoo has an efficient website design to support the customer needs. The website hosts a variety of tools for the learning purpose of the interested people in Odoo.
Odoo book
One of their key highlights is the Odoo book. Which has been described in the website on the various functional operations of the platform. Quite recently they have released the new Odoo 14 user documentation book which describes the various modular functionality in Odoo and how users can function with it. Here's The link to the address of the Odoo 14 Book:
Odoo developer tutorial
The Odoo developer tutorial is an aspect of technical learning which has been described by Cybrosys technologies. Here there includes detained development videos of the platform which will be useful for the Odoo developers at all stages of operations. The contents are not only concentrated on the pros in the files but also for the beginners. Here, is a link to the same: 
YouTube videos
The Cybrosys technologies have an attractive and highly functioning YouTube channel which has been regularly updated with fresh content on the Odoo functionality and its technical aspects. Regularized video updates by expert functional and technical experts will bring in freshly developed content on Odoo.

Subscribe to the channel for the regularized updates and here is a link to the channel:

Furthermore, if you need a demo of Odoo with our expert consultant to describe the functionality and the capability of the platform you can contact us at info@cybrosys.net

If you need any assistance in odoo, we are online, please chat with us.


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